Chinese ivory dealer lodges bail appeal

via Chinese ivory dealer lodges bail appeal – DailyNews Live by Tendai Kamhungira  9 NOVEMBER 2013  

A Chinese national who was arrested at the Harare International Airport with 99kg of ivory worth $28 000 has appealed to the High Court for bail.

Chen Guoliang is accused of contravening the Parks and Wildlife Act, after being found in illegal possession of ivory.

He faces another charge of contravening the Customs and Excise Act, for unlawfully exporting goods.

The High Court yesterday postponed the matter to Monday, in order for the investigating officer to appear before the court to clarify Guoliang’s status.

According to State papers, the complainant in the case is the State represented by Wendy Gomo from the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe.

The 36-year-old Chinese national was arrested at the Harare International Airport, while intending to board a plane to China.

Prosecutors told the court Guoliang checked in at the reception and booked for an air ticket.

He allegedly wrapped his luggage at the airport, before approaching an immigration officer, where his passport was cleared.

The court heard that Guoliang’s luggage was screened using a scanning machine and immigration officials became suspicious of the contents.

They allegedly called Guoliang for a physical search, before opening his luggage.

According to court papers, immigration officials recovered 17 pieces of raw ivory tusks weighing 99kg.

The court heard that the total value of the ivory was $28 475 and all was recovered.

It is alleged that upon being questioned by immigration officials, Guoliang failed to produce a permit authorising him to be in possession of the ivory or any documents that gave him permission to export the goods.



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    He is protected by the real chefs

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago

    Our wise friends from the East! Payback time!

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      oliver 8 years ago

      A country of facked elections and corrupt leaders. People are now doing what they want with our natural resources. This Chiniese has only failed to pay bribes at the Airport

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    mutakura 8 years ago

    Its obvious the supplier is a zanupf untouchable. This country has gone to the dogs

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      mucha 8 years ago

      I knew you would say its ZANU PF.
      A dog dies of rabbies, its ZANU PF.
      Somebody is divorced, its ZANU PF.
      The rains fail to come in Zim, its ZANU PF.
      There was no solar eclipse this year in Zim, its ZANU PF.
      An Australian guy is arrested at a Salvation Church in Zim, its ZANU PF.
      Somebody’s wife fails to conceive after 5 years of marriage, its ZANU PF.
      Somebody has grown a bald head, its ZANU PF.
      Some woman has just reached menopause at 40, its ZANU PF.
      And somebody is refused entry in Heaven, ZANU PF rigged.

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        Get the message then mucha? zanoidia is 100% corrupt to the bone!

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        tshisaboy 8 years ago

        obvious nxakuyi Zanu pf yiyo umuntu etholakale ele ivory ayekelwe ngebail kasabotshwa vele yiZANU PF

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    BossMyass 8 years ago

    Chinese companies in Zimbabwe, is not fair,” People in ZANU are crooks, criminals and heartless and do not deserve your assistance in protecting their stolen wealth. Zimbabwe’s wealth must be shared equitably to create new jobs and improve the people’s quality of life. In other words when Mugabe says “we” own the land and the minerals underneath it, who is the “we”? Therein lies the catch.

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    Mugarbage 8 years ago

    These chinese people are ultimately ruining our beautiful country for their own greedy gains. They will NEVER help us. All the Zanu Bigwigs are getting paid by the chinese so they dont care what happens. The chinese are building a few schools here and there to make out as if they are helping the Zimbabwean People but in realistic terms they are raping our country for as much as they can get. Once they have stolen all of our ivory, mined all our minerals, abused our country to the limit, then they will simply just pack up and leave like a swarm of locusts. The only people who disagree with this are either very stupid or they are getting paid dirty money by these yellow devils.

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    BossMyass 8 years ago

    Mugabe’s behaviour is not unique in Africa. Nearly all African leaders are well educated. Many left lectureships at universities to take up political leadership of their countries. Those that are not well educated have surrounded themselves with university graduate ministers. Even guerrilla movements are led by academics, best examples being Angola’s UNITA which was led by Dr Jonas Savimbi and the RCD of DR Congo led by Professor Wamba Dia Wamba. Those who mastermind the slaughter, torture, rape and genocide in African states were African academics and “intellectuals”. Secondly many of the African leaders have also chosen to injure and cause suffering to their subjects for the sake of creating and maintaining a special relationship with the rich in the West.What is often forgotten is that the science of economics is a much broader field that encompasses how scarce resources are disbursed throughout a population. Zimbabwe was obliged to seek help from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank which demanded structural adjustment. Markets were deregulated and public expenditure reduced. At the same time drought and poor agricultural yields further restricted government revenue.

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    mucha 8 years ago

    Almost every day there is a story in the independent media about Chinese, not about Chinese only but about them stealing from Zimbabwe.

    Foolish Zimbabweans, with the advice from the former MASTER, still believe in the Cold War rhetoric of fighting Communism like RENAMO in Moza or UNITA in Angola. The same MASTER is now investing in China or getting loan from the Eastern Country; USA owes China USD1.3 trillion in bonds.

    So don’t be used or abused.

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      Pastor 8 years ago

      Woe to you, blind guides! You say, ‘If anyone swears by the temple, it means nothing; but anyone who swears by the gold of the temple is bound by that oath.

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    tshisaboy 8 years ago

    kabotswe lumuntu li potcher elingela ngqondo

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    tonyme 7 years ago

    China assisted Zimbabwe during its fight for independence. How much shall we bleed the country as a payback for the 34 year old freedom. We are bleeding to death and Chinese people are getting rich by the day while Zimbabweans have no water or electricity. It hurts to even try to imagine how long this is going to take.