Govt failures force Chivi Council to beg from Diaspora

via Govt failures force Chivi Council to beg | SW Radio Africa by Alex Bell on Thursday, May 22, 2014

Zimbabwe’s economic crisis has forced the Chivi Rural District Council to beg for financial help from Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, with the government failing to provide money for local development.

The Council announced this week that it is approaching the Diaspora in a bid to raise $8 million to refurbish roads, rehabilitate boreholes, dams and schools in the area.

Council chairperson Killer Zivhu told journalists at the launch of the fundraising program that they would go to South Africa, the United Kingdom and Canada to raise money for development.

“We intend to raise $8 million for refurbishing roads, clinics, boreholes, schools as well as rehabilitate dams that are heavily silted. We will be engaging the sons and daughters of Chivi who are in all corners of the world,” said Zivhu.

Zivhu added: “Our first port of call will be South Africa, then we go to the United Kingdom and Canada. We will meet those from Chivi as well as other Zimbabweans in the Diaspora.”

The program has been described as another sign of the ZANU PF government’s failure to prioritise the needs of Zimbabweans.

Basic infrastructure maintenance and a country wide lack of development are hallmarks of the government’s leadership, with more money being spent on cars for MPs and local officials, than on development.



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    They won’t allow them to vote, yet they have the nerve to ask them for money !

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      Petal 9 years ago

      Yep! just scrounge here scrounge there scrounge everywhere and none of the theiving scum bags are brought to book about looting

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    Methinks 9 years ago

    How do we know that the money won’t be used to buy cars? Thinking about it, the diaspora could help with such life saving projects as equipment for hospitals and medicines only if we control the use of the money, otherwise it will go to salaries and cars.

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    mark longhurst 9 years ago

    Give us a vote and you can have our money..

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      No way, is zanupf going to get money from me. they rigged the elections bur us they are discovering they cannot rig the economy. hahahahaha. They need Tendai Biti, he understands economics. I will hold onto my money until zanupf is booted out. onnly then will I be willing to donate some of my hard earned cash to Zimbabwe. I have told my rich friends not to invest in Zimbabwe, they are better off investing in South Africa. Butn again with crazy julius Malema on the loose, maybe not.No investments for African counries.

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    The Mind Boggles 9 years ago

    They won’t get a cent from me , why do they need roads anyway only fat cats have cars.

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    Mukanya 9 years ago

    Only deranged diasporans I guess.

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    Vanhu vekwa Chivi Muzenda akati chero tikakupai gudo rivhoterei.Kumwe kubatwa rough kwehama dzangu kunosiririsa.Who on earth can donate where Killer Zivhu is? Anozikamwa nekuba chete.Killer was chairman of cross boarders association,then crossed paths with a certain high minister.He then went to Cape Town and was driving taxis.Now he found his way back as a chairman.Wake up my relatives.After voting for ZANU every election, not even a single donation is coming your way.Where are the MPS when the council is begging?Next election, be brave and boot them out

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    muchadura 9 years ago

    What a big joke to donate to looters

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    Zeezee 9 years ago

    What a bloody cheek! Diaspora are not allowed to vote but they want the external money! Go and ask your murdering thieving ZPF to help you.

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    judge 9 years ago

    money for what?we left because you were giving your relatives and friends jobs,isu mukati hatina basa,pihwai nevariko.i hear some ministers are saying the new cars they got are not classy enough for them,they want classy cars when their wirk is not classy,when their economy is not classy,shame on them.why spenf millions on importation of cars when you have car dealers in zim?wake up!makajaidzwa sterek!