A letter to Mnangagwa – Vince Musewe

via A letter to Mnangagwa May 29, 2014  Vince Musewe NewsDay

Honourable Minister, I want to speculate that you are most likely to be our next President until 2018.

I want to take advantage of that likelihood and proffer my views on what kind of leadership Zimbabwe needs.

It is very clear to all of us that Zanu PF has dismally failed to manage our country in all spheres.

I, therefore, do not admire anyone with the task of cleaning up the mess that has been created by President Robert Mugabe.

The first indisputable fact is how, over the last 34 years, our politicians have interfered in the management of our economy to its detriment.

They have not only been disruptive in us building a modern and vibrant economy, but have cost the country through the mismanagement of resources including outright theft, corruption and disrespect of the law when it comes to private property.

Any new President who does not acknowledge this fact and act on it as a matter of national survival will continue to contribute to our economic regression.
Accountability and sanction of those politicians and public servants who are known to be corrupt must surely become your first priority if we are to significantly reduce the country risk and attract foreign investors.

The next issue is that we must deploy all our talents to turn the economy around. As Zimbabweans — black and white — we have the skills, the knowledge and the passion on what needs to be done and this responsibility can no longer be left to government alone.

We must, therefore create an environment that is inclusive and all come up with a national vision and plan where each and every one of us can contribute to building a new social and economic product in Zimbabwe. This can never be your responsibility alone.

Agriculture remains the most underperforming asset the country has. I understand that there is significant emotional and political baggage that must be attended to.

However, we need not wait and must at least focus on food security as a country. I am rather amazed that any President can sleep at night knowing that there is a child somewhere in Zimbabwe who has slept on an empty stomach. That is regrettable.

We all know that the resistance to change in this sector is because of the possible exposure of the theft of land assets since 2000.

However, Zimbabwe has so many land assets that are idle and we can as a first move identify those where there is no conflict and get them to be productive while we deal with the compensation issue. Also please stop any new land invasions as they increase our perceived country risk and are in conflict with the Constitution.

We cannot, as a country, solely rely on contract farming as this creates a dependence syndrome and does not maximise resource use. Of course, you must do all you can to deal with the land conflict, compensate the farmers and create an active land market. That could be your medium-term goal.

If you can only achieve this in the next year or so, you would have clearly removed the fundamental economic problem in Zimbabwe. All of us will benefit from this move and I urge you to have a 100-day plan on agriculture revival once you are installed as the new President.

No economy can ever survive without liquidity. Liquidity is the fuel of the economy and your responsibility includes ensuring that the Reserve Bank is
autonomous and has an economic and not a political agenda. This will build confidence and attract investment and deposits into our banking sector. I am sure you know that we cannot, at this juncture, bring back a local currency but we must now construct an economic roadmap and begin work on that now.

In our mining sector, the only thing you need to do now is to ensure that you get rid of corruption in the sector which can earn adequate funds to create the liquidity that we require.

If we ensure that all funds due to government from this sector come into the Treasury and are accounted for, institute good world-class security and surveillance systems including the use of new technology, we would make theft difficult. Maximising mining revenues can surely give us the respite that we need now, while we work on re-engagement with the international community.

It is my opinion that dealing with corruption in the public sector, reviving agriculture, cleaning up accountability in the mining sector and creating a new confidence in the financial services sector are the four things that you can and must do from your first day in office.

If you did this, I truly believe that we will all be amazed at how quickly we can revive our economy and our country brand.

Yes, we still have to deal with political reforms and creating a democratic social system in Zimbabwe including healing the past. These are important and critical if we are to create a sustainable socio-economic system. These can be our medium-term goals.

I do not believe that you would be incompetent at implementing the above ideas. I do not believe that you will be unwilling to be the man who changed our country’s destiny in a very short period of time.

The past is done and gone and we must now all focus on creating a better future for all Zimbabweans.

I pray that God affords all of us the strength and foresight and wish you good courage and no fear to do what is right.

Yours in the struggle for the emancipation of Zimbabweans,Vincent Musewe

l Vince Musewe is an author and economist based in Harare. You may contact him on vtmusewe@gmail.com


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    Chaka 8 years ago

    Good advice, but falls on deaf ears.

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    He is a murderer.

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    Roving Ambassador 8 years ago

    Munangagwa has been learning from the chief Machiavelli, his master Mugabe. If he comes into power, expect more of the same. For 34 years this ZANU way of doing politics has made Mugabe survive.
    Do not expect anything less. We have people like J Moyo already licking his bum.

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    you cannot educate an animal

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    mandevu 8 years ago

    This is good stuff Vince, but preferable would be that the citizens of Zimbabwe take over Government so that we don’t have either of the two main political parties running the show at all. I believe the will for civil society is there. We have to find a way to organise it

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    ZANU must go. This article is pointless.

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    I believe E D is the only politician able to deliver the Zim we want. He takes tough decisions and is very clear on what shud be done. He never commanded the army which killed people. In fact we know who commanded that army and who cooked for him and slept with him.

