Lay off Salarygate, Mujuru orders media

via Lay off Salarygate, Mujuru orders media 10 February 2014 NewZimbabwe

IN SHOCK remarks, Vice President Joice Mujuru has claimed that public exposure of the pay rot at nearly dysfunctional State enterprises was the work of subversive elements trying to destroy Zanu PF and its government from within.

According to the State-run and Zanu PF-leaning Herald newspaper, Mujuru made the stunning intervention while addressing the party’s Mashonaland West provincial women’s conference in Chinhoyi on Saturday.

President Robert Mugabe’s deputy reportedly claimed that media exposure of the scandal was part of a campaign by enemies to bring the country down.

She said: “Nditeererei madzimai … Iyi nyaya yatiri kutaura iyi yehuori hwemaparastatals muchenjere kuti ndeimwe nzira yaunzwa nevanhu vari kuda kupwanya nyika ino iyi (Please listen to me ladies, regarding reports about corruption in parastatals – be careful – it’s another tactic being used by those keen to destroy the country).”

The campaign against graft in parastatals has been fronted by Information Minister Jonathan Moyo but Cabinet colleagues have largely remained quite despite Moyo insisting that the scandal was “allegedly rampant among the 78 parastatals and State enterprises and the 92 local authorities in the country”.

Exposed so far have been executives at the insolvent Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) and PSMAS, the State-run health insurer for civil servants, who pocketed tens of thousands of dollars in salaries per month while ordinary workers went without pay (in the case of the ZBC).

Doubts however emerged over the possible lack of Cabinet consensus over the scandal after the suspiciously wealthy Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo re-instated Harare Town Clerk Tendai Mahachi who had been suspended over reports he and top city executives earned about $37,000 while ordinary workers also went without pay.

On Sunday, Moyo told state media that President Robert Mugabe was dismayed by the alleged looting. But the veteran leader has not commented on the issue despite returning to work this month from his annual holiday.

Mugabe travelled to Malawi for a regional conference at the weekend, taking with him top aide, George Charamba, who last week offered to resign after conceding culpability for problems at PSMAS where he is a board member and earned a reported $100,000 in sitting allowances last year.Meanwhile, Mujuru – developing her conspiracy claim – said the media expose had deliberately targeted parastatals in a bid to destabilise them because they were seen to be critical to the country’s economy and Zanu PF’s agenda in government.

She reportedly opined: “Vari kuziva kuti chii chakabata nyika yeZimbabwe. They know what is done by our parastatals. They will go and talk to some of our people and do what is happening. Vanotaura kuti kana tabva kuZBC, toenda kuZESA, toenda kuZINWA.”

More tellingly, Mujuru claimed subversive elements behind the conspiracy joined Zanu PF to destroy it from within, having failed to do so from outside the party.

Regai kuzoti vanhu vacho havasi veZanu-PF, aiwa, zvinonzi kana usingagone kumukurira unomujoina, worova uchibva mukati make, saka mochenjera (Do not say these people are not Zanu PF … it is said that if you cannot defeat them join them and attack from within; so be careful).”

The identity of her alleged internal saboteurs remains unclear, but it can be recalled that Moyo was forced out of Zanu PF and government in 2005 after being linked to an alleged attempt to block Mujuru’s ascendency to the vice presidency which was, then, thought to make her unassailable in the succession stakes.

After his exit from the party and government, Moyo later wrote that the Zanu PF constitution had been “unprocedurally and unconstitutionally amended … to guarantee the imposition and ascendancy of Joice Mujuru to the vice-presidency”.

He was also quoted as saying he hoped “the general (Mujuru’s late husband) was happy” over his exit from government and the party.

Moyo would be readmitted to Zanu PF in 2009 with Mugabe handing him the information portfolio after the July 2013 elections.

Last week Moyo commended the media for exposing the pay scandal saying: “It is indeed refreshing that the media is speaking with one voice … against the scourge of corruption highlighted by some obscenely corrupt salaries paid by some parastatals and local authorities.”

But Mujuru, now seen as leading the race to replace the 90 year-old Mugabe, appeared to think otherwise on Saturday, and said the scandal was not a matter for the media.

Nyaya idzi hadzitongwe mumanewspaper; inyaya dzinonyatsogadzirwa magadzirirwo adzo,” she said adding that the way the scandal as being reported suggested other motives beyond fighting corruption.

Unozoona mamhanyisirwo adzinoitwa mumapaper wozvibvunza futi kuti haa saka vanotaura kuti inyaya dzekuda kupwanya hurumende nekupwanya musangano weZanu-PF zvechokwadi vari pamwe chete nevanhu vari kuita izvi.”

