ZCTU blame Bob, SA for xenophobia

via ZCTU blame Bob, SA for xenophobia – NewZimbabwe 20 April 2015

THE Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has blamed President Robert Mugabe for the xenophobic attacks on Zimbabweans, saying local people were in South Africa because of his bad governance.

Secretary-General Japhet Moyo said South Africa had “treated Mugabe softly” allowing him to destroy the country’s economy causing the influx of Zimbabweans in that country.

“We urge Mugabe to act now to save his subjects, who we strongly believe are in this situation because of his bad governance,” Moyo said.

“As the ZCTU we feel that the South African government is equally responsible for the influx of Zimbabweans into their country because they treated Mugabe softly and allowed him to destroy Zimbabwe’s economy without lifting a finger.

“Pretoria failed to take advantage of the mediation role given to its successive presidents, Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma to ensure there were free and fair elections which could have helped revive the country’s economy hence the exodus of Zimbabweans into their country.”

He said most Zimbabweans in South Africa are workers who were retrenched as companies closed down due to bad policies by the Zimbabwean government.

Moyo said South Africa benefitted a lot from migrant labour and that the xenophobic attacks are an attack on pan Africanism.

“South Africa is where it is today because of migrant labour. Since time immemorial migrant labour has been part and parcel of South Africa,” he said.

“Economies of frontline states were destroyed in the fight against apartheid and what is happening is highly unfortunate and a dangerous attack on pan Africanism.”


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    Nyoni 7 years ago

    So true but all your whinging will fall on deaf and stuffed heads.

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    Only 4000 farmers displaced to Zambia RSA Nigeria etc . 500,000 farm workers also displaced. Where are they now? In RSA working menial jobs of any kind to feed their families in Zim . THE WHOLE AFROPHOBIA thing can be laid at the feet of MUGABE and ZUMA. I can still see them now having a jolly good chuckle over the matter.