Harare council pledges 30 000 homes in 5 years

via Harare council pledges 30 000 homes in 5 years – DailyNews Live by Helen Kadirire  18 NOVEMBER 2013 

The Harare City Council has pledged to construct 30 000 housing units in the next five years amid a backlog of more than 500 000 houses.

Justin Chivavaya, the director of housing and community services,  made the pledge when he presented his departmental plan in a full council meeting last week.

Initially, the committee on education, health, housing and community services and licensing, had pledged to provide 15 000 houses, but it was later revised.

“The provision of housing be doubled to 30 000 stands in the five-year strategic plan,” reads the full council minutes.

Among some of the projects that Chivavaya’s department would embark on is the refurbishment of hostels and servicing of 2 500 stands in Hopley.

However, the move to built 30 000 housing units was not met with much joy as councillors said the number was still too low.

Councillor Girisoti Mandere said the number of houses was too little for the growing population of Harare.

“Despite increasing the figure by double it is still not enough considering that we have a housing backlog of more than 500 000 now,” Mandere said.

Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni also concurred, saying something needed to be done to increase the figure.

Charles Nyatsuro, chairperson of the committee, had  earlier said they planned to carry on with some of the projects that had been left behind by the Muchadeyi Masunda-led administration.

Among them was the CABS housing deal, which according to council minutes, is going to have 3 000 core houses being constructed within five years.

In the agreement, 3 102 core houses worth $15 million will be built in Budiriro high density surburb.

The houses, which are intended for low-income earners, will be built over a two-year period, according to the agreement.

Each of the four-roomed core houses will cost an estimated $12 000.

Among other projects to be undertaken include the construction of classroom blocks in Hatcliffe, Hopley and Yemurai primary schools respectively.



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    Are we really expected after 34 years mafia criminality to believe such utter rubish nonsense?

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    Jones 9 years ago

    I fail to understand why we put our concentration on housing units , why dont we put our focus on flats / hostels . They accommodate a lot of people on small peaces of land . next thing we will be crying about shortage of land around the city .

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    Mr Mixed Race 9 years ago

    No wonder why we have disasters in our towns planning because we have officials who lie without shame.They claim to build 3102×4 roomed- houses costing $15 millions,please spare us your ignorance you Harare authorities because that works out to be $4835.60 per house unit which is impossible to do. Maybe in Harare we have building material which cost in cents not dollars but I doubt that because I am always there doing repairs to my daughter’s house.Land or Stand charges should be more than that,unless its donated land.Please do not talk of houses like those which are now being constructed at MASASA PARK, because those are like tuck shops which will bring that area’s property values down.How is the council planning to provide services when they are failing to supply water to most current suburbs?Places like Highlands have not had water supplies for years forcing people to go deeper and deeper with their boreholes causing serious structural damage to the underground.Mr Honorable Mayor do not listen to your predecessors who failed to perform except to enrich themselves buying all properties around Harare.I am asking to respect our intelligence when you make public addresses.

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    Bruce 9 years ago

    Hre council do not behave like ZANU PF. How many houses have been built since 1980 by council.

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    If you construct houses yourselves you will end up blaming cement companies , ZESA, plumping companies etc.Instead of constructing 30000, just give 200000 stands and you will see vana veZimbabwe kuti vanobata basa sei.If you really mean it, give free stands