Govt not doing enough for flood victims: CPC

via Govt not doing enough for flood victims: CPC – Nehanda Radio Feb 22, 2014

The Committee of the Peoples Charter (CPC), expresses solidarity to all the victims of this disaster and we share the pain and despair that the affected families must be feeling. And we express gratitude to all Zimbabweans, the Republic of Namibia and the international disaster relief community, in their efforts to assist in the disaster relief operation that is currently underway.

Govt not doing enough for flood victims: CPC

The areas most affected areas are Tsholotsho, (Matabeleland North) Chivi and Masvingo districts in Masvingo Province. An estimated 60 000 people have been affected in the area alone due to the flooding which has destroyed their homes, property, schools, crops and animals.

We are however cognisant of the democratic fact that it is also the responsibility of government guarantee as far as is pragmatically possible, public safety in times of natural disaster. This includes inter alia, preparing and constructing the relevant public safety infrastructure in natural disaster prone regions of the country.

It is most unfortunate that flooding (among other natural maladies) has been a perennial problem in the areas cited since our national independence with limited little having been done by government to seek to ensure there is a continually adequate and rapid response to the these annually occurring natural disasters such as flooding and drought.

We also call for transparency in the distribution of the aid to the affected families as reports of abuse have already been reported in some affected areas.

While we all find ways and means to assist our fellow citizens in the flood hit areas of the country, it is imperative that we bring government to full account on this and any other tragic national and natural disasters.

This can and should be done by ensuring the prioritisation of a Disaster Relief Plan for the Country that is publicly acknowledged, democratically implemented and coordinated.



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    Gomogranny 8 years ago

    Why worry about a few flood victims when you have birthday party and a wedding to attend?

    If only the surviving flood victims could make their way (in the unpaid for scotch carts) to the wedding and plead for some cake. The roads have been fixed for them.

    They say we get the government we deserve….

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    Roving Ambassador 8 years ago

    Wisdom comes with age, Mugabe defies that