Zim collapsing before our eyes

Source: Zim collapsing before our eyes – DailyNews Live

1 February 2017

HARARE – After briefly visiting Harare last week on his way to Ethiopia
from his long holiday, President Robert Mugabe must come down to his
senses and address the burning issues of the day namely, the collapsing
health sector, economy, extreme poverty hitting our people, the deadly
Zanu PF succession issue, corruption and the rising unemployment rate.

There is nothing more urgent than these issues and we call upon Mugabe to
prioritise these areas of deep concern otherwise our country will continue
to be the laughing stock of the world.

Mr President, we have watched in morbid fascination the unfolding horror
movie which is playing right in front of our eyes – as people die from
medieval diseases such a typhoid while all what we inherited at
independence is facing extinction while the nation watches helplessly.

Now that you are back, Mr President, can you please tackle the myriad of
problems bedevilling this country that Zanu PF has ruined since
independence in 1980. Zimbabweans have watched as you chastised African
leaders who are in the habit of extending their two terms and were left
stunned because the irony was not lost on you considering that you have
been our leader since 1980.

As you pontificated at the African Union summit in Ethiopia this week, you
forgot to tell them that your party Zanu PF used extreme violence in 2008
to retain power after initially losing the elections.

Mr President, you have ruled Zimbabwe with a heavy hand for 37 years but
you seem oblivious to the pressing problems that are afflicting the
generality of the public, who live on less than a dollar a day, unemployed
and have a bleak future.

Eternal wisdom denotes that the old must pave way for the young and we
want you to seriously consider solving the succession issue because for as
long as it is unresolved then no investors would come to Zimbabwe, the
Chinese will continue giving you promises because at your age you have
ceased to inspire.

If only you could exhibit the same gusto to attending the problems
affecting your people, you would be aware of the potholes on our roads,
and the general decay of social services.

For instance, the absence of social nets was exposed when your government
failed to provide much needed relief for families left homeless by the
heavy rains.

Now that you are back, we would like to urge you to visit your Highfield
home and witness the stinking poverty in houses which, if truth be told
are no longer fit for human habitation, the industry in the precincts of
the once-thriving suburb is now comatose – an indictment of your long and
unimpressive reign.

Now that you are back, please think of Zimbabwe and extricating the
country from the edge of a precipice for that is the only way you could
salvage your legacy.


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    This nomadic old geriatric f..t is not interested in the well-being of his people – only himself and his family. If you, the people, want to remove this old geriatric from his post, you, the people, have to do it yourselves. You can start by ALL OF YOU, EVERY ONE OF YOU, Civil servants, doctors, nurses, teachers, Immigration, Zimra, Council employees , private companies, going on STRIKE, make sure your bosses and departmental heads go on strike. Only then will you get rid of this man. Sit at home – don’t take to the streets. You will have to sacrifice something to gain a lot. If your company boss/owner says you won’t get paid for days not worked, then tell him that when the strike is over you will invade his business.

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    Morty Smith 5 years ago

    Appealing to Mugabe is a waste of time.

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    Ntaba 5 years ago

    Poor Robert – he is having trouble with both his aura and his aroma. There is no politician like a smelly old politician, really. Robert Gabriel Mugabe’s intrinsic value now will be grave site, a coffin and a wake. When you have done so much damage, been so greedy and caused so many people to be murdered by the Fifth Brigade – you need to check the aroma and the Best Before Date. The Best Before Date is way expired.