More irregularities reported as ZANU PF ‘wins’ by-elections

via More irregularities reported as ZANU PF ‘wins’ by-elections | SW Radio Africa by Alex Bell on Monday, January 27, 2014

ZANU PF, which won the July polls by a contested ‘landslide’, were again the alleged victors in the by-elections, held in wards in Mbare, Zaka and Karoi.

In Mbare ward 12, ZANU PF’s Maureen Nyemba claimed 843 votes to the 835 secured by the MDC-T’s Albert Muponda. Takura Gadzira of the newly formed NCA party received 76 votes, while independent candidate Jack Ethen Muzanenhamo got 26.

In Ward 32 in Zaka, ZANU PF retained its leadership position with candidate Togarepi Toruvanda scoring 861 votes. The MDC-T’s Elias Mutava got 107 votes, while NCA candidate Enock Chikamhi received 62.

And in Karoi ward 10, ZANU PF’s Fortunate Madamombe scored 725 votes against the 226 votes for the MDC-T’s Solomon Chiwenga Musekiwa.

MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said that “under the circumstances” the result is still positive for the MDC-T, which in recent weeks has been faced with a credibility crisis. Infighting, calls for leadership renewal and other issue have seen the party face serious criticism and doubts.

“We are quite happy with the number of people who came out to vote for us, and it shows there is still interest in the party,” Mwonzora said.

He explained many irregularities were reported that made the end result “obvious,” including ‘vote buying’ tactics by ZANU PF. He said the MDC-T has evidence of food being used as a political weapon in Zaka and Karoi, with food support only being given to ZANU PF ‘supporters’.

He also said that scores of people voted using voter registration slips, which weren’t supposed to be allowed in local polls. This was after widespread reports that fake registration slips were used during the general election last year.

“There’s been a lot of intimidation especially outside Harare. There was use of voter registration slips and we did not have the voters roll as usual. Plus the MDC-T is not in the best financial position to support candidates,” Mwonzora said.

“So under these circumstances, this is a good result for us. We will be working hard, this is a start and the party is on the rise,” Mwonzora added.


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    Dikgolo 8 years ago

    How could mdc celebrate its loss of the elections

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    Kubota Binga 8 years ago

    I would imagine a food package from ZANU PF to buy a vote would be given to MDC supporters as well, ….

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    Kikikiki support MDC and no food shall be given to you. Is that vote buying or its something else. Maybe coersion

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    MDC are still not getting it together. Their participation at this stage legitimizes a fraudulent process. ZANU cannot claim free and fair if they are the only participants

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    Patriotic 8 years ago

    How i wish for once people will start publishing facts. You always cry about vote fraud without proof thats why some sections in the international community wont believe you even the actual fraud happens. For once we need someone strong enough to lead us in fighting the corrupt tendencies of the current government cause i believe the opposition have more power in politicts when out of government than in government cause it wont be an opposition anymore. Rise up because now is the time

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    What the frik do the MDC think they are doing. Just boycott! That’s all. Make a statement. Where are your leaders? Tell the world and the nation you will NOT partake in any more election in this rotten nation. Wake up please! “Oh Lord will You not raise up a man after Your own heart to lead this nation. Please Lord. And we pray that You will blow the lid off all the disgusting hidden sin in this nation. And thank You for what You are exposing.”

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    Harper 8 years ago

    During a Senior Magistrate’s Court Hearing the Member in Charge, ZRP, Karoi said he would personally kill any canvasser for an opposition party that entered his territory in the run up to the 1985 election. How nice to note that they now use food handouts instead of terror.

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    Still wanting erections? You will never learn ever. Madness is doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result. Shows you just seek the riches of politics. Your only hope povo is take to the streets

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    Mdc u ar a bunch of idiots smetyms u alwayz cry foul,,u wer in office behind e enermy lines and u generals digging and placing landmines in ur path,,,, or u jus said everthin gonna b alright then drove thru e path,,mxn we support u bt u ar so boring!!