MDC veterans root for Tsvangirai

via MDC veterans root for Tsvangirai – DailyNews Live by Pindai Dube  13 NOVEMBER 2013 

The MDC Veterans Activists Association (MDCVAA) has charged that the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC has been infiltrated by (mafikizolos) Johnny-come-late, who only care about getting positions while destroying the party from within.

The association is a grouping of founding members of the worker-based party that has posed a serious threat to President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF’s continued stranglehold on power since independence in 1980.

Speaking to journalists in Bulawayo at the weekend, Khumbulani Sibanda, MDCVAA organising secretary, said all those calling for party leader Tsvangirai to step down were wasting their time.

“He is not going anywhere,” Sibanda said. “We have some people who only joined the MDC to get positions and to use our party to get into Parliament and Senate but they don’t have the party at heart.

“We also have some senior members that are mafikizolos who now think the party is their private property and are also destroying it from inside,” he said without mentioning names.

“We want to warn these people that their days are numbered and we will flush them out very soon.”

The MDCVAA was formed by MDC members living in exile in South Africa in 2008 to address welfare issues of founding members of the party.

It believes Tsvangirai remains the face of the struggle and those senior party members calling for him to step down should go and hang.

Sibanda said the MDCVAA believes Tsvangirai lost the presidential elections because of Zanu PF rigging and that some of his lieutenants were not playing along to justify their calls to topple him.

Zanu PF has strenuously denied the rigging charges, saying the MDC was beaten fair and square.

“We lost the elections but we are behind Tsvangirai. If a party congress is called upon to look at issues to do with leadership renewal, we will support him,” Sibanda said.

Only last week, former Harare mayor and senior party official Elias Mudzuri suggested that Tsvangirai should “ceremoniously” step down and become the “Nelson Mandela of the party.”

Losing MDC Marondera candidate Ian Kay also recently called for leadership change comparing Tsvangirai to a “rusty bolt” and a captain of a sinking ship, joining treasurer-general Roy Bennett and another senior figure, Eddie Cross, who have both called on the former trade unionist to quit.

The MDC is set to have an elective congress in 2016.

But following the party’s electoral defeat in the July 31 harmonised elections, word is flying around in the party for a special congress to address calls for leadership renewal, with Tsvangirai being the target for toppling.

Tsvangirai has expressed willingness to continue leading the party.

South Africa-based Victor Zunza is the MDCVAA national chairman while former Mbare legislator, Tichaona Munyanyi is the secretary-general, Sox Chikowero is the chief advisor and Tsvangirai is the patron.



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    Thanks Sibanda. I thougt I was the only vying for MT’s continuity…… the helm of the Democratic party. Save for pesidency till we are liberated

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    Jenandebvu 10 years ago

    I support the idea too. Its not the time to examine leaders now!

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    Tsangaria is our man , let him continue , 2018 is our time with him nobody will stand on our way , Viva comrade Morgan Viva , pamberi na MORGAN pamberi, phansi with those opposing our leader phansi .Basizwa ngendaba abasazi kahle sizobabamba one by one they are the sellouts , basop wena .

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    mugoni 10 years ago

    Save panyanga,he is the man for the job

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    3poop 10 years ago

    “bakomana fambai gwara rimwe.jobo akatetereka chaibva akasara musango” remmember this song guys lets not lose focus.we are still in the trenches and those who think otherwise should form their own MDC 2013 and we will see who will vote for them.

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    Chitova weGona 10 years ago

    Tsvangirai is the only person in the whole world who has given mugabe sleepless nights for 14yrs. He should continue to lead us to the promised land. Mudzuri et al can join Madhuku we dnt give a hoot. Mudzuri can go to his rural Zaka and contest there and see if can win. He does not appeal to the electorate countrywide. Harare is not Zimbabwe. Save is liked by everyone from Nyamapanda to Plumtree , Vic Falls to Mutare , Beitbridge to Chirundu! Tsvangirai is the man not vanaBennet vanongohukura vari mhiri. Come and feel the heat then wozotaura zveleadership change while on the frontline. Viva Morgan! Chisa!

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    Ordinary MDC members like me are behind Morgan Tsvangirayi. Do not destroy the MDC by power struggles

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    Bruce 10 years ago

    If some one rig any election, there is no where one can have win without the mechanism of counter that rigging. Mugabe lost since 2002, thus why SA is refusing with the results of the report by their judges made by Mbeki for 2002 elections. Then MDC was just 3 years from 1999. In 2008, rigging was done to warrant run-off Mugabe got 42% and MDC 47% yet Mugabe got 13% and MDC 67% rest to the smaller oposition parties. MDCVAA are right

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    chilimanzi 10 years ago

    Lets not forget where we came from to date everything unhuman has been applied to tsvangirayi by zanu pf to silence him i find it disturbing when pple call on tsvangirai to stepdown helping zanu pf archieve their goals think again those who have this thought.

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    Cde Sinjojo 9 years ago

    Frustration is dangerous! Those calling for MDC Leadership change have clearly lost focus and have succumbed to frustration before the struggle is over. Focus! Go to the grass roots with your idea of changing leadership and you will get the truth! Tsvangirai has the grass roots. Siyai akadaro.