Christian party president arrested, charged under POSA

via Christian party president arrested, charged under POSA | The Zimbabwean 14 July 2014 by Brenna Matendere

Jacob Ngarivhume, the interim leader of Transform Zimbabwe, the opposition political party formed last December, has been arrested and is currently detained at Gweru Central Police station.

Ngarivhume who was arrested on Saturday, was yesterday charged for violating the controversial Public Order and Security Act law which requires that organisations intending to hold public gatherings must first seek authority from the police. He was supposssed to appear in court today but his name is not on the court roll amid reports police have said they are still compiling the docket.

Allegations being leveled against the latest party’s interim leader are that he convened a public meeting on Sartuday in the afternoon at a hall in Gweru’s Mkoba stadium without fulfilling requirements of POSA.

However, the party’s spokesperson, Sungai Mazando, told The Zimbabwean that the meeting was not a public one but was actually a closed door event where even members of the press were not allowed entry.

“We were having a closed door meeting in Mkoba where we wanted to come up with mechanisms to set up structures in Gweru ahead of our planned congress to scheduled for end year. It was a meeting of only top leaders that is why no one was even clothed in party regalia.

“However, armed police stormed the meeting just when we had just started and arrested the party leader thereby disturbing all the proceedings. The incident is unfortunate especially in this era of a new constitution which gurantees freedom of assembly and association, themselves key factors in a democratic nation,” he said.

TZ which is set to take part in the 2018 election with an aim of dislodging Zanu (PF) and its leader President Robert Mugabe, was formed by 2,400 delegates who attended the Convention of Prayer Network on December 8. Some of the party’s founding principles include good governance, a democratic society, building a competitive economy and empowerment of citizens.

Though it is the first time that Ngarivhume has actually been locked up, this year police’s Law and Order section summoned him twice “to explain activities of his party.”

He was first summoned in April while on a recruitment drive in Tsholotsho, Matabeleland, North province together with 16 party members for questioning by the police. In June he was to be again called for explanations after a similar drive in Chimanimani.

After his arrest on Sartuday, Ngarivhume was taken to Nehanda police station in Mkoba where he was then transferred to Gweru Central police station. The holding cells at Nehanda are considered the worst in which suspects endure horrible times because the camp does not have water and electricity supplies.

Close sources disclosed that police in Mutare and Hatfield in Harare have communicated with their counterparts in Gweru and notified them that they are also keen to arrest the embattled leader for having violated POSA in the two areas. He is therefore likely to just be transferred from Gweru to those areas after initial court appearance in Gweru.

Politicians who have been previously arrested in the province like MDC-T’s Mkoba MP Amos Chibaya and former Kwekwe Central legislator Belssing Chebundo, say police use arbitrary detentions to weaken resolve of prominent opposition figures fighting the Mugabe regime.


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    Nhekairo 8 years ago

    Another side show by desperate thugs.

  • comment-avatar
    Bikita Village 8 years ago

    They can arrest him but they wont take what the Lord God has stored in him for the nation of Zimbabwe.This is the generation which our nation has been waiting and they are unstoppable.

  • comment-avatar
    Mscynic 8 years ago

    Stand strong in the name of the Lord.

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    Transform Zimbabwe ….
    we need to transform this Zimbabwe where people cannot even hold peaceful meetings amongst themselves without being arrested and harassed by the police. Let the people speak freely.

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    Free Zimbabwe 8 years ago

    It is amazing to notice that President Mugabe is feeling pressured by a “Small” political party like Transform Zimbabwe. One wonders why he is afraid of these guys. Do you know something that we don’t know Mr Mugabe? Did your svikiros finally informed you that this little David will dislodge you? Why do you continue fighting battles that you know you will eventually lose? Learn from Hitler President Mugabe.

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    This is ridiculous. POSA should have been repealed many years ago. let him go. ZPF you are already under God’s judgment yet you do not learn. Open your bibles and read about oppression, suppression and injustice. Repent! Now!

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    ZPF what are you afraid of? The truth? The truth is a Person. Read John 14:6. Your cup of iniquity is surely filling up. be warned. repent!

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    zvimba 8 years ago

    do you think this regime will stay in power for ever ,you are lying yourself.Security force please wake up dont be used .Treaty this individual (Ngarivhume)and his followers with respect who knows what will became for us tomorrow.After it all there is a God in heaven who knows the next president .Mugabe wont be a leader forever.

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    JRR56 8 years ago

    If they arrested God it would solve their problem…….

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    Petal 8 years ago

    perhaps while all this is going on there is no intervention from International human rights organisations and members of Civil Society like Imbisa

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    a small political party being harassed by police, cio, state security agents. i dont think its small in the eyes of God and of zanu pf and i heard kuti vanhu vacho machristians. if they are real christians then i dont think anyone can be able to stand against them zanu pf and its cruel apparatus included