Mugabe in new dig at exiled Zimbabweans

via Mugabe in new dig at exiled Zimbabweans 17 July 2014

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe on Thursday chided Zimbabweans who fled the country and sought asylum abroad when political hostilities broke out at the turn of the century, leading to a decade-long economic crisis.

The Zanu PF leader claimed that London had appealed to his government to help repatriate Zimbabweans stranded in the United Kingdom after their asylum claims were rejected.

Mugabe made the revelation while delivering one of his customarily long addresses during the burial of late national hero, Major General Eliah Bandama, who succumbed to cancer in Harare last Friday at the age of 56.

The burial was attended by thousands of mourners, the majority of them supporters of his ruling Zanu PF party and those from the uniformed services.

Mugabe said he now felt vindicated by current pleas to his government by the British to help repatriate some Zimbabweans who have overstayed their welcome in the European country.

The 90-year-old leader began his address by showering praises on Bandama for staying true to the 1970s liberation struggle that dislodged British rule.

He said he saw no evidence of such attributes among the current crop of Zimbabweans who ran into the arms of the erstwhile enemy at the smallest promise of money by the enemy.

Mukapihwa kamari kakati, ah chava chichemo, ‘hurumende yakashata, haisi nyika ino’. (If you are offered some small money you turn against the government alleging the country was badly governed.)

“Kareko, haiwa votsvaga passport tovapa voenda kuBritain ivava; ‘ah vaMugabe vari kutidzvanyirira, vaMugabe aiwa tiri kuiswa mujeri’. Nhema dzirikurehwa, nhema. Ipassport yavaMugabe iyoyo kuti ubude nayo. Tichikupa passport ‘ehe ndinemhosva ndirikuda kubatwa navaMugabe’. (We were kind enough to offer them passports which they then used to travel to Britain to claim we were out to imprison them and yet fail to appreciate they were using Mugabe’s passport).

Mugabe said the British had hoped that by offering Zimbabweans asylum it would help buttress their claims there were rampant human rights violations in the country.

“Nhasi uno zvaita sei, veBritain vaakuti ‘ah vanhu venyu taakuda kuti vadzoke tibatsirei tivape matsamba ekudzokesa’; ko makambovapa sei? Vakatorwa vachiuya nechichemo chekuti tirikudzvanyirirwa. Ko mava kuda kuvadzosa zvakare kuudvanyiriri hwavaMugabe? (The British now want us help them process deportation documents for Zimbabwean nationals; why would they want to send them back to the same oppressive government?),” Mugabe said to applause from his supporters.

Britain is home to thousands of Zimbabweans, some who now have British offspring.

The Zimbabweans include political and economic refugees who have found sanctuary in the former colonial master’s backyard.

Mugabe arrived at the national shrine in a procession that included the army gun carriage carrying the late Bandama’s body. Conspicuous by her absence was his much younger wife, Grace, who usually aids him walk up the Heroes’ Acre’s concrete slopes.

The ageing leader looked fit as he walked, arms behind, as he accompanied the deceased’s relatives who followed just behind the pallbearers carrying Bandama’s body.

Major General Bandama died when he had just been promoted to his rank.

In comments directed at those who have queried the conferment of national hero status on Zimbabweans, President Mugabe said the honour was for those who remained loyal to the liberation war’s cause, right up to the end.

“… If you do not work in the same way and achieve the goals that Eliah achieved, attain the virtues that he attained and the same discipline, the same loyalty, the same principle of sacrifice,” Mugabe
said in a speech that lasted a full hour plus 21 minutes.

“If you did not have those ones, don’t just have your wish please, a mere empty wish to lie at the heroes acre; kuti ndinodawo kuenda kugomo iro nekuti gomo iroro riri kundifadza. Ah ndikaenda ikoko ah moyo wangu ungafare’.

“Ehee ungafare asi hapasi pako, hauna kodzero. Saka passport yako yakanyorwa kuti chii? What is it that you did in life to deserve to lie here?

“So let it be known here in this sacred shrine that the act of conferring hero status on men and women who rest here comes, yes, from the voluntary choice of and commitment to a hard, dangerous and uneasy life of struggle right up to the bitter end. The road is bitter right up to the end.”


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    Expat 7 years ago

    Just one sentence tells it all,“Kareko, haiwa votsvaga passport tovapa voenda kuBritain ivava; ‘ah vaMugabe vari kutidzvanyirira, vaMugabe aiwa tiri kuiswa mujeri’. Nhema dzirikurehwa, nhema. Ipassport yavaMugabe iyoyo kuti ubude nayo. Tichikupa passport ‘ehe ndinemhosva ndirikuda kubatwa navaMugabe’.The key words Mugabe’s passport!!!!

    • comment-avatar
      Condor 7 years ago

      Agree! That’s sad for the so called head of state to think he personally owns Zimbabwe. That’s enough reason to run away

  • comment-avatar
    Petal 7 years ago

    just a senile thieving scumbag geriatric

  • comment-avatar
    Petal 7 years ago

    Iwe Senile Geriatric to day the world over are celebrating the Life of Nelson Mandela as it would have been his birthday doubt they will remember you like him – eat your heart out

  • comment-avatar

    If you ask me at the end of Mugabe’s incoherent psychotic ramblings what I know about the man who died I would say ZILCH: NOTHING at ALL. It’s a shame because maybe he really did something wierd and wonderful during the war but who is to know. I doubt Mugabe himself knows who this man was in the true sense of the word. The people who attended will probably remember the day more for Mugabe ‘s ramblings about the diaspora …….AGAIN.!!!!

    I wonder how many in the crowd have relatives,families ,children in the Diaspora who have made a difference to their lives. I wonder too what these people twerking and shaking their booties when Mugabe rambles like a lunatic think of his remarks. Do they even stop to think where most of the children of these so called Government officials really reside. Are they not in the diaspora?
    Where is Bona by the way? Or is the diaspora only in Britain.

    Mugabe has a personal war with the British and has dragged everyone into it and made it a national issue. Whane your children return -even those whose names have been changed to avoid detection then maybe call on everyone else to return .before then PLEASE BOB SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN.

    • comment-avatar
      Shamhu YeNhanzva 7 years ago

      You are right on LUCY. You painted this picture in my mind, of grown women with ZANU PF regalia with Mugabe’s face all over dancing to appease the old fool, when in fact he is the reason for their pain & misery.

  • comment-avatar

    When a true hero asses away, there is a lot to talk about.This rant is because little is there to talk about.This is grand standing, loss of mental existence.The whole of South Africa witnessed 67 minutes of community work in honour of Mandela,i wonder if Mugabe is at pain trying to leave a lasting legacy of peace with the people?

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    Lord have mercy on our country and bless it with peace and prosperity In Jesus name Amen

  • comment-avatar
    Gomogranny 7 years ago

    Talk more quickly Bob because your turn is acoming…into the box you will go… more ranting then old chap – lovely stuff.

  • comment-avatar
    Petal 7 years ago

    “No one is born hating another person
    because of the colour of his skin or his background or his religion
    Hatred is learnt
    and if people can be taught to hate
    they can be taught to love
    because love comes naturally”
    Nelson Mandela

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    Mupurisa 7 years ago

    “Tovapa passport!!!” Really?? This senile old fool has obviously not driven past Makombe Building in the last 14 years!! If only he had the slightest clue of how difficult and complicated a process it is just to get to the front of the queue, let alone to get a passport. It’s beyond a joke, it’s pure evil!!

  • comment-avatar
    Charles Frizell 7 years ago

    Senility is SO sad to watch!

    I am an exile for a bloody good reason, and I used to provide employment to many, as well as export.

    Stuff the racist lunatic

  • comment-avatar
    Johann 7 years ago

    This man is beyond redemption and soon will be beyond life. Some say Zimbabwe has been set back to the 1950’s yet with a much larger population than then. He is directly responsible for Zimbabwe’s decline yet will not be around to see any recovery, if ever!? Therefore who cares what he says.

  • comment-avatar
    nyoni 7 years ago

    All one can say about this idiot is Just go and Die. No one needs you. What an embarassment to all Zimbabweans this idiot is.

  • comment-avatar
    Rwendo 7 years ago

    “Ipassport yavaMugabe iyoyo..”

    How tragic for a man to get to 90 and remain blind to the nature of reality and to who he is, or at the least what he is not.

    No wonder he clings so desperately ( and disastrously) to the presidency.

    We normally expect wisdom from our elders, not this. Life has given him so much and what has he given back?

  • comment-avatar
    Daddy Chikos 7 years ago

    Passport yakoo zvakanaka nyika ndeyako.

  • comment-avatar
    Peter Jones 7 years ago

    But bob, you have your own passport and so have I. Surely no one travelled to Britain on your passport? That would have been criminal and in any case, they would not have been allowed entry. You are on the list – remember? ‘Passport yavamugabe!!!? What are you smoking? Every Zimbabwean has a right to a Zimbabwean passport – one each – iwe yako ini yangu. Titovhunza zvedu zvinemusoro – avasei disgrace kurwara?

