Press Statement -Zimbabwe Social Democrats

This is the press statement by Zimbabwe Social Democrats.

Released Friday 13 June 2014.

The Zimbabwe Social Democratic is a political party formed by a group of Zimbabweans alarmed that this Zanu PF dictatorship is frog-matching the nation into a political and economic hell-on earth. If this nation is to walk into this hell then it must do so with its eyes wide open and not sleep walk.

Our primary objective is to do everything possible to alert every one of the dangers of the economic meltdown and political paralysis that have taken the last 34 years to unfold and have now reached dangerous and really alarming level. Zimbabwe is now standing on the very edge of the abyss and could easily tumble over into the chaos now gripping other nations like Syria, Libya, Egypt and nearer home, South Sudan.

The tragic, tragic human suffering this nation has endured over the years is real and cannot go on for much longer; but since the people have no peaceful meanings to expresses their suffering, anger and frustrations this raise the spectre of violent civil strife in the form of riots or worse. No it is not inconceivable for Zimbabwe to the next South Sudan.

We are alarmed at this Zanu PF regime’s response to the worsen economic situation; instead of addressing the root causes of mismanagement, corruption and the ill-advised policies and lawlessness the regime is beefing up its repression machinery by recruiting 650 and 11 000 more Police Officers and Prison Guards respectively and building a $ 200 million Spy University for the much feared CIO!

We in the Zimbabwe Social Democrats believe that even now, at the eleventh hour, with concerted effort this nation can be save from tumbling over the edge into the abyss. If we should, God forbid, tumble over going back is torturous as the Egyptians or Syrians would now tell you.

There is an urgent need to end the Zanu PF dictatorship, implement the democratic reforms necessary for free and fair elections and have a democratic government before it is too late. Zimbabwe Social Democrats’ overriding commitment is to see this is done properly and not fudged as happened during the GNU!

The Zimbabwe Social Democrats will direct its message to the following groups:

a)   To the long suffering ordinary people of Zimbabwe, the masses, povo

When the nation attained its independence in 1980 it was the duty of us, the people to elect competent leaders to govern the country and to hold them to account. This was a sacred duty and it was beholden on us and no one else to ensure that the nation was well governed. There can be no doubt that this nation is in a real mess because of the 34 years of bad government. We can proffer many excuses why this

happened but after 34 years there can be no doubt that we had many, many opportunities to get change our system of government but wasted them all. We did not even recognise many of these opportunities.

 During the GNU, for example, the nation had a real chance to end the Zanu PF dictatorship if the democratic reforms were implemented. Yes it was MDC’s fault that not even one reform was implemented but it was also our fault not to have

demanded it of MDC. Even to this day many people still do not have the foggiest idea what these reforms were.

The vote is a power and very effective tool but, like every other tool, in the wrong hands it is totally useless. What is the point of being given a democratic choice and vote, if one does not have a clue of the subject matter before them much less the difference of one from the other.

As a nation Zimbabweans got the government and opposition parties the nation deserved and we have all paid dearly for it. If we really want to end this Zanu PF dictatorship and have real democratic change then we the people must take up our sacred duty to elect competent leaders and hold them to account with the seriousness it deserves!

If this nation is to have any hope of ever getting out of this mess then we, the people, must open our eyes to the tragedy reality before us. Open our minds to the simple and inescapable logic that this madness cannot and must not be allowed to go on.

Only a competent electorate can elect a competent government; so far the Zimbabwe electorate has been ignorant, naïve and gullible, sheepishly following tyrants and then blindly followed breathtakingly incompetent leaders. We, the people, must change and become savvier; and for this nation time is fast running out.

Hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans have died for us to have the vote, tens of thousands were murdered by this Zanu PF regime because they dared demand that right; the very least we can do to honour their courage and sacrifice is use that vote but wisely!

b)  To Mugabe and his Zanu PF dictatorship

Mugabe and his Zanu PF regime claims that they liberated the nation and yet since

1980 they have ridden roughshod of the very people they say they liberated denying them freedom, liberty, justice and human dignity and hope – the very things the nation went to war for and so many died for.

Zanu PF has remained in power for 34 years only because the only elections result the party permitted was that reaffirming continued Zanu PF political dominance. Elections are, ultimately, about change and so the Zanu PF mantra that elections must not produce regime change is per se an oxymoron.

