Zanu PF should stop the madness

via Zanu PF should stop the madness – DailyNews Live 27 January 2016

HARARE – It boggles the mind to imagine where this country is going considering how much time the ruling party is wasting with the party’s bigwigs scheming against one another in a bid to succeed 91-year-old President Robert Mugabe.

While it began as a rumour that did not hold water, factionalism has become a thorny issue that has raised fears of de-stabilising the country.

The current jostling for power between the party’s Generation 40 (Zanu PF’s young turks) and Team Lacoste, widely believed to have links with Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, has done nothing good for the country.

It only serves to show that the country is being ruled by self-centred and power-hungry individuals, who do not have the interests of the people at heart.

Their only dream is to be in power, yet the people are suffering. It is high time the ruling Zanu PF party stops the current madness, which has the potential of bringing down the country, which is already battling an economic crisis of epic proportions.

The issue that should have been occupying most of Zanu PF’s time right now is the economy.

However, energies are being expended on unending factional and succession wars within the party at the expense of mending the economy.

Partly, the party got into power due to the promises it made in the run-up to the 2013 general elections. Among some of the bizarre promises made by Zanu PF was to create over two million jobs.

Instead of creating the jobs, several companies have instead closed down, which has effectively translated into more job losses.

More so, millions of  Zimbabweans are likely to starve as the country, together with others in the

southern African region, faces an El Nino-induced drought.

As a result, mobilisation of funds for the importation of food should have been top of the priorities dominating Zanu PF’s discussions as opposed to jostling over who should take over from Mugabe.

This is because more time and effort is now being spent on these political squabbles that have exposed the former liberation party.

The party has to be more pragmatic and realise that the people who voted it into power are struggling to make ends meet.

There is need for Zanu PF to revisit how it handles the country’s politics and governance issues.

It appears politics is dominating at the expense of the people’s needs.

We believe Zanu PF has to be told that people are suffering under its watch.

Time will come when all this will come back to haunt them because there is no power without the people.


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    power without responsibility
    independence without responsibility..
    gushungo madness

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    Tjingababili 6 years ago


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    Reverend 6 years ago

    One must realize that we do not have a government in Zimbabwe. Every single department of the ruling junta of this country is headed by an elite thief of the ruling party who has only one thing on his mind and that is to corruptly enrich himself at the demise of the Zimbabwean people and to make sure his zpf party stays in power so that he or she can stay entrenched in the corruption that is killing this economy. I do not believe that any MP, senator, or minister has anything else on their mind other than raping and pillaging Zimbabwe and that goes for all parties but especially the ruling dictatorship elite.
    We just need someone we can trust. Who is that?

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      zunzanyika 6 years ago

      Why don’t you suggest a name? There are many names in the running choose one. I however invite you to follow events and join people first. The only thing we need is true freedom and that is what people first is offering. True, I don’t think my mujuru has the capacity to rescue the economy, but the people have, people have a chance to freely participate in rebuilding the country. Traditionally good leaders are surrounded by good thinkers. We have plenty of those in zimbabwe and outside. People First will prevail as it will listen to good ideas from the people.
      For now, to be able to remove grace and her proposed dynastic ideas we need to focus on the best opportunity to do it. Forget coalition or this nonsense of political parties and leaders. They don’t vote the people do, they have the power. So as zimbabweans around the world lets do something without fear. If people first fail us at least we can stand tall and say well we gave them a chance. No politican matter in 2018. The people do. People First the only CHOICE.

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    ZUNZANYIKA…..If SPILL BLOOD gives up her ill gotten goods ie the farm/s etc pays compensation …. confesses to the nation… explain why she participated in the matabeleland massacres….tells the people “all” criminals ie zanupf will be arrested and tried for their crimes if she does that “NOW”… not after the election…..THAT WOULD BE A START….I Would then “think” about voting for her…. RIGHT NOW SHE IS A ZPF PLANT TO CONFUSE THE NATION….SAME PARTY DIFFERENT FACE…NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY…