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via Govt blasts Biti’s utterances | The Herald December 19, 2013 by Happiness Zengeni

INFORMATION, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has said utterances by MDC-T secretary-general Mr Tendai Biti on the state of the economy were irresponsible and could only come from someone who was bitter that he was no longer in the limelight as Finance Minister.

Mr Biti, in his version of current affairs on Tuesday, said the economy was dead and Government was in de facto shut down due to a lack of revenue.

He told journalists in Harare: “We are hunting and catching a mouse, but feasting as if we have killed an elephant. You must eat what you kill.”

However, Prof Moyo yesterday said; “For someone who likes using metaphors of killing and death as shown by his Budget statements which always had the phrase ‘eat what you kill’, Biti is being hit hard by the fact that he is no longer the Minister of Finance.

“There’s a tendency by dead men walking to think that everything around him is dead.

“If he thinks he killed it six months ago, he didn’t succeed, it was an attempted murder. He wanted to kill it in the hope that his party handlers would eat it. Instead it’s his political party (MDC-T) that died.”

Prof Moyo said the resilience of the economy in the face of illegal Western sanctions over the past decade was self-evident.

“Our clear outcome of the machinations against the country has been that you can’t kill Zimbabwe, can’t kill its economy and you can’t kill its key institutions,” he said.

The minister said the National Budget statement, to be presented by Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa, today would show Mr Biti how alive the economy was.

“It (the economy) might not be well because of several factors, which include the sanctions, but Government will give it the cure it needs even though it is definitely not a morning picnic.”

He said in spite of the challenges being faced by Government what was important was that there was no bickering and self-interest clouding Cabinet as was characteristic of the inclusive Government.

“There is now one policy vision, which is not contaminated or blurred by self-serving politicians. As it is now, those entrusted with polices have no excuses for not implementing them.

“The people spoke in July when they voted overwhelmingly for the current Government.”



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    george shava 8 years ago


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    Murimi wanhasi 8 years ago

    Who is Biti in the scheme of things?Honestly

    • comment-avatar
      Zimbo 8 years ago

      Biti is the man telling it like it is,unlike Moyo who sings for his supper!

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    Canuck 8 years ago

    Time will tell, time will tell……..
    I personally think ZANU-PF doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting ANY growth in the Zim economy, but we shall see.
    The pity of it all is that it will once again not be the fat cats that will suffer, but the ordinary folk……
    And of course ZPF will blame “sanctions” again……

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    simon 8 years ago

    so called prof moyo is a chameleon who changes colour and flip flops sides. Don’t talk of winning elections when you cant even provide a voters roll which is illegal. Even your boss Mugabe praised Biti with his budgets over the years. Yes times were hard but it was stable and zim was healing. Imagine if MDC had full control as they were supposed to cause of winninh the last elections. Things would be a million times better. You cant even produce a budget on time!!!!! What sanctions you idiot?

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      Kevin Watson 8 years ago

      Jonathan Moyo was personally rejected by the voters. He is also wanted for fraud in Kenya and defrauded Wits University in South Africa. Without a diplomatic passport he cannot travel. The many is a useless fraud whose stock in trade is lies.

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    Zombi 8 years ago

    Moyo, you’ve just dignified Bit. If he was not telling the truth (which Zanu PF is known to abhor), then why respond to the fetish fantasies of a “fool” as you would put it? If Bit was just an empty gong… Why bother?

    It is sad to note that despite this new Moyo we’ve seen, you still resort to cheap insults on the person and fail to give a proper academic piece proving the contrary. You’re intelligent… Argue your case like a man with balls. Don’t start cat fights with cheap insults.

    This is the Zimbabwe we want. Express your views and defend them academically. Cheap insults belong to the grave like a certain leader too.

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    What do u expect from Zpf cronies? Cheap insults only. Why can’t Gobbels respond coherent? He claims to be a professor of political science. What political science? My foot!

