Zera gives fuel dealers ultimatum

via Zera gives fuel dealers ultimatum – DailyNews Live by John Kachembere  9 NOVEMBER 2013 

Fuel dealers have been given a seven-day ultimatum to label their petrol pumps “blend” to avoid any misrepresentations to consumers.

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (Zera) yesterday said retail outlets that fail to comply with the ultimatum will face the full wrath of the law.

“The public can report to Zera any retail sites that continue to label “unleaded petrol” or “petrol” or “E5” on their petrol pumps as this is in contravention with Zera’s directive,” said Gloria Magombo, the authority’s chief executive.

“Following the commencement of E10 mandatory blending on October 24, 2013, the public is hereby advised that all petrol being sold at all retail sites in Zimbabwe should be E10 (10 percent ethanol and 90 percent unleaded petrol).”

Energy sector experts and economists say the introduction of E10 on the market will help Zimbabwe — which spends between $40 million and $45 million on importing fuel — reduce its fuel import bill.

“Ethanol blending contributes towards energy security of the country, reduces the fuel import bill, creates employment and has the potential for power generation,” said Magombo.

The Zera boss indicated that E10 blend was safe for all petrol cars. “Studies have already been done by reputable and internationally recognised institutions.

“Most of the studies are applicable to the vehicle models used in Zimbabwe including imports,” she said.



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    maisokwazo 9 years ago

    No you need to add “water added petrol”

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    If studies were conducted by the supplier they would say blend is good, however in the hand book of many vehicles it warns against using same perhaps they need to give car designers and manufacturers some help.

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    Ha'penny 9 years ago

    Why are we being commanded to use E10 even against some manufacturers’ advice. Will ZERA meet the costs of ethanol related damages where manufacturer warranty is denied? The retail price has not changed from that of pure unleaded fuel. In countries where there is blending motorists are given a choice of fuel and there is a price motivation – Can ZERA explain. Where is the Consumer Council in all this?

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    Redemption 9 years ago

    Eversince i started using this E10,my car has been coughing. Where are constitutional n legal experts, who can challenge the constitutional validity of mandatory blending. We cant have legislation that promotes n protects only one Corporate, namely GreenFuel. This legislation is being used against the rest of the population so that one corporate benefits financially.

    We might as well have legislation that stipulates that every milk pint must have contents from Gushungo dairy, or every car sold in Zim must have tyres from Dunlop

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    munzwa 9 years ago

    Ethanol is not ok for all vehicles and boat motors!Increased water content in the tank has been noticed. Please give us an accurate costing of this blend as we suspect the ethanol is being costed in at way above international or export prices.Why not give the motorist the choice of fuel he/she would prefer to consume or are we heading toward a North Korea economy?

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    Africanson 9 years ago

    Eish! We are in real trouble. So if you are driving a car clearely labelled unleaded only what do you do? I hope unleaded will still be sold alongside blend. A car engine is different from huro yemunhu. Huro can easily switch from castle to scud even mukwava chaiwo without problems.

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    Mr Mixed Race 9 years ago

    The use of blended fuel in this country is not new because during Rhodesia fuel was blended up to 15%.What really worries me is -Are we sure its 10% ethanol or high than that? We leave in a country full of corruption, therefore we could end up with higher ethanol percentage up to 20% which would cause damages to certain vehicles.Motorists must know that once you start using this blended fuel your mileage per litre drops about 10-15%. Be prepared to spend more in fuel bills per month to enrich the owners of the ethanol plant and for unplanned fuel tank cleaning{to remove residual water}.

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    Sekuru Mapenga 9 years ago

    MDC = Green Fuel must compete in an open free market.
    Zanu PF = Green Fuel must get 10% of the Zimbabwe fuel market by law.
    Green Fuel directors must VERY happy.
    Says it all.

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    Patriot 9 years ago

    Who are these so called experts and institutions….show us the reports

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    Why force people to use wht they dnt want?Where is freedom of choice we hve th right t choose not to be forced Our country will never go anywre with such policies.I rest my case

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      Resting your case was a very wise thing to do as you didnt understand the article. Read it twice and see if it helps.
      Its about fuel stations conning the public, there is only one typercof fuel currently available but garages are saying they have a range and charging more for different pumps for the identical fuel.
      If you now understand simply sat thank you for protecting you from being conned by petrol stations.

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      Yes that is why I say give us the raw fuel and we can decide for ourselves it doesn’t matter what the so called experts say we can find out for ourselves and maybe we can find our own ways to modify our engines that the experts cannot do themselves.

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    nyashanu 9 years ago

    Mati madii?muchanyarara_bayai bayai gushungo shame shame shame shame shame shame vasingade nzimbe.yemu jatropha,yemudombo dzakaramba