Mnangagwa douses Mujuru blunder

via Mnangagwa douses Mujuru blunder – DailyNews Live  14 FEBRUARY 2014

As the battle to succeed President Robert Mugabe rages on, Justice minister, Emmerson Mnangagwa used a Parliamentary question and answer session on Wednesday to douse Vice President Joice Mujuru’s gaffe in which she appeared to condone corruption.

Mnangagwa, the Zanu PF legal affairs secretary long touted as a  successor to the 89-year-old President, said no to corruption.

The 65-year-old  minister used wit, humour and melodrama to quash his rival Mujuru’s suppurating gaffe that exploded after she told a weekend women’s conference that the media must back off from writing about parastatals’ corruption.

And it was Mnangagwa, as leader of the House, who doused the flames for Mujuru in Parliament as MDC MPs Nelson Chamisa and Settlement Chikwinya rounded on the majority party.

“Pane muonera pamwe here muhurumende kana kuti angova mazvake mazvake? (Is the government talking with one voice on this issue or it’s now a free for all?),” Chamisa asked.

In what is viewed as a bid to convince opposition and ruling party backbenchers that he was best-suited to succeed Mugabe and run the 50-year-old party hampered by factionalism and corruption, Mnangagwa insinuated that Mujuru was misquoted when she came across as condoning corruption.

“Iyi yawataura iyi yaVice President venyika, vakapindura wani zuro kuti aiwa zvakataugwa, zvirikubuda mumapepa, hazvisizvo zvandakareva. Ko  kuti vakataura havo nechirumbi, asi ndozvavakareva.

“Aiwa, Zanu PF kubva kumusoro kusvika pasi, nevanhu vose, nemwivo, toziva kuti hamutsigiri huori imi veMDC, hamutsigiri huori, makafanana nesu, hatitsigiri huori (Talking the Vice President’s issue, she replied that what was published is not what she said. She spoke in English, but that is what she said. From top to bottom, Zanu PF is averse to corruption. We know you as MDC are also against corruption),” Mnangagwa said in a preaching tone.

Then Chikwinya interjected saying Mujuru had suggested that the discourse was outlawed from reportage in newspapers.

This gave fodder to Mnangagwa to take Chikwinya to the cleaners.

“Rega ndimbovonesa mumwe wangu uyu, vokuda kuziva zvinhu zvisiri mundima yokwake. Vamwe nevamwe vane ndima dzavo. Hazvitishamisi kuti asvasvavira. Isu vendima iyoyo yawabvunza tirikuwirirana zvisingabviri kuti huori hwakaipa, kubva bva kumusoro kusvika munhu arikumusha kumaruzevha havadi huori  (Let me help my colleague who loves poking his nose into other people’s affairs. He must focus on his party, but we are not surprised he is interested in Zanu PF affairs. We are united in Zanu PF that we must put an end to corruption, from top to bottom.)”



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    That headline seems to insinuate that Mnangagwa won the day for Joyce.That he was theknight in shining armour who came and whisked Joyce away from a very sticky situation thereby restoring Joyce’s charred credibility to wholesomeness. Well Mnangagwa used a lot of words which taken apart simply repeat what Joyce said in the first palce which was to’proclaim that she was misquoted’ Mnangagwa didn’t tell us how Joyce’s voice heard on that tape was doctored.

    So tell me again how is that dousing the fire engulfing Joyce? Far as I can see Joyce is still burning.

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    Sekuru Mapenga 8 years ago

    To say that Zanu PF is averse to corruption from top to bottom is a lie from top to bottom.

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    Harper 8 years ago

    “If I say someone is a spy, then they are a spy, par excellence.”
    Mnangagwa quoted in Hansard, 1986. Mnangagwa has spoken so it must be the truth. How dare you doubt him?

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    Saddened 8 years ago

    Now that these ZPF clowns on the back foot let’s keep up the prssure. Gone are the days when they spoke with impunity & we just had to lump it.

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    roving ambassador. 8 years ago

    This level of debate in the house, its like we have a bunch of monkeys in there. The MDC members ,instead of presenting strong cases,evident based, they just ask school boy questions. They were in government for more than four years, they should have come out with dossiers of all the corrupt activities. But I bet the were looting as well. Idiots.

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      BaMuno 8 years ago

      You are right my 15 year old son would have also asked those obvious questions.The calibre of leaders leading our country are total jokes.

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    Mujuru is simply telling the truth: that Salarygate is not simply a crusade against corruption but also politricks of power and plunder. She is just being sincere. On the other urgly hand the crocodile is simply shedding his usual tears of insicerety. Of the two, Mujuru will make a better president becoz she sounds sincere to me. Mujuru is the only hope for Zanu PF. The last thing we need right now is more Machiavellian strongmen! BayetheMzilikazi

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    MuLevite 8 years ago

    Roving Ambassador you are too angry. You really made me laugh.