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    DRY WINE 8 years ago


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    goodlife 8 years ago

    Biti merely expressed his own personal views Mr Professor which l think is his constitutional right in a democratic world. Surely prof there is no need for you to shout him. If his views are not well informed as you seem to suggest then the Government in power must prove him wrong by delivering. Action speaks louder than words. I thot a professor is someone highly educated and of good standing. If this is your way of expressing your personal views then l will not be a professor when l grow up.

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    Prof Moyo,
    We do not need Biti to tell us that Zim’s economy is in the grave yard. Each one of us can see it for our selves. If as ZPf claims we live in a democracy then you must grow up and defend the right of Zimbabweans to speak. out. I have great respect for Biti. For too long ZPF has claimed to be the voice of the people. It is not. We want to speak for ourselves. And why should we listen to those who have repeatedly fiddled the elections??? I pray that you will come to see things with God’s eyes so that you will repent along with the rest of the nation. ZPF have lied for so long that that lie has become a sort of twisted truth and that is a very dangerous place to be. May God have mercy on us!

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    Mthwakazi 8 years ago

    Childish, is the best way to describe this reaction to a genuine opposition comment. All over the world opposition parties comment over the budget; they comment over the State of the Nation Adress by the president etc, etc. So whats the big deal Professor?

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    Moyo you are shame to our country you think you can continue fooling people sorry for people like you and your fellow late cain nkala.

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    Jonathan thinks he is the only prof in zimbabwe, thats why you see him trying to overide things everytime Dai aive mukadzi anzwa nekusvirwa even nemapofu chaivo vaiiwana panajona> yes i say this because he is not even true follower of the party that he rejoined. why did he go paakaita independent kuchorocho kwake uko?? we know you and i always say time will tell.
    muchamhanya zvenyu >>>>> VaBiti udzai vanhu zvekuita kwete burget ratakanzwa chimudhara chiya chechiti hakuna SADC preference its 100% duty can you say its good governance… zivai kuti kana zvadero hapana ano importer mashops enyu anosara salt nemasamba segore riye maakuguta asi munokanganwa kuti zvamunodya munotenga kusouth africa. jonathan kupindwa ndini zvangu dofo risina kudzidza rinoziva kuti thre is always tomorrow imimi maakutonga zvekuti machembera hamuchina future maakudira mavhu chikafu vamwe vachirikudya tichaonana mumastreets manje manje

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      Mthwakazi 8 years ago

      Are you writing only for your kith and kin to read?

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    Stewart 8 years ago

    and you can’t kill what is already dead

  • comment-avatar
    Khaya'bonina 8 years ago

    @Zombi ,i respect you , well said .

  • comment-avatar
    maradona 8 years ago

    Shame!shame!shame on u joni u dont deserve to be called proffessor . Cause u pollute our good name . Be rational

  • comment-avatar
    Chatambudza12 8 years ago

    Chokwadi chinogwadza woye zanu idiots!

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    msizeni silwelani 8 years ago

    Give us a scientific argument Prof. I saluted you for showing Zvayi the way out, now you force your high school essay to print, nonsense. Figures add up to facts, you have access to them as a cabinet minister, rants will not correct anything. You ceased to be an opinion leader following your countless reverse political somersaults. You attack an ideology or policy not personalities. Leave name calling to us lay people. Whose child are you in Tsholotsho? What is your current proffesorship rating? What does Karigamombe building symbolises? Lets see if you come right here.

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    Adamski 8 years ago

    Mthwakazi make an effort to learn languages, how do you expect to unite Zim when we have people of your calibre. Asifundeni amalanguages wonke ekhaya.

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    trevor 8 years ago

    moyo must know that mdc has not died as he says. it has been cheated of victory through rigging and will rise to become the most vibrant party come 2018. people are being governed against their will.

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    ZANU failed many decades ago,just think of the state of the economy before MDC came to the rescue,how ZANU won elections boggles the mind,who would vote for a Party that has let its Masses down for years.This Govenment has nothing left to offer,thats why when someone voices their displeasure at the state of things,they come out guns blazing and crush any voice of awareness