Opposition parties have claimed that Mugabe and the top Zanu PF leadership were aware of the pay scandal at State enterprises.

Ministers were said to have passed off the pay deals with a wink after being bribed with luxury vehicles, houses and pretty much whatever else they asked of management at the State enterprises.



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    Momberume 9 years ago

    Joyce Mujuru is also corrupt. Why is she denouncincing the media for exposing what is happening in the parastatals and other quasi government institutions. That is the role of the media to inform the public. Dont gag the media Mai Mujuru. The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions has been saying that CEOs are earning hefty salaries since 2012, but the Zanu pf gvt has been adamant about. There you are now. Trying to close the stable when the horses have bolted out. Shame on you Zanu failures.

  • comment-avatar

    You cannot expect more or less from Joyce Mujuru or anyone from the Zanu party for that matter. This is their Modus operandi. That is how they were taught. See no evil, hear no evil.The media should only be filled with the oppositions failures. The TV stations should show only Zanu material They did not count on the Internet, nor did they foresee Facebook and the impact of mobile phones.Every bad thing done in their name must be swept under the carpet. What they don’t realize is that if you keep sweeping dirt under the carpet when the carpet eventually gets uneven and the dirt is revealed it will be unmanageable.

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    taona 9 years ago

    This is frightening. For the Vice president to say that corruption should not be discussed in the papers says it all. The chefs are really behind all this looting. Instead of encouraging papers to unearth cases of corruption, she says the cases are being handled by the President!!! What utter rubbish. 34 years under his watch and this is the result, destruction of the economy and yes she blames false detractors and of course, sanctions. She thinks Zimbabweans are so stupid and childish they can be told that right is left, east is west, north is south, day is night etc. and they will believe it.!! This lady is in for rude shock

  • comment-avatar
    moyokumusha 9 years ago

    The people have a right to know and to try cover this up is not acceptable. But there again it has been going on for 30 plus years and we have been ignored. Remember Tuku singing about corruption in the 90’s. Then we said enough was enough and it has only got worse because of the likes of Bob and Joyce protecting the looters.

  • comment-avatar
    Johno 9 years ago

    Joyce you are a disgrace to all mothers, grandmothers, all women, your party,the Salvation Army and Zimbabweans in general! This is disgusting coming from a Vice President.

  • comment-avatar
    Kusvikazvanaka 9 years ago


  • comment-avatar
    Kusvikazvanaka 9 years ago

    Kumira mberi kwavanhu kwakutaura kuti mbavha regai dzibe nokuti tose tirimbava!! Iiii nemashoko tamashaya. Munoshamisa mai imi. Ndosaka makapisira murume mumba nokuda simba.

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    What is the function of the media if its not allowed to print news as they see them? She is shocked by the latest media coverage because she is used to cheap news praising her party all the time.Our current politicians cannot stand the normal press heat due to their calibre and integrity.
    What we want as Zimbabweans is to ensure that our country is protected against these looters.

  • comment-avatar
    adam jones 9 years ago

    Show one soul in Zanu PF that is not corrupt. Mujuru is no different. Moyo is still pushing his Mnangagwa agenda and Mujuru is running scared. “Leave the thieves alone” she shouts without any hint of shame.

  • comment-avatar
    Tjingababili 9 years ago

    Are you serious girlie!

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    Mujuru is losing the plot here by blaming the wrong people but I am not surprised because her husband was a General in Corruption. There is nothing wrong in the Spin doctor Jono exposing the rot at ZBC because that is substantiated with facts and Mujuru knew that Happison was milking the broadcaster while other servants were starving. To Mujuru and Chombo looting is normal as long as those looting are Zanu card carrying members that is why she is defending them. This woman has never been intelligent,she got where is using her husband’s credentials. Zimbabweans must brace themselves for perpetual poverty and corruption in the event this woman takes over from the old chap mugabe.

  • comment-avatar
    die groot wyt aap 9 years ago

    I thought a vice president was supposed to encourage and respect the people’s right to free speech.

    sweet dreams comrades sweet dreams

  • comment-avatar

    Really amazing to hear a Vice President of a country cover up corruption in the name of protecting a corrupt party and government. When will we realize who we are dealing with. Shame on you Mai Mujuru

  • comment-avatar
    Gwanyamwanya We Mahobo 9 years ago

    Joyce is dull and daft! Period. She is so corrupt that she allows herself to be quoted verbatim that it is wrong to expose corruption. Dimwit no 1. Iri idofo.

