Update on traveller’s rebate

Source: Update on traveller’s rebate | The Herald June 16, 2016

The traveller’s rebate is a duty-free allowance which is granted to bona fide travellers, subject to prescribed conditions. It is divided into two categories namely total rebate and partial rebate. Total rebate is an allowance granted on all used personal effects. Personal effects refer to articles pertaining to or carried upon the body such as used clothes and toilet requisites.Partial rebate is an allowance granted on goods imported by a traveller, once in a calendar month and on their first entry into Zimbabwe.

This duty free allowance is $200 per person and is granted on goods imported by travellers for their personal use once per calendar month.

The list of goods that are excluded is as follows:

Goods which are incorrectly declared

Goods which are imported for commercial purposes

Alcoholic beverages in excess of five litres per traveller of which two litres may be spirits

Goods which are imported by any member of the crew of an aircraft, ship or vehicle arriving from outside Zimbabwe

Goods carried upon transport service vehicles drawing a trailer as defined in Statutory Instrument Number 148 of 2015

Stoves, refrigerators, cooking oil, laundry bar soap, blankets, beds, mattresses, flour, maize meal, sugar, meat, fish, eggs, powdered milk, yoghurt, cheese, corn puffs, jam, and honey

This implies that importation of such goods will attract duty at the prescribed rates despite the fact that the value might be under the duty free allowance of $200.

Who enjoys traveller’s rebate?

Any traveller entering Zimbabwe from another country, namely:

Returning residents


Immigrants, and


Any person employed as the pilot or master or any member of the crew of an aircraft or vehicle arriving from outside Zimbabwe is excluded from enjoying the Travellers’ Rebate.

Example to demonstrate application of traveller’s rebate:

Let us assume that a traveller, who meets all the necessary conditions for the rebate, imports the following goods into Zimbabwe. The values that are indicated are values for duty purposes (VDP):

New clothing for personal use $160

Stove $150

Refrigerator $120

New shoes for personal use $40

Two blankets $40

Iron, heater, kettle, utensils $160

Total $670


Goods that qualify under rebate:

New clothing for personal use $160

New shoes for personal use $40

Iron, kettle, heater, utensils $160

Total $360

Rebate allowance $200

Excess = $360 – $200 = $160

Duty on excess = $160 x 40 percent = $64

Duty on goods that do not qualify under rebate:

Duty on stove, refrigerator and blankets is $310 x 40 percent = $124

Total duty payable becomes $64 + $124 = $188

Please note that the importation of certain commodities such as cooking oil, milk, blankets and washing preparations in whatever quantities requires an import licence from Ministry of Industry and Commerce and this licence should be produced at the time of importation.

You are hereby encouraged to correctly declare all the goods in your possession and to take note of the changes to avoid any inconveniences.


This article was compiled by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority for information purposes only. ZIMRA shall not accept responsibility for loss or damage arising from use of material in this article and no liability will attach to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority.

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    Jake PhD 6 years ago

    What is the duty rate for the ZIMRA bosses, 2016 Prados, imported as 2001 ‘Fun Cargo’ cars? Rip off anyway you look at this lot.

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    madmaster 6 years ago

    these idiots in government think they can force the markets in favor of the zim economy shows how pathetic thier thinking is.

    You can’t force me to buy a brown blanket in zim when a better quality and brand is in sandton S.A.

    These idiots in Zanu spend millions of zim money on trips to singapore and china. They import the latest mercedes benz straight from germany on zim money and think they have the guts to tell the people where to buy or where not to buy their luxuries.

    What happened to the $15billion of the mined diamonds.The blame the Chinese yet the government failed to create an audit or investigation on the where abouts of the money. Daylight lies when they know they embezzled the money.

    The Buy Zimbabwe campaign is pathetic ideology and is an old campaign which has failed numerous times. Why not let the market fundamentals determine the direction of the economy.

    You printed bearer’s cheques and you learnt the lessons of economic dictatorship on the markets. South Africa should do the same and ban Zimbabwes products.What will you zanu pf red heads gain.

    Provide suitable environments for investors to invest in the country and leave the poor cross borders alone. You have hurt the economy too bad and your campaigns will make you enemies of the people.

    Unemployment is staggering in Zimbabwe.Where will the unemployed earn your bond notes to buy your local products?? Mr Minister or Chairman what ever you position yourself as…

    Your local market is not yet competitive enough for customers to love your brands and to envy to buy your local products. Why should I buy a half fixed shoe in zimbabwe to promote an idiotic ministers shop. When I can buy a nikey for a tenth of the price across the border.

    I’m not a fan of Chinese cloths mr minister.I prefer the latest brands which are not available in Zimbabwe…

    Infact Mr minister Why don’t you support the local motor industry in Willowvale or where ever you assemble those mazda 323’s and allocate those cars to your ministers instead of importing those mercedes pajero’s land cruisers to save the country of the much needed US dollars!

    These decisions taken just show a government which has run out of ideas.