We are under attack!

via We are under attack! | The Zimbabwean. 1 October by Jera

Helped by his spin doctors, Mugabe has instilled in his party a siege mentality – we are under attack. The enemy changes face, depending on Mugabe’s whim, from Britain and her allies, to illegal sanctions and, rather conveniently, homosexuals. In a continent where homosexuality is yet to be demystified, if you want to discredit someone, you simply label them gay.

And when you say the word ‘homosexual’, make Biblical references – even if you have committed the greater sin of mass murder – be sure to curl your upper lip, in order to fully articulate your revulsion.

Anybody who opposes Zanu (PF) runs the risk of being labelled ‘gay’. People should be judged on their deeds, rather than their sexual orientation. Even Mugabe secretly knows homosexuality is not a big deal. Those CIO boys are nothing if not thorough in their background searches. Mugabe would have known about the late Canaan Banana, his ally.

But this is a continent where superstition still has a strong pulse. This is a land where educated men, divested of their footwear, sit before a charlatan, clapping their hands loudly – ‘svikai zvakanaka vasekuru – evoking the spirits to coax pure diesel from a boulder. Do not mistake literacy for broadness of mind. This is a place where Presidents attempt to make lepers out of men and women, based on sexual orientation.

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    Tozvirevakupiko 9 years ago

    Yes Jera we have been under attack for years by Mugarbage…but not because ‘we are gays or straight’ but for power. But to say homosexuality is ‘no big deal’ is off point IMO.It is a ‘big deal’ to a child brought up by two men ‘married’ to each other or women. Sin does not stop being sin just because its been abusively pronouced by Mugarbage.

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    Gomogranny 9 years ago

    Tozvi you are showing your own ignorance here. I know several kids brought up by same sex couples….those kids have turned out to be hugely successful citizens who display a higher level of Christian behaviour than very many of the so-called “straight” Christians I have met….get over it. The proof is in knowing these people and not just relying on your own ignorant prejudice.

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    revenger avenger 9 years ago

    The truth is that Mugabe is effeminate and sexually ambivalent with a gross inferiority complex. Hence he is psychologically disturbed with a latent homosexual trait. Every psychologist has long figured that out !!!!!!! Do a d.n.a. on his “kids” also !!!!!!!!

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    Mlimo 9 years ago

    When you’re inferiority complex is so bad that to prove you are better you have to create bogus PhDs and have five other degrees well then youve got to be mentally ill. Mugabe and grace wish they were the white king and queen of Zimbabwe. Why else would you learn to speak with British high society pronunciation. Why drive a rolls to parliament, why shop at Harrods why hate your father and despise the whites. Why live in absolute English style luxury?
    As I’ve said before Mugabe hates his fellow Zimbabweans for his black skin, hates his father and hates the whites for having what he so desperately would love to have – a white skin.

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    He is insane – chete!!!

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    Those better Christians brought up in gay homes hopefully told their”parents” that the union is unnatural and sinful.

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    Patriot 9 years ago

    What a chain of gays!!! shame shame shame.