We’re ready to die: Mujuru ally

We’re ready to die: Mujuru ally – NewsDay Zimbabwe March 17, 2016

FORMER Vice-President Joice Mujuru is a target of Zanu PF brutality because of the sensitive information she holds, but a key member of her Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) party says they are prepared to die for the truth.

by staff reporter

In an interview with Voice of America’s Studio 7 this week, former Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti said most officials in the party were prepared to spill the beans and let the public know the truth about what was happening in Zanu PF and government.

“It is a revolution that we have dedicated ourselves to see to the bitter end, being killed is no longer an issue of option,” he said.

“We have just dedicated our loyalty to the people, the masses, and that is why we are called People First. We are prepared to die for the people.”

While Bhasikiti made the bold declaration, party leader, Mujuru and former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa have been coy about revealing what was happening in government and the ruling party.

Mujuru claimed she was choked by the Official Secrets Act and there were some things she could not say, with critics saying this could be her Achilles heel.

But Bhasikiti maintained there was no law forbidding the former Zanu PF officials from telling the truth about what was happening when they were still in government.

“This is the benefit you can derive from being People First,” he said.

Bhasikiti also claimed Mugabe personally deployed members of the military to crash Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T in the 2008 presidential election re-run.

He said ZimPF had a full list of the members involved, and would, at an appropriate time and forum, reveal the names of the military officials allegedly ordered by Mugabe to lead violent campaigns on behalf of Zanu PF.

The former Mwenezi East legislator said he had the force numbers of all the military personnel who were deployed.

Bhasikiti said Mugabe lost the 2008 elections to Tsvangirai and the veteran leader resorted to the military, as party structures had virtually collapsed, with some legislators accused of sabotaging him.

“There is no one who can give orders to the military. The military has one command, and they have a Commander-in-Chief. So you cannot guess that if you see the military all over that they will have been commanded by the same chain of command,” he said.

The ruling party has often been accused of resorting to violence during elections to shore up its fortunes.

However, Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo scoffed at Bhasikiti’s claims, describing him as a dreamer.

“That is his dream. We have nothing to do with that,” he said.

“Why now and why didn’t he say this before? Remember, he was a member of the politburo.”


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    “Why now and why didn’t he say this before? …”, said School Boy_Simon Khaya Moyo.

    Kkkkkk. Can someone really tell what this lunatic, school boy moyo, is saying? Does it really matter when someone decides to tell the truth they know?

    Ingawani tinoti “mhoswa hairovi”. Even long after all the zanu pf thieves and murderers are departed truth will remain truth & will remain relevant to those generations.

    Yes, Zimbabweans will be ready to know truth even after generations.

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    Rockstone 7 years ago

    Yeahh ,the game is now interesting , let the evidence unfold while we watch .At the same time it’s really tough to believe ,trust & accept the matter of truth .By the way can they also disclose to us what really happened to Itai Dzamara .

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      Yaa, they need to significant disclosure, if not full disclosure. We will never know anywhere how far their disclosure would have gone, but surely it need be significant if we are to take them seriously as repentant sinners they proclaim to be. This will mean not only Dzamara, but surely many of us still have family members who were abducted as far back as 2008 or even before then who remain unaccounted for. I for one, have a bro who was taken in glare of his workmates at his place of work by well known CIO operatives in the area & he remains unaccounted for since 2008. If he was killed which we now believe is the case we never saw or buried his remains – we are still searching for him since then.

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    Whatever these people say should not be taken seriously because they are worse than snakes.
    The only party we should all seriously adhere to is the MDC.
    All these wish-washy speculations, only serve to confuse the leadership on the real wishes of us the people.

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    LOL – They are ALL thugs, thieves and murderers. Just because they have left or been kicked out of Zanoooo doesn’t make them saints, or even innocent. Joice Mujuru has always been a major crook, we have known that for decades.

    Will she suddenly find the courage to say who braaid her husband, because I am sure knows, as probably does most of Zanooo

    mDidiMouse is another major gangsta trying to rehabilitate himself. You just have to look at him to see how evil he is. Takes after his ancestor Chief Mutasa who screwed every young woman who crossed his area (they used to borrow a baby to put on their back, to protect themselves)