    • comment-avatar

      I concur with you Peter Jones,this geriatric chimpanzee can’t understands what he mean,he has regarded Zimbabwe not as a country but his private property

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    zanupf fear me 7 years ago

    He has deep rooted psychological problems since when he was a herd boy. Any doktor will tell you that madness is a symptom of syphillis. Did the village idiot personally write up my passport which took 4 yes four !!!! Years to ” make”. Guys perhaps his illiterate cousin mudede should emblazon the cover with the words ” mugabeland” delete Zimbabwe. What a cheap ego

  • comment-avatar
    jobolinko 7 years ago

    true peace loving zimbabweans will remain focused,this old man has got no respect,to those who still support mugabe well its your right but do you think he is there for you or for himself ,every family in zimbabwe has got someone who has left zimbabwe for different reasons,those in the uk who were shouting mugabe , mugabe deserve to come back home because their father is calling them back,my question is why support mugabe when you dont want to be in zimbabwe. SHAME SHAME SHAME

  • comment-avatar
    kutongwa nonjazi 7 years ago

    Just imagine., the Kenyan American president saying all Americans, I do not want you to travel to Zimbabwe on MY passport . This is not normal, Zimbabwe…yangu. vanhu vangu , ma passports, angu. Ko chedu chiiwo nhai va Mugabe

  • comment-avatar
    Petal 7 years ago

    This senile theiving murderous scumbag cannot even maintain essential services like the Health facilities, while he flitters flutters off to far away places like Singapore for first class health treatment. he is just not happy because he lost his knighthood – he thought he would be buried with the words on his his grave “Sir Robert Gabriel Mugabe” tough luck it is not going to happen

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    Does the rambling, incoherent, geriatric, senile idiot not stop to realise that it is the hundreds of thousand that have fled and now live in the diaspora, whose hard earned money, that is sent back to the poor suffering people of Zimbabwe, is the only thing that is keeping these people alive. Please Bob The Sod shut up or shut down.

  • comment-avatar
    Reverend 7 years ago

    Actually mugabe is way beyond help in any way, he is totally senile, he is suffering from dimentia, he is haunted by his murderous past and is in the fullness of insanity and does not have the ability to speak a gentle word and in normality one would feel sorry for that kind of old person but of course he totaly deserves everything that comes to him.
    My issue is with the stupid clowns that keep this madman as their leader and the fact that that no one has an idea who is going to take over from him and this of course makes the whole of zanupf a bunch of total idiots!
    I would suggest that when this guy dies (which is soon) that the country celebrates en masse to show zanupf that we have turned the corner and if it is done on a large enough scale it will scare the poop out of them.

    • comment-avatar
      Gomogranny 7 years ago

      Now you’re talking Reverend….I for one an looking forward to THAT party…champers is sitting waiting. It’s great having a party to look forward to every single day!!

  • comment-avatar
    Petal 7 years ago

    Conspicuous by her absence was his much younger wife, Grace, who usually aids him walk up the Heroes’ Acre’s concrete slopes.” very very strange do recall the theiving scumbags making a lot of noise that Disgrace should be allowed to travel abroad for the european-african Summit because she takes care of Bob – what a load of b….

  • comment-avatar
    mpeiwa 7 years ago

    I think the Head of State,is lost somehow, how can some one cross the the boarder, with a passport written Robert Mugabe, I think he is misled thinking he own all these passports. When he went to Mozambique it was by his choice, who is he to stop someone who want to seek greener pasture. True he went went to Mozambique to seek what he is enjoying now,we crossed the boarder to seek, what we think is good for us. Also we are equally Zimbabwean than him. My children cant afford a splash wedding that Bona have, despite the fact that she was more intelligent than his child. Neither him or Mudede, own these documents, but its just a traveling documents which enables every one the move abroad. Chako, ndiChatunga chete.

  • comment-avatar
    Petal 7 years ago

    the lying thieving senile geriatric misleading ordinary people for his own gain

  • comment-avatar
    Justice 7 years ago

    ‘Mugabe’s passport” sounds like a good title for a book? What an arrogant, misguided old fool. However he stills needs to face justice for his murderous crimes against humanity.

  • comment-avatar
    just saying 7 years ago

    Some very good comments but all I can say to Mugabe is ‘ agh please man, just shut it’

  • comment-avatar
    Tinashe 7 years ago

    Guys it seems like u all hate His Excellency Robert Mugabe but personally I think he is right in some ways because at the end of the day , if u follow what Britain says , its only oing to benefit them not Zimbabwe. They did offer asylum papers to Zimbos a few years back if u can remember right and Mugabes name was all over the news seen as the bad guys but now they want to deport people back to the same place where they say ndiko kusina mahuman rights. why ?? because UK is now flooded by immigration. Again they care about themselves and no one else.