Tsvangirai will win 2018 elections, says Mliswa

via Tsvangirai will win 2018 elections, says Mliswa – DailyNews Live Blessings Mashaya • 16 March 2016

HARARE – Former Zanu PF bigwig, Temba Mliswa, has predicted that opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai will “once again win the 2018 elections” — even if he does not reach an electoral pact with former Vice President Joice Mujuru.

At the same time, and with Zanu PF drowning from its seemingly-unstoppable factional and succession wars, Tsvangirai himself is taking advantage of the mindless bloodletting in the governing party, traversing its former strongholds around the country with little interruption.

MDC sources told the Daily News yesterday that with Zanu PF “completely consumed” by its deadly infighting, pitting embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s supporters against the party’s Young Turks known as the Generation 40 (G40), the opposition was at the moment relatively free to campaign as and where it wished.

“President Tsvangirai is a grassroots mobiliser. He is presently touring the nation to know the problems affecting people in different parts of the country.

“The anger against Mugabe’s misrule is growing by each day, as everyone is suffering,” Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said.

The MDC president — who has so far been to Masvingo, Mashonaland West and Matabeleland, where he has addressed huge rallies — will this week take his nationwide tour to the politically-volatile province of Mashonaland East, where he has previously been denied access to his supporters by Zanu PF thugs.

He is set to hold rallies at Kotwa Growth Point in Mudzi (Mutoko), Zaire Business Centre in Wedza, and Sadza Growth Point in Chikomba District, before proceeding to Chambara Business Centre in Chivhu.

On his part, former Zanu PF chairperson for Mashonaland West, Mliswa, told the Daily News that Tsvangirai was currently having it his way in areas that were hitherto seen as Mugabe’s fortresses because war veterans who used to back the nonagenarian were angry that they had been badly let down by him.

“The only people who could stop Tsvangirai are war veterans and all indications are that Tsvangirai will win the elections again in 2018 without the need for a coalition with Mujuru’s People First,” Mliswa said.

He added that without war veterans campaigning for Mugabe, Zanu PF had no capacity to do so “and that will translate to a peaceful election, as the margin of terror that the ruling party has been depending on will disappear”.

The former Hurungwe West legislator also said the former freedom fighters’ political allegiance was now shared among Mujuru, Mnangagwa and the G40 camp — a situation which he said made it difficult for them to be a factor in the 2018 elections.

Mliswa said the other factor that would most likely work in Tsvangirai’s favour was the fact that Mujuru and her allies had “a tainted past and will have difficulty in convincing the electorate that they have repented”.

“If they had resigned like what Nkosana Moyo and Nathan Shamuyarira did, they would have no problems getting people behind them. Worse still for them, people out there still sympathise with Tsvangirai that he was not given the chance to take power when he won elections in 2008,” he said.

Since Zanu PF controversially retained power in 2013, the country has been on a downward spiral, with the economy bleeding hundreds of thousands of badly-needed jobs and social service delivery hitting an all-time low.


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    When Mugabe loses he must be put in a cage in the centre of Bulawayo and starved to death in full view of the public.

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    There is a truth to one statement made by Mliswa here that all should focus on “Morgan Tsvangirai will “once again win the 2018 elections”. He however forgot to point out that winning and assuming power are two different things.

    I don’t care about his winning as he always does this , what I care about is how he is going to take control of govt afterwards. That’s what he needs to figure out and explain in his campaigns to the people. With no electoral reforms how does he expect to be president and what is he doing to get these reforms passed.

    I think these newspapers and their reporters should practice journalism not these bedroom issues that they report. Be objective, force your political parties to answer questions, lead the tone for peoples discussions in the country. instead of making Tsvangirai look good all the time , challenge him on the issues that he is shortcoming in like the electoral reforms because we all know everyone voting for him does not equate to being the leader of Zim and lest he use the fact that Zanu is fighting to relax on his call for electoral reforms when this is the time he should be pressing it .

    Mliswa is also misleading people, Zanu knows where its bread is buttered, they are not fighting for survival at the moment so they can afford to act like idiots but by the end of this year to beginning of next year then Zanu and all its wheels will be out in force campaigning for 2018. So instead of trying to influence MDC to relax he should be making them aware of the fight ahead, he know for fact that before elections everyone from opposing sides will work together as a cohesive team to win. The fact that war vets are upset now does not mean they will not wake up tomorrow back in the pockets of Zanu. they have been upset before and always they go back.

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    Nigel Murambiwa 6 years ago

    mliswa must just shut his stinking blair hole like mouth. the boy is still dreaming that he can change anything in ZANU PF by echoing those hogwash lies and booty licking Tsvangirai. to be precise he is insane…and suffering from mental issue, psycho like him, one who even does not posses a single o level let alone ZJC. dream on boy mamamnje you will be claiming chirundu road kuti ndeyake. work dude for your own things kuba wont take you anywhere zvinozongoti mbombombo. go to school first if you want to be a leader, Hurungwe people rejected you, ZANU Pf rejected you. PF rejected you. MDC rejected you. so where do you think you are What is YARD? Nxa! enda unofa dog.

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    This has been said by someone who has been there and who knows the innerside of politics.Let us be objective.If Mugabe comes to South Africa, people will stampede to greet him .Because he is adored in South Africa.Its a fact.If Tsvangirai has the support, its a fact ad we cant take it away from him.The man has natural bondage with the masses no matter which political angle you might want to discredit him.The Mujuru camp has a big dilemma.When are they going to apologise to the masses about the killings, torture, disappearcne of activists, job losses and many more?These are the same people who headed dreaded killing units like Didymus Mutasa and his CIO.People want to hear an unconditional apology from them and their reconstruction methods.Itsa easy to blame Tsvaingirai as he is the safest to be blamed.
    Hats off to Mliswa for saying the truth.Imagine people like Rugare Gumbo, Mavhaire, Nicholas Goche.What new things can they offer? They are still mourning their sack from ZANU