MDC revels in Vic Falls by-election win

via MDC revels in Vic Falls by-election win – DailyNews Live by Pindai Dube  22 OCTOBER 2013

VICTORIA FALLS – Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC says it won the Victoria Falls by-election on Saturday under very difficult circumstances as police banned all their rallies and road shows.

On Saturday, MDC’s Somveli Dhlamini won Victoria Falls’ Ward Nine Council by-election with 238 votes, beating Sambulo Mpofu of Zanu PF who garnered 207 while Atient Ncube of the smaller MDC got 62 and White Julius Willard Phiri of Zapu had five votes.

Six ballot papers were spoilt.

“We went into this election under difficult circumstances, but we won,” Sengezo Tshabangu, the MDC Matabeleland North provincial chairperson told the Daily News.

“The whole of last week we were not allowed to campaign after police banned all our campaign rallies and road shows. They were only allowing Zanu PF rallies to go-ahead.”

Matabeleland North police spokesperson Inspector Spiwe Makonese said: “Police in Victoria Falls last week were busy at the meeting of Sadc committee of ministers responsible for Transport and Meteorology which was underway in the resort town.

“And that might be the main reason why those rallies were not cleared, we had not enough manpower. But I will check again with the police officer commanding Victoria Falls.”

Tshabangu claimed the win was clear testimony that the MDC was still very popular.

“Zanu PF rigged the July elections but this time the people of Victoria Falls showed them the exit door,” Tshabangu said.

The Victoria Falls Ward Nine election did not take place on July 31 because mainstream MDC candidate Nkululeko Nyoni died a day before voting commenced.



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    Kubota Binga 11 years ago

    Good MDC, a good win. I am happy there is no ZANU PF supporter crying foul after this. Thats the lesson MDC should learn. Claim support when you win and don’t cry loud when you lose.

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    munzwa 11 years ago

    well done MDC

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    Kisti-yatota 11 years ago

    @ kubota binga…..Zanu Pf or is it FP…..cant cry foul because they are the owner of rigging…..right now we won but we are still saying we were not allowed to compaign……open up you eyes and have a look

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    Stadoh 11 years ago

    “Trudy Stevenson, that American citizen that Morgan Tsvangirai foisted upon us” – This racist tongue-waging is not wanted in this nation and is way out of your topic. You want to build hatrage along racial lines. Obama is president of America right now, yet he is of African origin. So what wrong about Gertrude being of American origin, but a Zimbabwean citizen? Editors, especially of national media, should not allow such people like chinyoka to use that platform to publish their venomous articles which are very unhealthy for national development.
    Coming to the issue of using the social media to air one’s views like what Majome is doing, she is very mentally upright contrary to the writer’s. There are so many ways of airing grievances or views. Many atimes the Herald or other newspapers have been publishing about traffic lights not working or water gushing out from burst pipes for some days or even weeks, then in no time they council swiftly reacts to that. If they get exposed that will react positively in many instances. So Jessie keep it up, dont get discouraged! You are moving with time. These are the kind of MPs we want.

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    @ Stadoh:
    Thought the issue was about MDC-T win in Vic Falls?