#mugabe says Europe has ‘an evil heart’

via Mugabe says Europe has ‘an evil heart’ | SW Radio Africa  by Nomalanga Moyo on Thursday, April 10, 2014

The decision by Europe to refuse Grace Mugabe a visa so she could travel to Brussels for the EU-AU summit held recently has invited her husband’s ire.

Speaking Wednesday while on a visit to Dubai, where Zimbabwe has decided to sell its diamonds, President Robert Mugabe praised the owners of the Dubai Diamond Exchange whom he claimed are sympathetic to Zimbabwe.

“Here we have the same Third World people with sympathies for us. You do not have the evil heart of Europe,” the State-run Herald quoted Mugabe as saying.

Mugabe has in the past been accused of un-presidential behaviour for using hate speech against perceived opponents or enemies.

Mugabe, who was in Dubai together with Grace, went on to accuse the European Union of trying to separate him from his wife and said he couldn’t have attended the Summit without her.

In an indirect address to the Brussels-based Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC), which lobbied for the lifting of the restrictive measures so that ZANU PF could sell the country’s diamonds, Mugabe said the body should have fought for Grace’s travel.

Belgium for years pushed for the targeted sanctions to be removed so that the AWDC could trade with Zimbabwe, regardless of the human rights abuses and corruption reported at the country’s Chiadzwa diamond fields in Marange.

Lobbying started in 2010, when a delegation from the AWDC toured the Zim mining operations and gave a glowing appraisal of the situation.

That visit came barely two years after an estimated 200 diamonds panners were murdered in late 2008, following the government launch of a military led crackdown at the Chiadzwa alluvial fields.

Ordinary Zimbabweans have not benefitted from the discovery of diamonds in the country, estimated to be the world’s fourth largest reserves.

Zimbabwe reportedly earned $29.3 million from its latest diamond sale in Dubai, but very little of this, if any at all, is likely to flow into national coffers.

There are suggestions that Mugabe is moving to eliminate other firms involved in diamond mining in the Chiadzwa fields, so that a company linked to him will be the sole operator.



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    KIBBS 8 years ago

    1. he cannot function physically without disgrace.
    2. he is too scared to leave her in case she puts her slippers under someone else’s bed.
    3. he does not trust her political and/or economic aspirations.
    Whichever it is Good News!

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    Ruramai 8 years ago

    This architect of Gukurahundi has not even been to Chigwizi and recently expelled 300 poor people from Mazoe without even allowing them to harvest their crops and yet he talks about Europe having an evil heart.. .eish.

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    He cannot see how stupid he looks all the time.

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    If one does the maths on a reasonable population growth rate Zim should have a population around 25m, where have all the people gone? Mugabe’s policies have decimated the population!

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    Mugabe has been evil since his birth..Grace,was NOT his secretary but a common typist who looked pretty. Ugly,fat and fabulously wealthy now.
    Wake up Zimbabweans.Take your beautiful country back.DO IT NOW.

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    Tinashe Mushonga 8 years ago

    That is a very rich slur coming from Mugabe’s mouth. What about Gukurahundi, what about all the election violence, what about the white farmers and other whites, what about the “small woman” from South Africa. It is fine for him to deal out a hard heart, but he cannot receive the dealing.

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    When he points a finger he has three pointing back at himself. I am sick of having a President with ugly speech all the time. Albeit an illegal one.

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    Saddened 8 years ago

    It takes one to know one Robert!!

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    Chitova weGona 8 years ago

    He can surprisingly see a speck in someone’s eye when he has a log in his. If the EU is evil then he is the Devil.

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    Don’t worry guys he is old man. His rants are just like a dog barking at a tree,

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    Look how EU and their followers are hungry, to persuade Mugabe EU to return the country will take several years until they tell the truth, who abuses the human right or who doesn’t; it is clear that the EU abuses the Human Rights, listen to the Zimbabwean ministry of information, he said when EU violates Human Rights Watch will never raise, when we defend ourselves, the HRW say, Mugabe is abusing HR which is to beat about the push; now i wonder why do African leaders or diplomatic persons discuss EU’s affairs, because they are proud of their land while EU is unhappy in their land and they can’t rest in, Mugabe tells the truth,the motto of EU is untrue; now that you see Belgium already declare their starvation of diamond not only diamond but other resources as well, but Africans can’t accept theft once again, go back to your homes stay in snowing lands, we don’t need your advice; i am neither Zimbabwean nor ZANU PF but pure black African

    • comment-avatar
      Will the Doctor 8 years ago

      @ umaari

      Oh please – if Africans had the power the Europeans had – and the power the Americans now have, they’d abuse it too.

      People are people. Power corrupts. The reason the wickedness of ZanuPF doesn’t expand beyond Zimbabwe is because they’re too incompetent for empire.

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      Parangeta 8 years ago

      You are an uneducated, annoying,
      disjointed and worthless commentator.

      Get some education before you comment
      on this august Forum of Intellects.

      Go lick some M’Garbage boots fool!

    • comment-avatar
      Ruramai 8 years ago

      Umarii, exactly what truth does Mugabe tell? U say u r not Zimbabwean, maybe that’s y u r able to waffle your ignorance.

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    Madlanduna 8 years ago

    UMAARI, as you are not a ZImbabwean please take care of your African here we talk of Zimbabweans suffering from looting of your friends , tell Belgium to go to DRC,Botswana, SA even Angola they have diamond

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    old song.very tired and as worn out as Robert himself. Robert treats his own people worse than the EU ever could. He is the number one enemy for his own people. Stop with this scapegoating

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    @UMAARI I wonder why you won’t say where you are from. Being black does not qualify you from making opinions of a set-up you are not familiar with. For all we know you are one of the people that is wanted in his own country for crimes against humanity. Maybe you are under protection in Zimbabwe by this regime. You would do well to shut up or put up by telling us where you from and what good your regime has done for you so that we can take a leaf from your book.

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    Bet Umaari is (Dis)Grace’s body guard from far in jungles of untamed Africa…guessing by his poor English he could be the one who was doing Robert Jr’s homeworks and assignments. Poor boy failed his A’Level at the best school in the counntry. Ha ha ha! Poor Umaari, go back to where you come from!

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    Parangeta, nit wit is nit wit!

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    mthokozisi mbambo 8 years ago

    Umarri are you a human being or a zombi with no feelings, I think you are pink-colored-monkey who doesn’t understand the human mood, get over yourself