Ncube’s MDC falters after election blowout

via Ncube’s MDC falters after election blowout – DailyNews Live by Jeffrey Muvundusi  6 OCTOBER 2013

The MDC led by Welshman Ncube is one party that may have certainly triggered sleepless nights to MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai, as the recent harmonised elections approached.

Having done everything to prove his relevance in Zimbabwe’s heavily contested political arena, Ncube’s party seems to be struggling to rise to the shore after being thrown into the doldrums during the elections, head first.

Perhaps it was being let down by the people of Matabeleland region, his perceived stronghold where he undertook a massive campaign on several occasions long before elections were held.

While it might be too early to talk about the party’s future, a combination of regrettable events within its realm two months after elections seems to be suggesting otherwise.

It all started with the belated response on their position with regard to the election results, followed by an unusual silence in the political discourse, squabbles over the imposition of party secretary-general Priscilla Misihairambwi on the Umzingwane constituency and now the departure of one of Ncube’s right handman, Qhubani Moyo, which leaves the party open to public chatter.

Moyo was the director of policy and research co-ordination in the party.

The Daily News on Sunday spoke to political analysts who aired their views on the developments at the Bulawayo headquartered party.

Political analyst Thomas Sithole said signs were that the future was now bleak for the Ncube faction.

“I think the future is very bleak for the party. They were pulverised at the just-ended elections and morale is at its lowest ebb in the camp,” Sithole said.

He said the party needed individual, then collective, thorough and brutal self-introspection.

“Qhubani’s departure should be viewed within that context whereby people say despite pushing for what we thought was a people’s agenda especially devolution, the party gets decimated and resoundingly rejected,” Sithole said.

“It is sad some will leave politics, especially those likely to have a life outside politics.”

Sithole said the party needed to revitalise itself before it is too late.

“If nothing radical happens, that might change the fortunes of the party for the better, it will be irrelevant soon and so will be the officials within the party,” Sithole added.

He said it was common in politics that after a defeat there follows a blame game and infighting with regards to distributing limited power and influence.

He added: “Political patronage is a political vice and a cancer they are yet to cure.”

Godwin Phiri said the Ncube-led MDC was still shocked by the election results.

“The party is obviously dealing with the aftermath of a disappointing election,” Phiri said.

“Clearly, the rumblings are founded on that calamity. Disaffection needs to be dealt with openly. If this does not happen, the party may bleed membership to other parties or some may choose to leave politics,” he said.

Phiri said the departure of Moyo, if not handled properly, may further disintegrate the party.

“The resignation of Qhubani Moyo must obviously be disappointing to the party and if not managed well, it can affect morale among ordinary members,” he said.

He said the party was not supposed to take the resignation of Moyo lightly considering the timing.

“The party needs to establish whether the resignation is a result of disaffection in which case they should be worried or perhaps indeed he wants to pursue other interests in which case there will be little reason to worry.”

Phiri said that the party’s leadership certainly needed to deal with the rumblings and leadership needs to step up to the plate and provide direction.

He said the party’s silence in the on-going political discourse “gives the impression that either the leadership is clueless or has lost interest.

“Neither circumstance is ideal for the party,” he said.

“Future wise they have a mountain to climb. Generally, the future of the opposition doesn’t look too bright unless there is a serious rethink on the message and strategies to respond to a resurgent Zanu PF.

Similarly, the MDC needs to work on a new formula or they will be history,” Phiri explained.

Political analyst Roderick Fayayo said what MDC was going through was a normal phase for any party that would have suffered a massive defeat.

“It is normal for a party that suffered such kind of decimation. We are talking of a party that portrayed itself as a party of Matabeleland region then it suffered a heavy loss in the same region.

“It really takes a lot of self-introspection to get out of that trouble,” Fayayo said.

“It’s normal that when a party is down people fight for crumbs so with regard to the issue of Priscilla (Misihairambwi) it a battle for crumbs.”

Fayayo said the survival of the party now hinged on the influence of the leadership to be able to deal with the problem at hand.

“It is also very difficult to motivate people after losing everything. I will not be surprised if the party completely disintegrates,” Fayayo added.

Contacted for comment, MDC Bulawayo provincial spokesperson Edwin Ndlovu defended his party.

“People should not read much into the election results as 2018 will be a different game and circumstances have already changed,” he said.



  • comment-avatar
    Sekuru Mapenga 9 years ago

    The electorate was absolutely clear about one thing — they want a united opposition and not splinter parties. The electorate know that Zanu PF will be difficult to oust and it will not be done be lots of smaller parties warring against each other. It is time again for opposition politicians to come together and find a common platform.

  • comment-avatar
    easily fooled 9 years ago

    Wisdom comes with age, Sekuru Makapenga said it all. I suggest the same to professor Lovie Madhuku

  • comment-avatar
    Greyhora 9 years ago

    They obstinately refused a grand coalition, arrogantly believing they had the Matebeleland vote and could do business with Zanu PF. They got what they deserved; political irrelevance and a trip to the dustbin!!!

