ZBC workers vent Moyo fury at IMPI

via ZBC workers vent Moyo fury at IMPI 17 July 2014

DISGRUNTLED Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) workers on Thursday walked out of a meeting called to discuss their plight in protest at the manner in which Information Minister Jonathan Moyo has handled their grievances.

The meeting was called by the Information and Media Panel of Inquiry (IMPI) which is visiting media houses country-wide to establish the state of the country’s information sector.

The meeting at ZBC’s Pockets Hill base in Harare’s Highlands reportedly lasted less than 10 minutes as it degenerated into a farce.

Workers accused Moyo of being the author of their misery after he slashed workers’ salaries to 2010 levels.

“The person who sent you is the author of our misery here, so go back and tell him that we want our salaries, otherwise we have nothing to say,” shouted one staffer.

Added another: “Everyone including the government knows our challenges so you are wasting our time coming here …

“Our families are starving; we do not have transport to take us home during the evening after our shifts.

“Our studios have obsolete equipment yet we are threatened by our managers day and night. They expect us to deliver because they want to protect their jobs.”

“There is no job security here and salary yedu yakakatwa naminister (our salaries were slashed by the minister),” shouted an equally disgruntled colleague.

“What’s the use of coming here when the minister has the forensic audit report in his office; he knows what is happening here so why do you waste your time?”

At that point, the workers began walking out of the meeting.

IMPI panellists who attended included Zimbabwe Union of Journalists secretary general Foster Dongozi and ZBC Head of Radio Services, Chris Chivinge.

The panel, which comprises more than 20 senior journalists and experts from other professions, was set up by Moyo to assess the state of the media in Zimbabwe with the aim of promoting and raising the principles and values of media practice.

But the group has recently come under fierce criticism from some Zanu PF MPs who say the project is a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Zanu PF MP, Joseph Chinotimba recently lashed out at IMPI demanding to know who was funding its activities.

Moyo then revealed that the panel had a budget of US$1.6 million provided by treasury which will also see the group visit a number of neighbouring countries including Kenya and South Africa.


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    nyoni 7 years ago

    No pay no conditions no everything. What the hell are you on about? Do you feel sorry for the rest of us to or is it all about you only. Come on tell us the real stories that affect us all instead of sad ones.