Govt raises fuel blending ratio | The Herald

via Govt raises fuel blending ratio | The Herald by Kudakwashe Pembere October 15, 2013

GOVERNMENT has with immediate effect introduced E10 mandatory blending of anhydrous ethanol and unleaded petrol at levels of 10 percent ethanol and 90 percent unleaded petrol. This is in line with its policy to promote the use of locally produced ethanol. The increase of fuel blending ratio to 10 percent follows the introduction of E5 two months ago by the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority.

“Given the need to maximise on the benefits of blended petrol, Government is now taking petrol blending to the next stage, through blending of all petrol sold in the country, at 10 percent with effect from October 15, 201.

“Since 2011 when E10 was introduced, motorists have shown confidence in the product by voluntarily choosing it over the unblended petrol. In addition, motorists have seen for themselves that E10 is a vehicle friendly type of fuel.

“It is a fact that E10 is a tried, tested and accepted blend in Zimbabwe. Government has not received any material complaints against the product by the motoring public. In addition the country benefits through import substitution, lower petrol prices and reduced vehicle emissions,” said the Deputy Minister of Energy and Power Development Engineer Munacho Mutezo who was the guest of honour at the Zera Petroleum workshop on introducing E10 mandatory blending yesterday.

Deputy Minister Mutezo noted that the Government through the National Oil Infrastructure Company of Zimbabwe, has put up blending facilities at Feruka and Msasa depots, and is actively pursuing the installation of an additional facility in Bulawayo to serve the southern region of the country.

He also said that since the agreed price for ethanol is 95 cents per litre with mandatory blending more of the ethanol will be used for blending purposes. He said the expectation therefore is that fuel price will go down as the volumes supplied onto the market increase.

Eng Mutezo added that the Government was in the process of putting in place legislation for mandatory blending. He said that a Statutory Instrument to give effect to mandatory blending shall be gazetted soon as it will obligate local fuel suppliers to supply only the blended petrol with Zera enforcing the same.

Zera chief executive Eng Gloria Magombo said that fuel dealers have up to November 10 to clear in terms of compliance to this directive.



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    Mukaronda Potsi. 9 years ago

    if the laws of supply and demand are supposed to benefit the motoring public when optimum volumes are attained, whey then does the govt need to promulgate a law. This is ruling by decree and its all meant to benefit Munangagwa and his business partner Billy Rotten-batch. In fact they are going to profit from the volumes, and we are being made to think of the size of their qouta as 10%.Let me alert you Zimbabweans this this probably the largest share of the split as everybody else has to pay for gasoline purchase plus shipment and distribution. Billy Rotten-batch has a given market and can just pencil out his revenue per year purely from the volume of gas sold in Zimbabwe. He doesnt need an accountant but just bankers to swindle it out of the country. This time Billy and Emerson vaakumwa munaSave River, not kuDRC. Again “Zimbabwe ndeya vaRUNGU” and all this indegenisation rhetoric is just B/S. As long as varikudya ivo! The correct thing is that motorists are going to pay more for no apparent benefit to them besides overworking their catalytic converters. Pasi neMbavha!

  • comment-avatar
    gorongoza 9 years ago

    Money for the boys! Billy has twisted their arms full time. I will go diesel (hoping its not blended too.. i dont know)

  • comment-avatar
    Torai hupfumi 9 years ago

    People of zimbabwe have no choice in everything they want. (1) government hey do no choose, (2) MPs they dont choose (3) councilors they dont choose again. Now its’ fuel which they buy with their monies someone is dectating on them. Mwari ngavapindire apa. The president asked why are we doing it for one man but its’ happening. Hameno.

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    Greyhora 9 years ago

    It is shocking Zanu PF double standards that a whole country can enact legislation to benefit one man, who is not even “indigenous” to the country, all the while making shrill noises about “indigenization”!!

    Blending of 10% or more is detrimental to older and unmodified vehicles, such as those found in a third world country like Zim. Ethanol is hygroscopic and therefore corrosive. Those with carburetors must now park their vehicles, fuel filters, fuel pumps, seals and gaskets can all be adversely affected by the corrosive nature of ethanol. All this is lost in the deputy minister’s “reduced fuel costs and reduced emissions” deceptive message.

    As usual, Zanu PF doesn’t give a damn about the people, it’s all about how they and their cronies can benefit. This is a party which claims to champion the people’s interests, so whose interests are being championed now? Did the people agree to Billy Rotten-bach’s deception?