Transform Zimbabwe Press Statement


CONTACT: Sungai Mazando, Communications Secretary or or +263 773 425 250

It has been a hectic week for Transform Zimbabwe members in Manicaland and Binga as they spent inordinate amounts of time at the hands of law enforcement agents. After drumming up spurious charges, the police have since released all TZ volunteers who have gone straight back to preaching the gospel of the total Transformation of Zimbabwe.
In Binga, a TZ member, Mr. Siyachimbo was detained at the Binga police station and was subjected to unwarranted interrogation after the TZ Binga leadership held an executive meeting comprising only 5 members a day before. Police pressed charges alleging “failure to notify the regulatory authorities that you were holding a meeting”, attending officer was detective Matata (+263 774 109 849). Mr Siyachimbo was only released on condition that he should bring all the other TZ members who were present at the meeting.
In Nyanyadzi, early in the morning police stormed the house where part of the TZ team was hosted, alleging that a meeting had been held at the house. Subsequently another TZ member, Mr Chao was detained at Nyanyadzi police station (Member in Charge-Mr Mbuwa). The police, amongst a barrage of other unfounded allegations, also threatened to use force against TZ members for using the “V” symbol which the police said was synonymous with the Arab spring. The “V” symbol when used by TZ, stands for the party`s imminent VICTORY in the next elections. Mr Chao was only released on condition that he brings all the other TZ members who were present at the house on the day of the alleged meeting.
Transform Zimbabwe unequivocally condemns this attack on the party’s constitutional liberties by the state through the detention and harassment of its members who are peacefully drumming up grassroots support for the party. Transform Zimbabwe is once again challenging the police to conduct themselves in a non-partisan and professional manner, and live up to their Constitutional duty to protect all citizens irrespective of their gender, ethnic origin, or political affiliation.
Undeterred by the intimidation and harassment, TZ went on with its meeting at Nyanyadzi-Chishakwe Growth point later in the day. The meeting was attended by a couple of hundreds and it was the 12th meeting in the area. Transform Zimbabwe have recently been touring the Manicaland province and meeting the people to promote the message of national transformation. The groundswell of support for the new party is fast gathering momentum and the party has grown to over 100 000 since launching in December 2013.


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    Oh so our new constitution is NOT working! And so we still do NOT have freedom to assemble, of speech, freedom from want the right to have opposition parties? ZPF are right to be afraid. God’s judgment is at the door. They need to repent and turn from their wicked ways.

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    Roving Ambassador 6 years ago

    The V symbol is now illegal. Typical of Zanu, criminalising the innocent and protecting the looters. What a shame.
    Do not give up. An outsider is likely to win the hearts and minds of the Zimbos.
    The time is now.

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    Transform Zimbabwe — yes

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    munzwa 6 years ago


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    TZ Storyteller 6 years ago

    All other political formations are being allowed to conduct their rallies and meetings unhindered. When the Christians emabark on a mission to bring back values based system of governance they panic and become so naive as to outlaw a meeting of 5 people. MDC uses an open palm, Zanu pf use a clenched fist, TZ uses a V sign whats so illegal about that. Grow up mhani mapurisa!!!!

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    Ruzivo 6 years ago

    If a Zimbabwean citizen, aspires to high political office, their very life is at risk….should it be so in a country where Zanu PF party’s violence and skewed economic policies, born of greed, have destroyed every facet of the country from politics to economy…etc.

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    Zvatonaka 6 years ago

    Be Strong and of good courage guys, we are making History, we will be testifying very soon.

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    Mbire 4 years ago

    TZ ,is it about making Zimbabwe better or love to join politics where all political parties present do not make sense but this one does? When another Mugabe rises he does not believe the other can rule the country any better than him