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via Inflation declines | The Herald October 16, 2013  Business Reporter

Zimbabwe’s year-on-year inflation rate for the month of September 2013 as measured by the all items Consumer Price Index stood at 0,86 percent shedding 0,42 percent on the August 2013 rate of 1,28 percent, the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency has said.  This means that prices as measured by the index increased by an average of 0,86 percent between September 2012 and September 2013.

“The year-on-year inflation rate is given by the percentage change in the index of the relevant month of the current year, compared with the index of the same month in the previous year,” said ZimStat.

The year-on-year food and non-alcoholic beverages inflation prone to transitory shocks stood at -0,32 percent while the non-food inflation rate stood at 1,45 percent.

The month-on-month inflation rate in September 2013 was 0,05 percent gaining 0,20 percent on the August rate of -0,15 percent.

Monthly food and beverages rate of inflation for September 2013 stood at -0,18 percent, gaining 0,72 percentage points on the August rate of -0,90 percent.

Month-on-month non-food inflation stood at 0,17 percent shedding 0,06 percent on the August rate of 0,23 percent.

The CPI for the month ending September 2013 stood at 100,33 compared to 100,28 in August and 99,48 in September last year.



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    Martin 10 years ago

    ls this really, l dont think Zimbabwe will co

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