  • comment-avatar
    Nkalakatha!!!! 9 years ago

    “………………We are talking of a party that portrayed itself as a party of Matabeleland region then it suffered a heavy loss in the same region.

    This is utter rubbish. The green team never portrayed itself as a party of Matebeleland, this is why we campaigned for votes everywhere in the country despite the limited resources.

    Its the media and political opposition MDC-T and the gukutrahundi party ZANU PF who continue with these gukurahundi theories that a partyled by a Mthwakazi is a Matebeleland party, and those led by Ssshonas are national parties.

    This in the 1980s with gukurahundi Mugabe when he told Lord Soames about Masshonaland his country, and Mmmmatebeleland Ngomo’s country.

    PF ZAPU was always a national party historically, but when Mugabe came onto the political scene, he did everything to tribalise and regionalise the party so as to secure all the Sshona votes for himself, taking advantage of the numerical advantage of the Ssshonas, that would work to his favour!!

    These gukurahundi tactics have continued to this day. Check, the NCA has just launched as a political party and its just in Harare, not nationally. But because its led by a Ssshona, nobody is talking about it in tribal terms or regional terms as a Manicaland party.

    Tribalism in Zimbabwe stinks – headquartering a party in Bulawayo is a SIN in Zimbabwe. Thats why this author even finds it necessary to state “…the Bulawayo headquartered party…” as if there is something special about this. What a shame of a country!!

    • comment-avatar
      nesbert majoni 9 years ago

      Don’t think what Mugabe thinks is what all the Shona apple think or want. To show that even those Shona are against Mugabe the MDC was formed to stop Mugabe. What we are saying here is Ncube decided the MDC on tribal lines which was not necessary. He thought the MDC apple in Matebeleland were going to vote him yet he misread them. Apple want a united opposition to topple ZANU of simple.

      • comment-avatar
        Nkalakatha!!!! 9 years ago

        @nesbert majoni
        This is the psychological damage that I am talking about. Like many Sshona people, you suffer from a gukurahundi upbringing, a mental slavery that you are not even aware of.

        This is what makes you make claims about Ncube that you cannot substantiate.

        33 years of gukurahundi ZANU PF/Mugabe rule have so damaged you people psycholgically, you even feel there is no need of vouching for your positions, simply because the politician in question is from Matebeleland/Mthwakazi.

        Give us the evidence that Ncube is leading MDC defined on tribal lines? What evidence do you have? You have such a short memory indeed.

        You claim people want a united opposition, who split the MDC opposition party? Was it not Tswangirayi who refused to accept the National Council vote on the senate election?

        In 2005, was it not Tswangirayi who said he doesnt care if the MDC split?

        Was it not Tswangirayi who said “…I AM THE MDC….”?????

        If your accusations make sense, why are you not accusing Madhuku and his NCA of tribalism or regionalism?

        Why didn’t you, the media and many other Sshonas accuse Tswangirayi, Makoni etc of regionalism when they entered into an election pact in the recent election, given that they all hail from Manicaland?

        Your gukurahundi tribalism and double standards are nauseating. You are so blinded that you are not even aware that your views on Matebelenad politicians have been largely influenced by Mugabe’s gukurahundi politics.

        Mugabe tried his tribalism politics recently when he called Ncube a tribalist, he was clearly put to pasture immediately when Ncube in turn accused him of tribalism over his gukurahundi massacres of 20 000 people in Mthwakazi.

        Mugabe was so quick to shut up and immediately folded his tail between his legs in fear of his dangerous political posturing getting out of hand!!!

  • comment-avatar
    Jaluo 9 years ago

    I don’t understand why people think MDC will be no more. Yes this happens when an election has been rigged to that magnitude. You have to be quite for a while and come up with a strategy. We don’t want to be like the other party which already have fired a mayor because he has jumped ship.
    The media we have always tries to destroy other parties by sending wrong messages.
    Why don’t you talk of MT’s party which came as the ruling party in the August and overnight lost with an unbelievable %? Only because thats the party they wanted.

    • comment-avatar
      Nkalakatha!!!! 9 years ago

      Zimbabwe’s media and like many Mugabe-influenced Sshonas never shy away from anti-Ndebele/Matebeleland/Mthwakazi tribal agendas.

      I really dont understand what they want from us? They have been on our case for generations and generations and they will never let up, why?

      They revenged through gukurahundi, but nevertheless to this day, they continue on their anti-Ndebele tirades.

      This is why many Matebeleland politicians have opted for self interests and are now singing for their supper in ZANU PF, thus sabotaging the democracy projects of opposition parties. They have realised principled politics doesnt work in Zimbabwe, especially if you are from Matebeleland.

      You try your principled politics, you are ridiculed and you remain poor -all because of the tribal nature of Zim’s politics. Ncube will soon realise this, as the viciousness against his person continues unabated!!