Religious tourism hailed

via Religious tourism hailed – DailyNews Live by Helen Kadirire  22 OCTOBER 2013

Bishop Climate Irungu, founder of World Conquerors Christian Centre, has lauded Tourism minister Walter Mzembi for gunning for the introduction of religious tourism in Zimbabwe.

The London-based bishop told a news conference called by Miriam Chikukwa, minister of State for Harare province at Munhumutapa Building yesterday that Mzembi’s idea was noble and a first of its kind. He urged authorities to take the idea seriously.

“When I was speaking to the Tourism minister, he mentioned religious tourism so that people would come to Zimbabwe and experience the beauty of the country while worshipping,” Irungu said.

“That’s a great idea.”

Irungu, who is also the spiritual father to Chikukwa, said he was very proud of his “spiritual daughter.”

Irungu said since his visit to Zimbabwe, President Robert Mugabe’s government has afforded him freedom of speech and freedom of worship.

He said if the righteous rule, the people will rejoice. He said it was time the people of Zimbabwe rejoiced in their current leadership.



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    khabo 10 years ago

    Religious , spiritual heealer, worshipers your churches must start going to lower Gweru schools where it is believed that the satanist is building up ,i read today’s chronicle paper and i was shocked that teachers have deserted one of the schools there because of the satanist , the bishop is praising the government of giving him an opportunity of exercisng a freedom of speech that is totally irrelevent , he must tell us how to solve bigger issues like sickness , satanism etc , otherwise let me notify all the Zimbabweans that the prophet Shembe of Shembe Nazerath church uNYAZILWEZULU originating from South African can help Zimbabwe to go back to its acceptable state with normal rains for a better future , the prophet heals people through words -Inkosi ikubusise- you say Amen you are already healed , even now thousands and thousands of people who will read my comment will be healed now .Shembe is spiritual going out to lower Gweru now to distroy all the demons and the satanist at the schools , inkosi ibusise bonke abantu base Gweru , abemukele uShembe uNYAZILWEZULU iyophela isatanist -God bless you all Amen

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    Hahaha, yu lost it when yu included the aspect of shembe, imagine skin dressed bearded man with an ancient afro casting out demons at a school, people will actually run away from them thinking that they are the satanist themselves…with their buzzing sound and some ryhtmic dance and women ullulating…keep shembe to sa, let them deal with satanism in their own country

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    tofazvedu 10 years ago

    Irungu if you support mugabe don, t think everybody supports him. You like him because you are all thieves, blood suckers. If you have nothing to say KMS (KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT)