VP’s shock pay scandal audio recording

via VP’s shock pay scandal audio recording 10/02/2014 NewZimbabwe

VICE President Joice Mujuru has shocked Zimbabweans by claiming that the media expose of the scandalous pay levels in struggling government enterprises was an attempt by enemies to bring down Zanu PF and its government.

Addressing a Zanu PF women’s league conference in Chinhoyi at the weekend, Mujuru said the media should not report the scandal adding subversive elements that infiltrated Zanu PF were stoking the scandal in a bit to destroy the party from within.

Sympathisers suggested the Vice President may have been misquoted but the following audio recording of her address suggests she was not …(audiolink via https://soundcloud.com/zimpapers-digital/vp-mujuru-blasts-media-over)


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    Gwanyamwanya We Mahobo 9 years ago

    Iri iduruturu chairo. Joyce unosvodesa iwe. Kunyarara kunotendegwa wani. Nyarara.

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      chessplayer 9 years ago

      This is Zanu PF running scared. She is one of the biggest looters herself.

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    CHINDUNDUMA 9 years ago


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    Fallenz 9 years ago

    Lemme get this right… Exposing the crime is worse than the crime?

    Only a free press and a non-partisan judiciary can bring freedom… and only a determined people deserve it.

    Fight for what is Right.

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    Chivindikiti, Dennis 9 years ago

    Cannot stand the shrilly voice and idiotic, illogical rant. Shame on you Joyce! Just because you have money does not give you the right to intimidate the povo. This is not a rally, go hang.

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    why is anyone surprised by this? remember her hubby was involved in the willowgate scandal and it was swept under the carpet. her boss brought garwe back to the cabinet after he had resigned bcoz of the zjcgate. Mugabe’s cabinet is full of his relatives – bimha mc, bro-inlaw, bimha joey, brother-in-law, shupa mandiwanzira brother-in-law. to me this is not surprising coz zanu is about murder and looting and whoever reports anything about it becomes an enemy. at least joy did not order for the murder of the journalists. when Mugabe threatened pius ncube with cutting his political tentacles, do you still remember what was happening? true zanu modus operandi hapana chinoshamisa apa. this is what you voted for , why complain now?

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    Gumbura at wrk now

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    Tarasika 9 years ago

    And people are clapping hands, ululating. Zimbabweans!!!

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    mother musadaro u are a corp wani kusalvation army, ur motto should be “to protect and to serve”

    is this the way of protecting us.
    ko our Lords prayer muchagona kuyiita nemwoyo wose here.

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    maita 9 years ago

    Vaombera varidza muridzo obva atanga kutaura kuti kune vanogarira mapepa ema business kuti vawane cut saka ndevechii ivavo? She is very daft.