Govt suspends ZMDC boss, Marange senior managers in firing line

via Govt suspends ZMDC boss, Marange senior managers in firing line – sources | The Source  January 8, 2014

Government on Wednesday suspended Jerry Ndlovu, the head of its mining arm, Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC), as it continues a purge of senior officials at its mining enterprises, The Source has learnt.

Two official sources close to the developments, who declined to be identified because they are not authorised to talk to the press, confirmed the developments but did not give further details.

“I understand the mines permanent secretary (Francis Gudyanga) delivered the letter (to Ndlovu),” the official said. Senior ZMDC executive Wilson Chinzou has been appointed acting general manager at the corporation, the source said.

The officials also told The Source that that some senior managers at Marange Resources would be sent on forced leave as the mines ministry continues its clear-out of parastatals under its ambit.

However, when contacted for comment, Ndlovu professed ignorance at the developments.

Mines minister Walter Chidhakwa was not available to comment and is reportedly in China on business.

Deputy minister Fred Moyo said any staff changes at the parastatals were “internal management issues, which the ministry is not involved in” but acknowledged that the ministry had taken an interest in reported cases of indiscipline in the mining bodies.

“I know the board chairman was meeting with them (ZMDC management) and he briefed me on the issues he was attending to, which are internal matters,” Moyo told The Source.

Responding to questions on reports of an executive clear-out at Marange Resources, Moyo said: “The ministry’s understanding is that managers at Marange have not been dismissed, although there are some internal matters being looked into by the board, which board is best positioned to give a full comment if they are in a position to do so.”

Mines ministry permanent secretary, Francis Gudyanga, who assumed temporary control of the boards of the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation, Minerals Marketing Corporation and Marange Resources, was not immediately available to comment on the developments.

Government last month dissolved the boards of the three companies, all involved in diamond mining and trading, as part of efforts to clean up the sector which has been marred by corruption and mineral leakages.

The dissolution also coincided with Zimbabwe’s first ever diamond auction in Antwerp, Belgium held three months after the European Union removed sanctions on ZMDC.

The auction earned $10.7 million, of which 15 percent went to the government as royalties.


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    Murimi Wanhasi 11 years ago

    Keep it up Cde Chidhakwa

  • comment-avatar
    gorongoza 11 years ago

    Fred Gandiwa Moyo is the most corrupt person in mining. If he is the deputy minister in the ministry, oh…..just watch the space and see who will be appointed. i hope the new minister will keep this guy in check and never allow him to appoint anyone for the govt owned companies.

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    Revenger-avenger 11 years ago

    Go hang chidhakwa. You zanoids are the big problem. Common thieves

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    adam jones 11 years ago

    Only now? The diamonds are running out – by the way – no longer enough to go around – hence the need to reduce the mouths.

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    Challenge Ndlovu 11 years ago

    Freddy Moyo should be investigated first for the $20 million that went missing during his tenure at Hwange colliery. The auditor’s report is there but no action is being taken.