Dark Ages in #Zimbabwe

via Dark Ages | The Zimbabwean by Jera

Zimsec this year introduced online student registrations. Unlike in previous years, where headmasters filled in actual forms, which were then sent to the examination body, this year school heads registered their grade 7 candidates online. A lot of schools lack computers. The result is that an unspecified number of pupils failed to register before deadline. This is really a case of the education authorities trying to run before they can crawl.

The lack of advancement in ICTs is no coincidence. A repressive government’s survival depends on information blackouts. In the 1990s, government did its damndest to block the set-up of the country’s first independent mobile phone services provider. During the 2008 election, Zanu (PF) thugs went around the townships, ordering residents to pull down their satellite dishes, in what became known as ‘Operation Bvisai maDish.’

The rural electrification programme has stalled because electricity will lead to TV and computers. Attempting to block the establishment of community radio stations, Jonathan Moyo has cunningly redefined the definition of the word ‘community’ to mean only rural settlements.

For as long the masses remain in the dark, they are much easier to control. If Zanu (PF) have their way, we would all be using Moses’ stone tablets, rather than tablet PCs.


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    ZimJim 8 years ago

    Information is knowledge. Knowledge is power….

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    Very soon they will be banning facebook, google, twitter, whatsapp in Zim. I mean very soon. Wait till the “Old One” goes and we become a complete military state!!! Fear fellow countryman. Be very fearful.