Zanu PF supporters clash over stands

Source: Zanu PF supporters clash over stands – NewsDay Zimbabwe July 23, 2016

BLOODY clashes have rocked Caledonia Farm after Zanu PF supporters allegedly invaded the informal settlement in an attempt to elbow out old settlers.


The invasion came after Udcorp moved in to service the settlement.

Tongoville Housing Co-operative chairman Mike Jiri said the new settlers were not welcome to take over the stands that have been allocated to youths from the area.

“Our youths have resisted the coming-in of people from Harare ward 46 to take over their stands here in Goromonzi. We understand Udcorp, Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere and Harare East MP Terrence Mukupe are encouraging the new invaders to come here,” Jiri alleged.

“The youths successfully repelled the invaders who had to retreat and sought refuge at Caledonia Police Post.”

When the NewsDay crew arrived at the scene, it saw several families at the police post with their belongings in heaps all over the place.

Mukupe confirmed that the people attacked were from his constituency.

“It’s true that they are from my constituency, but they were being lawfully resettled by officials from the Local Government ministry after I made an appeal to the minister (Kasukuwere) about the people who had been dumped on the roadside after eviction from Agriculture deputy minister Paddy Zhanda’s farm,” Mukupe said.

Kasukuwere was not immediately available for comment as he was said to be addressing a rally in Mabvuku.

The officer-in-charge at Caledonia refused to identify himself or comment about the violence that was rocking the settlement.

“You can get a comment from the Officer Commanding Suburban. I have briefed him about everything,” he said as he showed the news crew out of the office.

By the time NewsDay left the police post, the new settlers were being accompanied by armed riot police to occupy the stands under dispute.

Police chief spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said she was not aware of the violence and would be seeking information from the station concerned.