Mugabe collapses – reports

via Mugabe collapses – reports | The Zimbabwean 06.01.14

There are widespread rumours that President Robert Mugabe, who is will turn 90 next month, collapsed recently.

We have not been able to independently substantiate this although the on-line whistle-blower Baba Jukwa, who says he has inside information about happenings in Zanu (PF), Mugabe’s party, says the Central Intelligence Organisation led by Happyton Bonyongwe has tightened security at State House following the reported collapse.

Baba Jukwa, who foretold the assassination of Edward Chindori Chininga, a former Zanu (PF) stalwart who headed a parliamentary committee investigation into scandals in the mining sector that was publicised in June 2013, made the claim on Saturday on his Facebook page that is followed by thousands of internet browsers The online informer said Mugabe had “gone on his final visit”, apparently implying that he had died.

Mugabe is currently on his annual leave in Malaysia, as reported by the State run Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, and Joice Mujuru, his deputy, is Acting President.

Over the years, Mugabe has visited Asia while on annual leave, and his aides have confirmed that he has also received medical care while away.

Said Baba Jukwa on his page: “If it is true that he has died, they are likely to keep his body refrigerated until security chiefs pass the nod to announce. When that will be? It could even be 6 months later. This is the way to do it in line with protocol.”

Mugabe is the oldest serving African head of state and has rejected calls by former presidents to step down and make way for younger blood.

Simba Makoni, his erstwhile blue eyed boy, broke away from Zanu (PF) in 2008 to contest against his former boss but lost, admittedly after being frustrated by Mugabe’s refusal to hand over power at the party’s congress the previous year. He was reportedly backed by the late former army general, Solomon Mujuru, who later died in a mysterious fire that gutted his farm house just outside Harare.

Government, through George Charamba, who is his spokesperson, has refuted the report that Mugabe collapsed and possibly died.

A drive past State House on Sunday by The Zimbabwean crew, however, did not show any unusual security deployments.


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    Edzai 10 years ago

    This year he may die for sure. How many have lived to that extent worse with prostate cancer.

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    Greyhora 10 years ago

    What does that piece on Simba Makoni have to do with the collapse of the goblin?

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    Kana Mugabe afa u first c soldiers and police kuwanda muroad terrorizing pple. Vanenge vavakutogara muroad such that by e time it will be announced hapana anopinda muroad celebrating. Munoti havazivi kuti he is now the most hated person in Zim zvekuti kufa kwake is gud news and the announcement will be sweet music

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    Ndlovu Kayisa 10 years ago

    prophets of doom to heal with you. how can you wish someone to die. Satanists chaiwo. We love our president He has done so much for us Zimbos and africans. wish his yrs can be added again and again.

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    Khaya'bonina 10 years ago

    @Ndlovu Kayisa , uyagula silima seNdebele .

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    Don Cox 10 years ago

    You can live for a very long time with prostate cancer, as it often stays in the gland and does not spread. It is the cases where the cancer spreads to the bones and other parts of the body that are fatal.

    Many patients with prostate cancer die of something else.

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    Harry 10 years ago

    The “collapse”!.Just waiting to POP the champagne cork

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    TOBIAS SINAMAI 10 years ago

    I wish, “The Goblin”, all the bad luck in the world of the dead where he has just gone.Ukavanza mota riri kumagaro tozvibata chete kana raibva.

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    Valentine 10 years ago

    Dead or alive is Mugabe,Zanu Pf will rule forever.IBHOLA EGHEDINI-BHORA MUGHEDHE.

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    john muzata 10 years ago

    Mugabe is our president for real.He has the life of Zimbabweans at heart.In Africa only Zimbabwe has total independence where the natural resources are holly owned by Zimbabweans.In south Africa there is no independence but prosperity is there.What does it help kuita rich with no peace kuita fanike upfumi hwechikwambo.