Walk the talk, #mugabe

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Walk the talk, Mr Mugabe by Batai Munhu 06 February 2014

EDITOR – I wonder why there is silence from our respected President on the uncovering of a series of pay scandals at several parastatals.

Not so long ago, I recall  the president castigating and vowing to stamp out corruption in his government.

He even went further to point out the case of Godwills Masimirembwa’s alleged six million bribe in a diamonds scam yet nothing of note has happened.

We have government officials openly milking the country dry through graft and scaring away investors as they demand huge bribes from would-be-investors.

We have had the Psmas, ZBC, Air Zimbabwe financial mismanagement sagas and still counting, yet no decisive action has been taken.

Zim Asset or not, diamonds or not, platinum refinery or not, good harvest or not as long as corruption continues unabated, this country is heading nowhere in terms of development, we are a doomed nation.


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    Senzachena 9 years ago

    There is no action being taken by MUGABE because he is a thief along with the rest of his boot licking trash. He knows very well as do they all, that if they point finger, it will be pointed back. Their time is coming, when they have stolen all the money and the country collapses, the people will rise. One can only hope and pray that day will come soon.

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    Ko vati vatanga basa here vakuru vedu ava? Kana kuti vari biz nenyaya yemba yavo iri kuda kubiwa nabhururu wavo uyu. Please vapei nguva timirire rimwe gamba rimbofa vachataura zvavo. Pamberi neCorruption. Ndizvo zvatakarwira that is why we died for this country. Midzimu yedu irikudya zvatakafira. PAMBERI MBERI NEZANU PF. Uyu mfana weCHINA anezvivindi. Anovaziva here gushas achimene.

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    Ndini 9 years ago

    Mugabe and your ZANU Pf God is watching. Your enemies will have the last laugh. Amai Mugabe what you are doing is wrong taking law into your own hands. Remember God is watching as well. Where and how do you see yourself when Mugabe departs. Don’t be ruthless, corrupt and heartless to people who legally own their properties. Uchashaya kekutizira nemhuri yako. Uchaona because the time is coming sooner than later.