Consult residents not the Chinese

via Consult residents not the Chinese | The Zimbabwean 18.11.13 by CHRA

The Combined Harare Residents Association has noted with deep concern an article carried in the Sunday Mail of 17 November 2013 titled “President instructs Chitungwiza to be modelled into a Modern City”.

As the Combined Harare Residents Association, we are for the move to have surrounding towns and boards being converted into modern cities to enable industrialization and social integration; however we are concerned with the process and contents of the arrangement. In the article written by an unnamed Sunday Mail reporter, we note with great interest the following quotations:

“President Mugabe has instructed the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing to convert Chitungwiza Town into a proper city and the ministry has already engaged a Chinese company that has been assigned the task of coming up with plans of turning the dormitory town into a modern metropolis…

…The Chinese company, Hennon Guogi, described as one of the leading real estate development companies in the Asian country, has over the past seven months been carrying out studies on how best the President’s wish can come to fruition”.

To begin with as CHRA we commend the urbanization of smaller towns and local boards. However, we learn in this article three worrying things.Firstly, the issue of prioritisation and reverse priority mapping. It is clear that the President’s wish is to see Chitungwiza being turned into a City.

Had he taken time to do an in-depth study of the challenges in Chitungwiza one would realise that the issue is not about the Town or City status of Chitungwiza, the real issues are the underlying problems which include housing and sewer and water reticulation. There is virtually no water in Chitungwiza and outbreaks of communicable diseases is quite rampant.

The sewer system is heavily overloaded hence residents continue to experience incessant sewer bursts. There is a crisis of housing which has manifested itself in illegal settlements sprouting in the periphery of the dormitory town. These are the issues which need to be dealt with first before taking the debate to the dizzy levels of mooting a City Status. A City with high unemployment and poor social service delivery cannot sustain itself.

Secondly, we are worried by the continued trust and investment on the Chinese technology and human capital. We have become a major contributor to the Chinese economy ahead of our own economy where we always award tenders and contracts to the Chinese without considering our own human capital. We have an unemployment rate that is estimated to be standing at 80% and our own government ignores this.

The majority of tenders (including the 144m loan for H.C.C) we have are going to these people and this is adversely affecting our very own industrial rehabilitation and resuscitation program. We have a very competent human capital base (especially real estate development) that is servicing other growing economies that include South-Sudan, Zambia and East Africa.

The issue of the City status being granted to Chitungwiza, we would like the ministry to undertake consultations to our fellow residents in Chitungwiza and come up with a framework that could be used in the design of a service delivery strategy to sustain the growing town.

It is of paramount importance to always take not of the needs of the community rather than refer to respective manifestos. While it is always important to fulfil your promises as a party, these have got to be galvanized by the social needs of residents living in community and create what is known as social ownership of government initiated programs.

This statement has been necessitated by the living condition of our fellow comrades in Chitungwiza and other areas that surround Harare. CHRA works with the following residents association in Chitungwiza:

Chitungwiza Progressive Residents Association (CHIPRA)

Chitungwiza Residents Trust (CHITREST)

Chitungwiza Residents Association (CHIRRA)



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    Nyoni 10 years ago

    My sentiments exactly. We have the manpower , engineers etb but…..can we do it when we are stifled by our own so called government. TENDERS FOR ZIMBABWEANS FIRST. The Chinese last .

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    dayford 10 years ago

    Never trust the Chinese

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    Peter tosh 10 years ago

    Zim gov so reliant on Chinese that one day the Chinese will be Zim citizens and all zimbos will be told that they are aliens.

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    So this company has been doing the planning on this project for seven months now? That means they’ve been working on it since early April, while the GNU was still in existence, and four months before the elections. Were ZANU-PF’s coalition partners aware of this work? How much money was spent before the election and how much in total has been spent so far? And how much will the whole planning process cost? When will we be able to see the actual contract signed with the Chinese company? And which minister was responsible for approving this project? Was an environmental impact study completed? And was there a tender process at all? If so, who oversaw it and what were the losing bids?

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    Syphillis is a symptom of madness zanupf

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    Why complain? Chinese are now considered to be indigenous. As China quickly takes control of Zimbabwe’s natural resources and Zimbabwe become a client state of China (a colony), my best advice to Zimbabweans is to fast track learning to speak Mandarin or failing that, bring on Chimurenga 4 and chase the new colonists out!!!

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    Shebah 10 years ago

    It is a fact Chinese can build a city from scatch in a few months. It is a fact when doing so they abide by the by laws, EMA, etc and there is no way they can building without considering the current challenges. Those complaining should actually be looking forward to better living conditions, and modern way of live under a city status – with city standards

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    Va Chishuvo 10 years ago

    We hear that the Chinese have or are on the verge of relaxing ‘the one child policy’. Is it that they now have a new country to send their people and we do not limit ‘vana’ in Zimbabwe. Nyika inoenda takatarira. Zvakangwarisa Zvizhin’i zhong izvi.

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    Chinese pple di world over are famous for erecting sub standard buildings whch ve crushed pple to death . Hw cn Zanu Pf entrust di Chinese on such project .

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