Treasury broke

via Treasury broke | The Zimbabwean 10.04.14 by Jera

While Mugabe is speechifying, the country is literally burning. Labour lawyers report an increase in complaints from workers whose employers are struggling to pay salaries. Government payday is a fortnight away and all eyes will be on Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa, who promised increments despite a broke Treasury.

Only in January, Chinamasa appealed to Zimbabweans (who he said had become a ‘miracle society’) to put their faith in hard work and not miracles, before adding, ‘let’s not be Makandiwa followers.’

So desperate is Mugabe’s administration that it has given its full support to Prophet Makandiwa’s UFI April 19th Church congress, which is seen as a source of tourism revenue. It is expected that 150,000 people – most of them no doubt seeking miracleS – will flock to Makandiwa, who in 2013 prophesied a Zimbabwe paved with gold.

Despite the acres of arable land, Zimbabwe has not been self-sufficient since 2000. Major manufacturers have either shut down or relocated to neighbouring countries to which Zimbabwe loses valuable forex through net imports. According to Treasury, in February alone, 15 manufacturing companies shut down.


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    KIBBS 9 years ago

    The noose is tightening!

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    About time they get what they deserve, and if people don’t get paid perhaps at last they’ll stand up for what is right!

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      I hate to break it to you man but, zimbabweans will NEVER stand up for their rights. Even after decades of abuse, people are still as docile as ever. In other countries, a revolution would have long taken place by now. If zimbabweans don’t get paid, they’ll simply resort to something like cross-border trading to make money and support their families. They’ll find something else to do. Only in Zimbababwe my friend. Perhaps sometimes being too innovative can be a curse

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      There is not a hope in hell of Zimbos standing up to be counted.
      Their brains have been neutralised completely by ZANU!!

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    Mixed Race 9 years ago

    They will NEVER stand up these people my friend I have seen qualified people being used for many months without pay.When you ask them why then bother reporting for work they give you a dull and stupid answer eg I am hopeful that one day they will pay me!Then I ask them where will they get the money since it started like this, no pay for one month now its three months then goes on and on so what next!! The answer- I do not know what to do next!! I go on why don’t you try something else with your youthful life before its too late!! Another stupid answer ,we hope you old people can change things for us! Then I tell them but you are clever born frees, we are of the old regime ,you label us as sellouts so why should we economically help you when its you who voted these guys into power.No Sir we were cheated by these politicians when they paid us monies to intimidate the people!!Its the duty of every responsible parent to educate his/her children with proper and fair politics not to send them out there to use dirty acts to earn sinful money.Its our duty to liberate our children from these dirty politicians and the looters.

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    Mukanya 9 years ago

    ZIM-CORRUPTION is the ultimate winner over the ill-designed ZIM-ASSET

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    kutongwa nonjazi 9 years ago

    The truth is when u start stealing, stopping is 100% impossible. Vari panyanga vakabviroba karesa it’s hard to stop or even slow down.


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    Justice 9 years ago

    Aloota continua.

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    why call Zimbabweans ‘these people’ and label them ‘stupid’, mixed race, which race do you belong to?. Your comments show confusion and indicate that you are obviously not Zimbabwean. Please show Zimbabweans some respect. They have overcome the hidden agenda of the secret and evil societies of the developed world. They will go from strength to strength because they now know how to survive. May Elohim Bless them so they never follow after the confusion of those who protest and get killed and gain nothing thereafter.

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    Zvichanaka 9 years ago

    Chinamasa will soon make the money available after a quick visit to the Chinhoyi Spirit who won’t be making stones ooze deisel but US$ on this instance. No problem.