MDC-T women’s assembly stands behind Tsvangirai

via MDC-T women’s assembly stands behind Tsvangirai | SW Radio Africa by Tichaona Sibanda November 13, 2013 

MDC-T President Morgan Tsvangirai will remain the face of the party and has the full backing of the Women’s Assembly, a senior party official said on Wednesday.

The backing from the Assembly led by Theresa Makone, the former Home Affairs Minister and a Tsvangirai loyalist, comes at a time when some senior party members have turned against the ex-premier as the battle for the presidency intensifies ahead of the 2016 elective congress.

But Lynette Karenyi, the national organising secretary of the Women’s Assembly, told SW Radio Africa’s Hidden story that Tsvangirai still enjoys the full backing of women in the party, especially from those in rural areas.

Karenyi also raised concerns about the party’s image and the negative impact it is having, due to growing calls for Tsvangirai to step down. She said those clamouring to see the back of the veteran leader should always be reminded that he is not to blame for the defeat at the hands of ZANU PF.

‘We are surprised that some senior people in the party now believe that Tsvangirai is the reason why the party lost the election. They forget that he is actually a victim of electoral fraud, including many of us former legislators who were cheated of victory by ZANU PF,’ Karenyi said.

The former Chimanimani West MP said they would like to let Zimbabweans know that they are always and consistently ready to serve the party led by Tsvangirai.

‘As the Women’s Assembly, we are mothers and we are well aware of the concerns of the party and this makes us suitably placed to know the needs of the people and address them.

‘This is why we are saying lets stick with Save (Tsvangirai’s totem) until the next elections,’ said Karenyi.



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    Blind loyalty to individuals wont save MDC.I think unless the party is renewed ,it will die miserably like Zapu

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      Diego Zhaba 10 years ago

      Never in a million years. Don’t mislead people because are ZANU . It’s for the MDC supporters to decide not intruders.

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      nesbert majoni 10 years ago

      Its a lie. MDC T is a very strong political movement and even ZANU pf fears the this party mostly under Tsvangirayi. Its ZANU pf who are instigating this leadership change in MDC T. That’s why ZANU of pumped out $ 100 million to rig the elections

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    Diego Zhaba 10 years ago

    ZAPU never had problems of leadership renewal, yakamedzwa neZANU. They allowed and accepted it and for MDC has remained resolute and this is why there is a lot of ZANUs clandstinely calling for leadership renewal in disguise. ZANU is very much aware of the bigger fight to come and it’s very strategic on their part to ensure a weakened MDC would be easy for a trounce.


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    Odessa 10 years ago

    MDC will never die! Those who think otherwise are just day dreamers who are diverting from real issues affecting Zimbabwe. Elections were rigged so lets see how you will full fill your promises, people are waiting. Weather MDC needs leadership renewal or not that has no bearing on the economy.

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    Zanu pf is for Zanunians and the decide on the course to be follwed by their fragile multi holed sinking ship wreck. Like wise MDC-T is for democrats who are also at liberty pf deciding on the course to be taken by their ship. Democrats have at no one point

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    True cadres fear nothing.Iri iguti iri harikukuzvi munhu.We survived cyclones.ZAPU was not swallowed by ZANU because of lack of renewal.The former ZIPRA high commanders were so brutalised that they had no options but to give in .If you know history, just read and research how Mafera Lookout Masuku and Dabengwa were tortured.It was a submission as a result os a systematic elimination of high commanders by poisoning, accidents and physical torture.So to liken MDC and ZAPU shows little knowledge.MDC is the real deal.Right now ZANU is buying cars for MPs but people are starving, surviving on tree roots.We will rally behind Moggy. Our research, unpublished has revealed startling information.Come 2018 , a new era and you will be surprised to see Moggy handing over power within two years and prove all prophets of doom wrong