Video: Mugabe’s hospital shuttles increase

via Video: Mugabe’s hospital shuttles increase – The Zimbabwe Independent March 20, 2015 by faith Zaba

EVIDENCE that President Robert Mugabe is experiencing mounting health problems, fuelled by old-age complications, is all the more becoming hard to deny as his hospital shuttles increase as shown by further disclosures he was in Singapore this week for three days for medical reasons.

This comes hardly a week after he passed through the exclusive Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore — which treats eye and cancer problems — on his way to Japan for a conference. Mugabe left ahead of his delegation to pass through Singapore on his way to Japan last week.

Official sources say he then left Japan on Monday for Singapore where he was until yesterday. Part of his delegation returns home today around midday.
Latest developments come as new information indicates that he might be back in Singapore soon for more medicals. Over the past few years, Mugabe has been shuttling to Singapore for health reasons, suggesting he has serious medical problems with metastasized prostate cancer and eye cataracts being reported as the ailments.

Mugabe — now an absentee president — is expected to go to Windhoek either today or tomorrow for the inauguration of new Namibian President Hage Geingob, as well as celebrations to mark the 25th anniversary of that country’s independence on March 21.

After Namibia and another expected trip to Singapore, Mugabe, who chairs both the African Union and Sadc, is also expected to attend an African Union meeting which will coincide with the African Development Bank (AfDB) annual general meeting in May in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, where the new AfDB president will be elected and the 50th anniversary of the bank marked.

Zimbabwean Thomas Zondo Sakala, who has worked with the bank for 31 years, is battling with seven other candidates from Ethiopia, Cape Verde, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Tunisia, Chad and Mali for the presidency of the multilateral institution.

Official sources say the irony of Mugabe’s attendance to the inauguration of new leaders in the region is now poignant. Geingob takes over from Hifikepunye Pohamba and will become the third Namibian president since its independence in 1990.

Mugabe, who has been in power for 35 years now, was recently in Zambia for newly-elected President Edgar Lungu’s inauguration. Lungu is Zambia’s sixth president since independence in 1964.

Besides Namibia and Zambia, other countries in the Sadc region which have been changing their leaders regularly include Mozambique, Botswana and South Africa. The trip to and from Japan via Singapore was Mugabe’s third this year to the Far East where he regularly seeks medical treatment, including his December annual vacation during which he reportedly underwent what was said to be a major prostate cancer operation at Parkway Cancer Centre at Gleneagles Hospital. He had to extend his stay in January to allow him time to recuperate for which he apologised upon his return.

His wife Grace also had an appendix operation, a third one in her life, during their holidays.

Mugabe’s old age and health problems have created a situation, now all too evident this year, in which he is often away from official duty either attending meetings or going for medical treatment.

Video footage of Mugabe, while he was in Japan at a United Nations disaster risk reduction conference, showed him rise unsteadily to his feet, holding his speech in his left hand and occasionally appearing to be using the wall to steady himself with the right hand. His steps were slow and laboured as he made his way to the podium with an aide closely following behind.

Mugabe seemed to struggle up the stairs to the podium, clutching tightly to the rails of the staircase in order to steady himself and at one point he was hand-held by a lady who appeared to be a UN official. His aide had to walk closely behind him and sometimes appeared to support him from behind as he made his way up the staircase.


  • comment-avatar
    sunshine 6 years ago

    “His wife Grace also had an appendix operation, a third one in her life, during their holidays.”
    How many appendixes does she have?

  • comment-avatar
    Ndonga 6 years ago

    For how much longer must we exiled Zimbabweans have to wait before we can return home to start rebuilding our damaged lives…damage that was done by ZANU PF and their prancing, hand wringing handmaiden, Mugabe. Now that Mugabe is dying before our eyes we can only take hope, and joy, that our long wait will soon be over. Let us take hope and courage from his many trips to Singapore, even though the costs of these are driving our relatives at home deeper into destitution. Mugabe is that rogue that would have us believe that he is struggling to manage on a salary of US$ 4000.00 a month. Does he think we are all mad? Such a sum would not pay the travelling expenses of even one of the fifty minders that have to nurse and spittle wipe him on his frequent Singapore trips.
    But when all our travails are over we must never forget, nor forgive, the many Mugabe hangers-on in Zimbabwe who have allowed him to stay in power for so long. Look at that so called Registrar General Tobaiwa Mudede for instance, the one who has terrorised us for years with his fiddling of the voters roll. Can anyone agree that he should not be punished for all the suffering he caused us? New reports now say that he is boasting that he alone is going to change our new Constitution to entrench Mugabe’s power even more. Who does he think he is? Does he not know that one day soon, he and his cronies that masterminded Mugabe’s elections will pay a heavy price for these sins.
    God speed the day…when truth and right will prevail…

