Govt targets 500 million trees by 2026

via Govt targets 500 million trees by 2026 – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 18, 2013 by Obey Manayiti

A SENIOR government official has urged communities to buy-in and own the State’s tree-planting policy to achieve the set target of planting 500 million trees by 2026.

Addressing guests at the unveiling of the Rukweza High School tree seedling nursery in Makoni District last Friday, Environment, Water and Climate ministry secretary Prince Mupazviriho said all citizens should play a part in the re-greening of the country.

“In order for this effort to be sustained, there has to be community buy-in and ownership of the projects that are being implemented,” Mupazviriho said.

“Widespread deforestation has turned out to be one of the chief global ecological tragedies of modern times and Zimbabwe is no exception.

“Regrettably, this continues at an even more alarming rate fuelled by global demand for timber, paper, farming and energy requirements.

“Friends of the Environment has an agenda to plant 500 million trees by 2026 in order to restore and re-green the environment. This is an excellent initiative.”

The Rukweza High School nursery was funded by Nyaradzo Funeral Assurance Company.

The funeral company also donated 20 motorbikes to Agritex field officers to facilitate their mobility especially on forestry-related projects.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Nyaradzo Group boss Phillip Mataranyika urged other corporate organisations to embrace the reforestation programme.



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    easily fooled 10 years ago

    Miti Upenyu…..what a policy shift, from the promises of indigenize, empower, n bla bla to 500 million trees….mitamba, miroro, mionde ll do as wild fruits are the key to feeding the nation

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    Bruce 10 years ago

    how many trees have been planted since 1980, how many have grown. How many have been cut due to Mugabe’s poor land reform

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    What is the cause of deforestration , plant your trees today and i will axe those down tomorrow for fire wood , provide us with electricity , tell us about 500 million jobs , that can be better– Fine create yourself a bush , you will be hiding there soon shooting each other because of the two existing factions among your declining party .So what does your call mean to a hungry family gone some days without food ?? , please think twice , you rigged the elections for this unwise calling .

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    Mafuta 10 years ago

    Who is going to buy and hire to plant trees on land that is not secure ever?