Zanu PF official petrol-bombed

Source: Zanu PF official petrol-bombed – DailyNews Live

Bridget Mananavire      6 June 2017

HARARE – A Zanu PF youth leader and aspiring councillor is battling for
his life at Harare Central Hospital after he suffered serious burns
following a petrol bomb attack by his ruling party comrades during violent
clashes over housing stands in the capital’s Kuwadzana high density

This comes as the warring ruling party is still to hear a disciplinary
case involving its brawling supporters who clubbed each other viciously in
an orgy of violence in Bulawayo last month.

Eyewitnesses told the Daily News yesterday that Zanu PF youth chairperson
for Ward 37 in Kuwadzana, Paradazai Masase – who is popularly known as
Mombo – was seriously burnt when his rivals waged a violent campaign
against him, following a dispute over the “ownership” of residential
stands which they said belonged to them.

The rival group claimed that the stands in the Tynwald area along High
Glen Road did not belong to Magamba Co-operative, whose secretary is

“Way into the night, as we were sleeping, I woke up to terrible noise
outside, followed by a massive explosion.

“When I peeped through the window, I saw smoke and people gathered
outside,” a young woman who lives close to Masase said yesterday.

When the Daily News crew visited the Masase home yesterday, his one-roomed
house was deserted and its door was burnt black from the petrol bomb

Friends of Masase – who operates a precast wall business in the area –
claimed in interviews with the Daily News that his attack was “political”.

“He knows the people who did this to him because they had a conversation
before they attacked him. If you visit him in hospital he will tell you,
but we heard he said it was (names withheld on legal advice),” one of the
friends told the Daily News.

Harare police spokesperson Simon Chazovachii said yesterday that he had
not received a report of the incident, but would check with his colleagues
at Kuwadzana Police Station.

Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo also said he was not aware of the

“I’m hearing it for the first time from you. But maybe the (Harare)
province might have details on it,” he said.

Two weeks ago, Zanu PF supporters in Bulawayo engaged in an unprecedented
orgy of intra-party violence which left several people seriously injured,
including a senior official who needed hospitalisation after he was
stabbed in the head.

The chaos occurred after angry youths stormed the provincial co-ordinating
committee meeting (PCC) which was being held at Davies Hall and demanded
the ouster of provincial chairperson Dennis Ndlovu and two other senior


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