Cholera outbreak looms in Zimbabwe capital

via Cholera outbreak looms in Zimbabwe capital | News24 2013-11-19

Human Rights Watch on Tuesday warned that Zimbabwe’s capital Harare was at risk of repeating a cholera outbreak five years ago that killed over 4 200 people.

The group said a long-running sanitation crisis in the city of two million meant drinking water was often taken from wells that were contaminated with sewage from broken pipes.

“In many communities there is no water for drinking or bathing, there is sewage in the streets, there is diarrhoea and typhoid and the threat of another cholera epidemic,” Tiseke Kasambala, the southern Africa director of HRW said.

“Harare’s water and sanitation system is broken and the government isn’t fixing it.”

A 60-page report warned that history showed the risks of doing nothing.

Crumbling infrastructure led to an outbreak of cholera in 2008 which killed over 4 200 people and infected 100 000.

While deadly, the disease is easily preventable with clean water and proper sewage.

Aid organisations have helped to provide medicines and to sink several boreholes in the capital since 2008, but some of the holes have reportedly been contaminated with sewage.

Several suburbs in Harare don’t have tap water and people are forced to queue for hours to collect water.

“Harare’s water and sanitation system has been destroyed by decades of neglect and by ongoing mismanagement and corruption,” Kasambala said.




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    Washumba 10 years ago

    A South African what is he doing here. Itsitsi dzei kubvisa mwana wemvana madzihwa. These South Africans they are like Chinese they don’t want to see Zim progress.

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      Boss MyAss 10 years ago


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    Mr Mixed Race 10 years ago

    Washumba,this person is not reporting as a South African representative but as representing southern Africa.The two are completely different.We all know that a time bomb is about to explode in Harare due to health conditions.Reap the results of transferring all the companies from Byo to Hre without matching social services.

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    Washumba.The romans supported over a million people with clean drinking water and working sanitation and sewerage disposal back then.How long ago was that and now in 2013 and zanupf cannot get it right.Anybody that has a brain that functions needs to ask the question .Where is all the money going from zimbabwe’s minerals, tax etc etc.???Zimbabwe cannot help themselves so you definately need help from somewhere else.

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    Odessa 10 years ago

    As long as the current leadership in in place the situation will never be right in Zim. This the beginning of bigger problems to come, brace up!

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    mkoma ticha 10 years ago

    nikuv took all the money

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    tinofiranyika 10 years ago

    Excuse me Washumba what gradge are yu holding against South Africans?? fo yo own information right now i am in SA and many others coz of thoz morons some are even in europe and all over the world. learn to seperate racism and being away from home by work yu are racist fo nothing