Harare town clerk Mahachi bounces back

via Harare town clerk Mahachi bounces back – DailyNews Live by Bridget Mananavire  6 FEBRUARY

Harare city councillors yesterday supported mayor Bernard Manyenyeni’s decision to suspend town clerk Tendai Mahachi, but also noted that they were powerless to block Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo’s directive to reinstate him.

This means Mahachi will soon bounce back to his position.

“The mayor’s decision was supported by councillors, but the councillors also noted the minister’s directive, this means the processes that needed to be done are complete.

If anything, it is left to the residents to take it forward,” the council’s human resources chairman, Wellington Chikombo, said.

In a letter to Manyenyeni, Chombo said his directive to reinstate Mahachi would be in the interest of residents.

Mahachi now awaits a letter of reinstatement from Manyenyeni.

Manyenyeni suspended Mahachi last week pending investigations into allegations of failing to discharge his duties and refusing to furnish council with a salary schedule for the city’s top management.

In the same vein, the councillors set up a forensic audit committee to look into salaries amid pressure from residents to rationalise hefty perks.




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    CHINDUNDUMA 9 years ago

    Chombo is an idiot who is afraid of Mahachi spilling the beans. Chombo hauna kwaunoenda nako taka kusona chete IMBWA ye munhu

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    Mbavha idzi

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    Harare residents must with immediate effect refuse to pay their bills until Mahachi goes together with Chombo. The power is in the residents and its time they exercise their right to be heard and demonstrate.

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    gnasha 9 years ago

    I totally agree with Gutu but CHRA must lead the way.

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    All the residents should toyi toyi towards Chombo’s office so that he can act towards the corrupt employees. Ko muri kutyeiko. If you do not pay your rates your properties will be attached, auctioned and you loose. Remember kuti vana Mahachi ivava ndivo vanodzitenga futi nekuti dhora riri tii kwavari. Ende hudofo huri muZimbabwe handisati ndambohuona ini. Weaklings all over the country. WAKE UP mhani.