 Mugabe and a select few of his cronies have grown filthy rich selling the nation’s wealth dreams and hopes for the equivalent of calico cloth and a handful of beads. You have dragged this nation to the very edge of the abyss and you dare not push this nation over the edge.

You are not the nations’ liberating heroes but its corrupt, murderous and tyrannical

oppressor.  Je crache sur vous!

c)   To the splintering MDC factions

During the GNU the nation had its golden chance to end the Zanu PF dictatorship if only the MDC had implemented the democratic reforms necessary for free and fair elections. The party had five years to do this but failed to get not even one reform implemented. The only reason this happened is that all the MDC leaders were distracted by the trapping of power and that they are breathtakingly incompetent.

Since the rigged 2013 elections all MDC leaders been concerned about is how they can get back on the gravy train. The infernal chattering is a distraction at a time when the people need peace to hear themselves think.

d)  To the international community

There are nations who are propping up this Mugabe regime some have even played an active role in helping the tyrant rig the elections; are you going to be there too to clean up the mess Mugabe is making?

As for those nation who want to see an end to the criminal waste of material resources and the tragic human suffering in Zimbabwe; we call upon you to help build a barrier at the top of the cliff now rather than provide the ambulance service to cater for the broken lives at the bottom of cliff later.


Mugabe and the Zanu PF dictatorship have dragged Zimbabwe right up to the gates of hell and unless they are stopped now will take this nation beyond the point of no returns leading to serious social unrest and worse. 34 years of absolute power and lives of unparalleled have blinded the tyrant and his cronies to grinding poverty, hopelessness and despair of the millions of ordinary Zimbabwean. Greed has made their minds impermeable to reason.

The single most important task here is to force this tyrannical Mugabe regime out of office because whilst Mugabe remains in State House nothing of any value can ever be accomplished. Nothing!

Signed. Wilbert Mukori

Secretary General

Zimbabwe Social Democrats


  • comment-avatar
    Roving Ambassador 8 years ago

    Thanks Mukori ,we need to show the current useless political establishment they can not take us for granted anymore.
    We need to be organized and ZANU dislikes that. The diaspora is lacking in this department.

    • comment-avatar
      Wilbert Mukori 8 years ago

      Well, we must start now. Even a journey of a thousand miles starts with the humble first step! Now that we have taken the first step, we must never turn back!

  • comment-avatar
    Angela Wigmore 8 years ago

    Nice words Wilbert. Would you care to give us some idea of how you propose to reverse this runaway gravy train, apart from tossing the UN-Patrotic Front off it? And how would you ensure that your followers did not jump on?

    • comment-avatar
      Wilbert Mukori 8 years ago

      The only people who can stop the gravy train and have it derailed are the people that is why the first group we picked are the people. The people are ignorant but they are not stupid; we in the ZSD are committed to ensuring that the people of Zimbabwe should be given the information they need to make informed decisions.

  • comment-avatar
    John Thomas 8 years ago

    Nice story but we do not need yet another minor party splintering the effort.

    • comment-avatar
      Wilbert Mukori 8 years ago

      Well as far as we in the ZSD are concerned there are no political parties is Zimbabwe. Zanu PF is a party of corrupt and murderous thugs whose tyrannical rule has brought nothing but suffering and misery. MDC has proven to be a group of breathtakingly incompetent individuals whose only interest is how to get back on the gravy train.

      As for ZSD being a minor party, let time decide!

  • comment-avatar

    Right step to the right direction,our situation no longer needs barks with less bites.At times it’s better to act and maintain a healthy uncertainty and let destiny decide.

  • comment-avatar
    Heighho 8 years ago

    Wilbert – join forces with Transform Zimbabwe?

  • comment-avatar
    Tinomunamataishe 8 years ago

    Good to see another player come onto the scene. The voters I am sure will make their choices but the most important thing is to have the choices in the first place. The ZSD approach so far looks very mature.

    What I would like to know though is how the ZSD will tackle the electoral laws which as they stand now give Zanu PF a big advantage if not an outright win in 2018. I think that Zim is at the moment being run by a minority party(or more accurately junta) which has total control of voting process and can manipulate it whichever way they want whenever they want.

    I think every player entering the scene must therefore work hard to make sure that those processes are fair to every contestant and that the ZEC can be as independent as can be otherwise we will all be wasting our time. Hope not.

  • comment-avatar
    munzwa 8 years ago

    A good start… It would appear that zanu has money for the extra recruitment and spy university, so why pay any taxes etc….