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via Fireside Fables | The Zimbabwean 10.04.14 by Jera

President Robert Mugabe says God has blinded colonial eyes to the country’s mineral wealth. Illustrating the incoherence of an ageing mind, Mugabe said maps from Anglo America and de Beers show vast mineral reserves. If the ‘imperialists’ were blindfolded by God, one wonders why the president is utilising their data?

Billy Rautenbach, who by Zanu (PF)’s definition is not an indigenous Zimbabwean, is a major player in local mining, seemingly with the blessings of party bigwigs. Russia, India and China have local mining interests too. What Zanu (PF) advertises as ‘empowerment’ is really about self-enrichment of the elite. What Mugabe calls guarding our sovereignty means giving our resources to nations whose assistance to the country last came 34 years ago.

Bereft of ideas, Mugabe’s pastime is amusing the citizenry with inconsequential grandfatherly fables which may as well be of ‘tsuro nagudo.’ He would do well to focus less on telling stories and deal more with bread and butter issues – mobilising the delivery of grain to GMB silos, repairing those silos and distributing food to over two million nationals who are faced with starvation.


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    Chidumbu 9 years ago

    Were the maps given to him by the same idiot who gave him Diesel from a rock? This mans stupidity knows no bounds along with all the incompetent ministers who have bigger degrees in stupidity than their degrees in violence. The devil is coming soon to take you to where you belong old man, I wish I could be there to see the fear in your eyes as you gasp your last breath.