Minister begs for teachers’ patience

via Minister begs for teachers’ patience | The Zimbabwean by Edgar Gweshe 06.10.13

The Deputy Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Paul Mavima, on Saturday urged teachers to be patient as government considered their remuneration and other working conditions.

He was speaking at World Teachers’ Day commemorations, ran under the theme, “A Call for Teachers” and organised by the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe in the capital.

Mavima said the shortage of teachers had resulted in the government opting for untrained personnel thus leading to a reduction in pass rates.

“High attrition of qualified personnel that took place as a result of the more than decade-long general economic downturn in the country and poor conditions for teachers resulted in unpalatable student teacher ratios, use of untrained teachers and reduction in the social value and the status of teachers.

“The learning and teaching conditions in most of our schools, especially the rural ones, are characterised by poor infrastructure and inadequate teaching and learning materials. The review and reorientation of our curriculum is long overdue and should take place as a matter of urgency,” said Mavima.

He said that the education sector had also suffered from HIV related deaths that claimed a number of qualified personnel as well but added that the government was working to ensure better housing for teachers in rural areas.

“Our teachers in the rural areas cannot continue to inhabit dilapidated accommodation and teach in rooms that are falling apart or non-existent especially in most of the satellite schools that have been set up in resettlement areas of the country.

“While great progress has been made in ensuring access to text books, there is need to achieve and maintain one textbook per student at all levels of the primary and secondary education system,” said Mavima.

The event was however marked by low attendance of less than 300 people with teachers interviewed saying there was nothing for Zimbabwean teachers to celebrate.

“Given our paltry salaries, what do you think is there for us to celebrate. I think this explains the low turnout you are seeing here,” said a teacher who declined to be named.

Another interviewee said: “Teachers have lost hope; right now they are earning below the Poverty Datum Line, so sometimes it makes no sense for them to gather at events like these ones.”

Teachers are among civil servants pushing for steep salary reviews, arguing their salaries pegged at below the poverty datum line are unsustainable.



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    Tjingababili 9 years ago


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    Alan Paton 9 years ago

    Taken for ride!!!. I thought teachers had at least 3 neurons. These people Blamed Biti at every turn while they squandered the diamonds back door revenue. They even arranged for rented 30 year old war veterans to demonstrate at his offices for 3 days until the rented crowd dscovered that they were being used for nothing and Biti was not to blame. Now they do not have any one else to blame except themselves. The sanctions mantra is failing to get traction. Cry the beloved country.

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    Patience? We heard kuti maDiamonds avakupera. Industry is continually closing or downsizing to make sure that 51% takeover or surrender will be for shells only. Who would bring a dollar to own 49 cents. FDI would continue to skate the tea-pot shaped country. Our chances of returning are shattered.

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    Nedziwe Rudo kennethNedziwe Rudo Kenneth 9 years ago

    This Mavima must be coming from Mars. I was a teacher in rural Zimbabwe for 35 years.What he is talking about has been discussed since Ian Smith was Prime Minister. And they have been in power since 1980. So whats new?

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    Macon Pane 9 years ago

    Education isn’t a quick-fix for any struggling nation, but without it, no nation can survive in the world economy. Unfortunately, I’ve watched an entire generation of urban Zim youth get short-changed by ZANUPF policies… and, it’s even worse in the rural areas. This is a generation that will not be prepared when it’s their turn to guide the nation in business and in government. Just another hole in the ship as it takes on more water, and sinks…… the Chinese wait patiently.

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    Jrr56 9 years ago

    It ain’t so easy as those good old days when they could just print the money.

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    jenandebvu 9 years ago

    Don’t worry about begging them Your Highness Sir, just be factual and say:
    1. Considering that you guys a illiterate; as you proved it during the recent election, where you all went to you headmasters with our ballot papers to help you fill in, only salary increaments for headmasteers are urgent.
    2. Education is not that important for now…….as you know that we can still do without it. Give example of birds’ nest which are beautiful artifect and yet never went to school
    3. I know some would say we need to teach building or civil engineering, re-direct their minds man to Masvingo eZimbabwe, built by unschooled pple 6 to 8 centuries ago.
    4. Otherwise tell them to resign an join Zanu Pf where a mere teacher have proved to be good life presidents.

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    shon corner 9 years ago

    mwati mwadii

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    Chitova weGona 9 years ago

    There is no money for teachers.Majongwe akafarira kuhwina kweZanu asingazivi kuti kufarira n’anga inobata mai! I thought as educated people they wld understand wta Biti was saying bt they decided to vote Zanu. You will starve.

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    nyashanu 9 years ago

    Patience till when minister.

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    furedi 9 years ago

    No money for teachers but they all have got their 2 cars each already.

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    bright 9 years ago

    ma unions. edu akadhakwa gentlepeople, do you think its possible zvavanotaura esp considering kuti bonus next month, l think trs are to wait till next year, ko ivo sekuru havachatauri nezvazvp vani, there is need to rise up

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    Gulubabwe 7 years ago

    Havana kwavanoenda regai vadye asi tichavabata chete.