  • comment-avatar
    Mprang 9 years ago

    Zvaapachena kuti Joyce Mujuru can not be a Successor. Saka ndiani anokodzera. Hapana

  • comment-avatar

    Mujuru is right. She is not saying corruption must not be reported but the manner Jonathan Moyo is pushing the salarygate thru the state media is fishy to say the least. When did Jonho al of a sudden become a champion of freedom of speech and a corruption crusader. ZANU PF wil realise too late that it is the mafikizolos like Jonathan Moyo, Kasukuwere, Gono, Kerekes etc who are slowly killing it from inside. I lose no sleep over Zanu PF goons stabbing each other in the back but to trust a political camelion and certified flip-flopper lik Johno is akin to marying a prostitute and expecting fidelity! Johno and Mnangagwa present the most clear and present danger to the success of a post- Mugabe Zimbabwe. Fact: Amai Mujuru is only alerting us to the dangers of swallowing Johno and Mnangagwa pretentiousness on corruption and freedom of speech hook n sink. People must never forget who the achitect of AIPA is and Mujuru s warnings must be taken seriously. Salarygate is a manifestation of internal Zanu PF succession squabbles and has nothing to do with Jonathan Moyo s sudden rebirth as a democrat and corruption buster! I will not be fooled by crocodile tears. Icho!

    • comment-avatar

      Kana usina zvekutaura nyarara. Stupid. Uri duzvi. Saka Jonathan Moyo ndiye akonzera kuti vanhu vabe. Were you not saying that you are going to correct your mistakes, then why are you resistant? Why did you not put two ministers, each representing its faction so that they will be contrasting one another. Once again uri DOFO saamai vako ava STUPID.

    • comment-avatar
      Mapingu 9 years ago

      Nice said Godonga: But the million dollar question to you is ‘Are you able to fill the gap should you succeed in silencing Moyo’. The question is whether Moyo in one second or two is capable of meeting God on his way to Damascus just like the biblical Soul. I mean most of us are worried about whether Moyo is speaking truth & behaving normally at the moment – finish & klaa! whether he has been a rabid dog before or wake up in the former state 2moro again is immaterial. Whoever speaks against destruction of our beloved country fro whatever interests of their own can not be said to be wrong. wake up 7 smell the coffee!

  • comment-avatar
    munzwa 9 years ago

    good luck Zimbabwe!!!!!!!

  • comment-avatar
    topheavy 9 years ago

    At least she has done what her boss couldnt, admitting that they are a corrupt lot. Thank you Joyce for at least saying ” We are a corrupt lot and wont tolerate anyone exposing us.

  • comment-avatar
    John Thomas 9 years ago

    Comrade Spill Blood should live up to her reputation and slit her own wrists

  • comment-avatar

    die groot wyt aap sweet dreams big white monkey, cousin of the Ndebelele friend of the Shona, who’s dog feast better than us.. SWEET DREAMS….

  • comment-avatar
    Fallenz 9 years ago

    A total rouse… how silly she looks trying to appear that these are sudden revelations. We know what the past has brought, now we achieve a glimpse of the future… more corruption, more robbery, more denials, and more hunger. If she were white, she’d already be hanging by the neck, eh.

  • comment-avatar

    Fallenz my brother Joyce looks better than the rest but the truth is that she is just like the rest,only looks a little bit better.What we do we do and when this is all over we will say we tried. She and her collogues have not even looked at us. If she was that good she would have stood up long ago,AFTER ALL SHE IS THE VICE PRESIDENT.

  • comment-avatar

    The vice is just having episodes that are beyond her control. She suffers from BP an a lot of her colleagues thought she would be out of it by now. She has to try to stay relevant by commenting all the time. What we have to worry about is Mwanangwaga. Hear you me.. This will be our worst nightmare. We are watching…..

  • comment-avatar
    Todiyi Senseni 9 years ago

    What a shame Mai Mujuru how did these women respond to your allegations? I guess they were all dancing around you to go back and do more looting in the name of ZANU , when their children are not going to school. Where is your conscience Ambuya vevana?

  • comment-avatar
    Mutorwa 9 years ago

    Mai Mujuru, what is happening to you? Please go on and also expose the other faction. We know both of your factions are corrupt anyway.

    Look at Obert Mpofu and his loot from the mines. ZABG and now ALLIED BANK. Go on, expose them too.

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    One day it might be exposed the theft and graft perpetrated by her and he murdered husband. She was and always be an evil fat greedy cow!