‘Asian’ national arrested with ivory

via ‘Asian’ national arrested with ivory | The Zimbabwean by Adrian Mutigwe 21.10.13

A 34 year-old Asian national was arrested at Harare airport today while in possession of 114 kgs of ivory.

In a statement, the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority confirmed the development.

“Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority confirms that an Asian national was today arrested at the International Airport for illegal possession of ivory.

“He was found with 17 raw pieces of ivory and several worked ivory which included bangles, chop sticks and beads weighing 113.9 kilograms valued at approximately US$28 250.00,” the statement issued by Public Relations Manager Caroline Washaya-Moyo said.

The arrest comes hard on the heels of an embarrassing cyanide poisoning poaching incident that claimed almost at least 100 elephants according to official figures while environmental activist have put the figures at 500 in Hwange National Park last month.

Media reports at the weekend claim unnamed government ministers are implicated in the horrifying tragedy condemned at home and abroad.

Washaya-Moyo though could not say the specific nationality of the suspect who intended to board an Ethiopian Airline destined for Malaysia.

The Zanu PF government has in the past adopted a hear no evil, see no evil approach as regards Asians operating in Zimbabwe because of its Look East Policy despite criticism from environmentalists, especially where Chinese nationals are involved.

Last year, some reports claimed Chinese nationals were implicated in the disappearance of tortoises at Harare’s Mukuvisi Woodlands Park but authorities remained tight-lipped and hamstrung by political interference.



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    simon 9 years ago

    ja Zanu keep looking east they are pulling the rug under your feet. Welcome the new colonisers of africa and believe me you thought the british were bad….your children will know all bout it in the next generation at this rate.

  • comment-avatar
    zondi 9 years ago

    This paper is just propagating Western anti-Chinese propaganda. There is nothing called “Asian national”. Asia is a continent comprising Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal etc.

    So which Asian do you mean?

    • comment-avatar

      Zondi don’t read it then

    • comment-avatar
      Stadoh 9 years ago

      u are right, they want to hide identities of their friends, but we know the major culprits who have been allowed to roam and operate in freely in all sectors of the economy

  • comment-avatar
    Jogo Bonita 9 years ago

    Chinese obviously.at this rate, no elephants, rhinos,tortoise,dogs,gold,diamonds,land including the wetlands,etc etc

  • comment-avatar
    gorongoza 9 years ago

    Zondi..why did you rush to say the paper is anti-chinense when no nationality was given? You already know (just like anyone in Zim) that it can only be the Chinese. They have come to destroy the little we have in our very small country….dangling small bucks at ministers and the corrupt ZANU at the expense of the environment and our children’s heritage. Its two groups of pple who dont care..Chinese and ZANU! We are destined for the worst!

    • comment-avatar
      zondi 9 years ago

      Get me right here. The individual involved here is not Chinese and can be Indians, Japanese, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal etc. but the journalist avoided mentioning the actual nationality deliberately in order to make inferences to Chinese in the last two paragraphs.

      Don’t be dogmatic you people.

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    Zondi must be blind with a ZANU PF propaganda expert telling him lies. You have to be this way or on their gravy train, to not see what the Chinese are doing. As individuals, they DO NOT like Africans. They do not use the banking systems. They do not pay tax. They just take and take and take. In rogue countries this is made even easier for them as is the case in Zimbabwe. They care nothing for human rights so will prop up any dictator that gives them what they want. Open your eyes Africa.

    • comment-avatar
      soothsayer 9 years ago

      Mike,Zondi is not blind,he is deliberately pretending that nothing bad is happening,my view is, he is benefiting and if you look closely,contributions like his only are from people benefiting or totally brain washed.

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    William Doctor 9 years ago

    If Zanu chooses to ‘hear no evil and see no evil’ then evil will occur. And why should Chinese nationals be granted special privilege?

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    We must not go beyond what the journalist has said unless we are claiming we are close to the source. What if the suspect is Indonisian, Indian, or Pakistan. The Chinese are right, its their turn to loot resources from Africa. Who will defend Africa? Westerners came, stole our wealth and our human resources (slaves). With this wealth they built industries and civilations envied by most Africans. When an African gets rich he shows off by promoting western goods. Which head of state in Africa is driven in a Chinese vehicle? Who will defend Africa.

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    A chinese “investor” will even carry a tent on his back to avoid sleeping in a hotel while doing his “investing” business in Zimbabwe, thats how bad they are. They are just the same with their Indian relatives who will repatriate hard cash to India from Zim with a trunk. So between the Britons, Chinese n the “Black Sovereign leaders” who is more lenient to his servants? For we are servants thats a fact no matter how many times they say we are indigenised!

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    tadleg 9 years ago

    It’s the Chinese – no question of doubt. They won’t be satisfied till they have pillaged every endangered animal left on earth and destroyed the few natural, wild places left in existence. And they don’t do it humanely either – they have no morals and no compassion. Africa and the world needs to wake up!