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    Tinomunamataishe 8 years ago

    Unless I have missed something in the last few days I don’t see anything that suggests that a ruthless person like Mnangagwa will take over the reins from the old, weary and dilapidated Bob dead or alive. You cannot scribe a whole article like this based on mere speculation and after all what’s so special about Emerson.

    I don’t expect anything from these Zanu PF guys who have destroyed the country to almost nothing whilst at the same time they have become filthy rich. They have plundered the resources of that nation at the expense of the general populace and I don’t see how somebody like Emerson could be pleaded to when he has been at the centre of all this destruction from day one.

    Anybody from the murderous and thuggish Zanu PF party will continue the current system of blind patronage and rampant corruption and I can see that corruption will reach another notch.
    With those toxic levels of corruption all you have written Vince comes to nothing, these people are not well meaning. Zimbabwe as a nation is their last preference in almost everything but plunder.

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    Rwendo 8 years ago

    Is this a job application, Vince?

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    The Mind Boggles 8 years ago

    What are you smoking Vince?? You must share

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    Joseph Matongo 8 years ago

    ED failed to win KweKwe constituency twice against an unknown Blessing Chebundo. He is an outright failure. Besides he is a ruthless murderer who does not him. Such a person will never be inclusive of other sections of people like the church, students, voices of dissent, champions of civil society and captains of industry who have been left out as the country burned to ashes. He has phobia for reason so he cannot stomach brainy people for fear of murderous scripted heart and mind. I will prefer boarding the Malaysian MH370 plane than being ruled by a clueless murderer like ED

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    mandy 8 years ago

    You do not get it do you. This is the same Vince who co authored articles with Elton Mangoma about the Zimbabwe we want. It is the same Vince who was like a hired gun and at every gun turn firing at Tsvangirai with drivel and innuendoes. It is the same Vince that that never talks about the people’s right to exercise their rights to vote without the undue coercion of people like Mnangagwa and the civil military junta associated with him. It is the same Vince who spared no effort in denigrating the opposition MDC T. Finally, Vince’s assignment has come to a termination albeit in abject failure as the opposition under Tsvangirai is getting stronger by the day. Vince is now trying forlornly to scare people away from ever thinking of the alternative as sitting in the MDC T and now through Mnangagwa declares zanupf the sole and legitimate heir to political power in Zimbabwe. Otherwise what is the wisdom for Vince to be so contemptuous of the abiding struggle of the people that he does not see them succeeding. So Vince says follow me and resign yourselves to your fate. You can almost hear Vince saying Zimbabwe cannot be ruled through the pen. Is this not familiar hum drum from our not so esteemed Vince a person of over 50 years of age but who only surfaces a few months ago in a tussle to mislead the citizens of this country?

    Vince please do not insult the ordinary person’s ability to think. Does this confirm that you Vince have been a Mnangagwa lackey for all along. Does it confirm that Vince and his colleague Elton were always there to do the bidding for Emerson Mnangagwa.

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    Observer 8 years ago

    Who knows,Ngwena may turn out to be Zimbabwe’s Gorbachev.Play the game until you get to the top.Then change things.Just hoping.

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    Johno 8 years ago

    You can take a pig and wipe it clean and back into the mud it goes! These people are what they are -nothing in this world can change them. Pity is there are some ordinary people , suffering like everyone else, if not worse, who continue to worship and adore them. I just don’t know what it takes for some people to realise that ZPF IS NOT( repeat IS NOT)for the general masses.

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    Parangeta 8 years ago

    I agree that this entire article is unnecessary.
    ZANU*-PF will be wholly ousted 2018 or before.
    No ZANU-PF candidate will ever rule over our Country again.
    These Gukaruhundi will be brought to justice.
    Nikuv and the Ching-Chongs will be ousted by the People.

    Mugarbage and his ZANU-PF garbage will be hauled away to ICC.

    Thast’s my ‘letter’ to the now toothless Ngwenya……
    May he and his ilk rot in hell!

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    Has the 34 year domination by ZANU PF zombified us to this state of despondency, that we even “coronate” another dictator before the other one expires? God forgive us if we allow such a mindset to settle. We are our own people and we have what it takes to determine our destination without any of the corrupt politicians prolonging our suffering. We cannot continue with this narrow mindedness that only those who oppress must govern. Please Vince withdraw your letter, and tell him it was addressed to the wrong person.

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    Zim Patriot 8 years ago

    Vince, you have obviously sold your soul….this is the sole reason you support this…..blood money I say!!!!!!I admired your democratic thinking when you first started penning articles but obviously singing for your supper, am truly disappointed as thought you were a democratic man of God, but greed has got the better of you…..shame my friend….what does it help you if you have gained the world and lost your soul for a few pieces of gold? I shall continue praying that this cloud of darkness lifts over Zimbabwe and we get a better Zimbabwe that all Zimbabweans deserve…our solution rests in our almighty Lord and Saviour!!!!!Jesus Christ, He can make the impossible possible!!!!!