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I don’t condone graft – Mujuru

via I don’t condone graft — Mujuru – DailyNews Live by Lloyd Mbiba  14 FEBRUARY 2014

Vice President Joice Mujuru said yesterday she does not condone corruption, blasting the rampant graft in farm allocations.

“VaMugabe (Robert) nesu tese hatisi kukurudzira nyaya dzeuori. Tiri kuwona kubvarurwa kuri kuitwa chimiro chedu cheZimbabwe. Tanzwa vamwe venyu vari kufamba vasingetevedzeri gwara rekupa minda zvakanaka (President Mugabe and all of us do not condone corruption. It is denting our image as Zimbabwe.

There is corruption in land allocations),” Mujuru said, as she presided over the handover of the refurbished homes at the Harare Central Hospital School of Nursing by Mimosa Mining Company.

Mujuru courted a storm this week when she declared that the media must stop covering the obscene salaries of managers of State-owned firms pocketing millions of dollars in pay while the economy stutters.

However, the vice president quickly distanced herself from the statement arguing that she was misquoted.

Mujuru commended Mimosa Mining Company for renovating nurses’ accommodation and lecture rooms at the hospital.

“I am informed that through the company’s health and safety programme, dubbed Let’s Go Zero, Mimosa has also entered into partnership with the National Aids Council for a mutually beneficial initiative aimed at reducing the devastating effects of the HIV and Aids in Zvishavane and in the country at large,” Mujuru said.

The mining company renovated 450 hostel rooms, 92 bathrooms and two lecture rooms at the hospital.

On top of that, the mine built a gym and a modern recreational facility for the nurses.

The vice president said companies should give back to the community as this will contribute a lot in fulfilling the government’s economic blueprint, Zimbabwe Agenda for Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimAsset).

“People are asking how ZimAsset will succeed without a budget,” Mujuru said.

“The key is that companies and individuals should come to the government with programmes that they want to fulfil for the community.

“Look at what Mimosa has done. The refurbishment of this facility is in line with the thrust of the Social Services and Poverty Eradication cluster of ZimAsset.”

She said that public-private partnership was needed in order to make ZimAsset a success.

“Ladies and gentlemen, government has made strides in education and also training of professionals to reduce the impact of brain drain.

“Consequently, it remains for us, government and private sector, to create employment opportunities in order to attract and harness skills for the development of our country,” she said.

Walter Chidhakwa, Mines and Mining Development minister, who also attended the function, urged other mining companies to emulate Mimosa and give back to the community.


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    LUCY 4 years

    It’s not what you say Joyce it’s your actions that speak volumes. Just for the record how many farms have you got? And how many have you mucsled for your nearest and dearest? Be honest you and the rest in your Party are the main problem confronting the nation.The sooner you go the better

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    John Thomas 4 years

    Joyce is not presidential material.

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    n c murahwa 4 years

    Temporarily rested degrees in violence now embarked on degrees in thieving— bigtime looters !!!

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    Roving Eagle 4 years

    This woman is just too daft! how can mugarbage the chief in thief not encourage corruption. Zimbabwe is where it is because he is the most corrupt leader in the world. Joice you are where you are (VP of a country) without any justification but that you are as daft as Mzenda was. Corruption is why mugarbage kept VERY DULL person as his deputy through his career. The Cashbets are the tail end of corruption, the head had been rotting for over three decades.

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    Tjingababili 4 years

    You do! You are fickle and weak! All along thought you presidential material! But don’t blame you corruption in your blood as zanupf!

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    nesbert majoni 4 years

    Zanu pf is a gangster party. dont blame Mai Mujuru big time gentleman. She knows the type of people she is dealing with. Dont forget her husband disappeared and was burnt before being dumbed in a torched house.She is just trying to appease the party and they move on. Weather she said its good or bad it makes no difference because corruption,stealing,raping and murdering is something in their DNA as a party.Please dont shoot the messenger. the onlt option for our country is to get rid of this animal called zanu pf from power

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    Tjingababili 4 years

    Mnangagwa, this is your chance! overtake now!