Tomana Trial: PG demands foreign judge

Tomana Trial: PG demands foreign judge – NewZimbabwe 03/03/2016

PROSECUTOR General, Johannes Tomana, has no faith in the local judges as he has requested for a foreign judge to preside over a case in which the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) wants to determine his suitability to continue in office after allegations of abuse of office.

Reports said lawyers representing Tomana have written to High Court judge Lavender Makoni arguing that “a judge who is not serving in Zimbabwe can best handle the matter”.

Tomana’s lawyers claimed that the PG would not have a fair hearing if the case is heard before a local judge as their boss, Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku, is also chairperson of the JSC.

JSC last month wrote to Tomana asking him to answer to allegations made against him so as to enable the body to be guided in making or desisting from making a recommendation to President Robert Mugabe for the appointment of a tribunal to probe allegations that he abused office.

Tomana was arrested in February after he allegedly sanctioned the dropping of criminal charges against two soldiers linked to an attempted bombing at Mugabe’s dairy farm near Harare.


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    Tjinga 6 years ago

    Ha ha just for him! Who the hell is he!!!!!

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      Johaness,these are the same judges that you have been using against the opposition. When did you know that they were partisan.That’s they were incompetent.You are a sworn ZAN PF pg as much as they are.Houna door wamama.

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    Ndonga 6 years ago

    He could always hand it out with glee, but now we see that he never learned how to take it like a man…

    Come on Johannes…don’t be a cry baby. Come and get your punishment and then you can get back to your desk and have a good cry.

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    King Cobra 6 years ago

    Shut up! you fool…when did you find out that your own judges are now bad?.