Zanu PF youth lashes out at CIO boss

Source: Zanu PF youth lashes out at CIO boss – NewsDay Zimbabwe

ZANU PF youth-cum-businessman, Agrippa Masiyakurima, also known as Bopela, has accused Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) deputy director-general, Aaron Nhepera of unleashing spies to ransack his car at Plumtree Border Post on Friday in a bid “to plant something” in the vehicle.

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This came as NetOne has launched a probe to find out how Masiyakurima won a number of multi-million-dollar tenders flighted by the State-run telecommunications firm.

In a Facebook post on his wall last Friday, Masiyakurima said State security agents took their time searching his car, saying the delays were suspicious.

“Hands off my car deputy director-general Nhepera. How does the whole CIO organisation at Plumtree Border search my car from 7am. It’s 10 o’clock now, there is nothing, unless you are going to plant something in my car,” he posted on Facebook.

This was minutes after he had uploaded two pictures of his two cars, all draped with President Robert Mugabe’s pictures and totem.

Masiyakurima, who runs Bopela Group of Companies, which is embroiled in a scandal at NetOne, did not deny authoring the Facebook post, when NewsDay called him for clarification on Saturday.

South African-based Zanu PF youth empowerment leader, James Pande last week attacked party youths, who abused the name of the First Family to corruptly enrich themselves and to intimidate police and the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority officials at roadblocks, with pictures of senior

Zanu PF leader and Affirmiative Action Group chairperson for Mashonaland East, Munyaradzi Maworesa told NewsDay that Masiyakurima was not a genuine party cadre, but an opportunist, who appeared from nowhere, hiding behind Zanu PF to win tenders.

“This Masiyakurima, we do not know him, he is not in our (Zanu PF) structures. We suspect he is being used by party bigwigs, who are corrupt.

“He appeared from Botswana and was awarded contracts by NetOne without any capital,” he said.

“We have young people, who have been loyal to the party, with adequate expertise, why did they not get the NetOne tender, especially considering the were paid upfront, this was a good opportunity for most youths who do not have capital.”

Efforts to get a comment from Nhepera were fruitless yesterday.