    • comment-avatar
      Batshele ! 6 years ago

      Get used to living in exile because Mugabe’s death won’t solve Zimbabwe’s problems. Things will probably get much worse as the Mnangagwas,the generals,the Graces and other hopefuls fight for their turn at the top. Zim could descend into such anarchy and bloodshed we’d all wish for the good old peaceful days when Mugabe was alive. By keeping people guessing and not putting in place an orderly succession,Mugabe has ensured that scenario will happen

      • comment-avatar
        Baba Chatunga 6 years ago

        I agree with you in toto. Sad indeed for a country that had lots of potential.

      • comment-avatar
        maita 6 years ago

        Mugabe is no longer in power but some thugs with some fancy titles. Some as VPs other as Youth leaders all threatening companies to either close or give them freebies.

  • comment-avatar
    Christ In Me 6 years ago

    What God give man is a Vision of the future but He doesn’t carry anyone to that future. My point is nothing gets done by talking but by actions. Our opposition leaders have they seen the VISION of a future Zimbabwe for them to be able lead? If we are really serious it won’t take a week remove Mugabe and his mafias from power. We have over glorified the unmotivated, underpaid, unequipped and divided ZDF and gave them to much credit on being partisan but that’s not the reality. We will never know the truth about this ZDF mind-set outfit until we stage sit-in at the airport and exile this monster next time he flies out.

  • comment-avatar
    Chomi 6 years ago

    Nothing lasts forever. I can’t smile because the majority of Zimbabweans are suffering and will continue to suffer until divine intervention.

    • comment-avatar
      Reverend 6 years ago

      The wonderful thing is Chomi that divine intervention is with us always if we dare to have the faith to reach out and receive it. The problem with the Zimbabwe people is that we are all waiting for humanity to take control like Ndonga wanting Mugabe to die so things cam change, and then the negative side of Batshele ! who is convinced it will never change! If we took the time to look up instead of down and called on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Grace instead of looking to man and the mess he has made of this world we would come through this mess. I, and my family have and tough it has been difficult we have seen the hand of God move in miraculous ways to bring us through devastating situations. Jesus said to Thomas “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and no one comes to the Father except through me.” So we have a choice to give our hearts and lives to Christ and live in His Grace and victory or we can continue to live in the total misery of mankind. I have made my choice and Oh man I cannot let go of my Lord! I recommend it for every one. Just ask Jesus to forgive your sins and that you want to be His child for eternity… He will accept your request..Try it.

  • comment-avatar
    gogosesikhona 6 years ago

    Death is a reality. It can never be avoided. Question is what do we do to him? Never should he be allowed to rest in peace. The only way to avoid this is to burn his remains.

  • comment-avatar

    mugabe imbwa-yemunhu….lets vote for opposition

  • comment-avatar
    garikayi 6 years ago

    This old man called RGM is a ‘star’….attending inaugurations after inaugurations of other countries’ new presidents. He is a f***ng joker, senile thing, faggot and who does not seem to see that the whole world is laughing at him…including his comrades in SADC!!!!!

  • comment-avatar
    Mpisi 6 years ago

    The key question is: how much forex do they take out each trip and how is it accounted for? Making hay while the sun shines

  • comment-avatar
    Tiger Shona 6 years ago

    We cannot wait for this sucker to leave. Even Zanu people are tired of him.
    Should have happened years ago.

  • comment-avatar

    Mugabe is incompetent, self centered, cruel, a loner, a me know it all who doesn’t listen to advice. Any Zimbabwean will be a better leader save for Grace. Chinotimba might be 10 times better becoz advisors would help him. Look at Jacob Zuma, minus corruption he not that bad.