Mugabe health reports ‘absolute nonsense’

via Mugabe health reports ‘absolute nonsense’ | News24 2014-01-06 by Betha Madhomu

Zanu-PF has rubbished as “absolute nonsense” weekend reports that Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, 89, had collapsed, saying the reports were aimed at causing “false alarm and despondency”.

Zanu-PF deputy director of information, Psychology Maziwisa, told News24 that the reports came from “prophets of doom who were motivated by malice”.

“Certainly there is nothing new about these reports as we hear about them every year. Our president in very much alive and we will be celebrating his birthday in a month’s time. He is as fit as a fiddle,” said Maziwisa.

Reports on Sunday quoted Baba Jukwa – an insider from the ruling Zanu-PF government – as suggesting that security at Mugabe’s official residence, State House in Harare, had been beefed up after the veteran leader collapsed.

There have been rumours over the years that Mugabe, who turns 90 next month, has prostate cancer.

False alarm and despondency

Maziwisa said it was unfortunate that some people were still bitter about the outcome of the 31 July elections in which Mugabe’s party won overwhelmingly, and therefore wanted to paint a bad picture of the president.

“We’re aware of who these people are and we know about their tactics to try and smear the good name of out president. These are our opponents and critics who have failed dismally in elections. Now they want to use fake individuals to try and cause false alarm and despondency in our country,” said Maziwisa.

He said Mugabe was currently on his annual leave but refused to disclose where the president was holidaying, saying “security is very important. We can’t be disclosing everything about the president to the people”.

But according to the Daily News, Mugabe left for the Far East last week amid growing tension over the flagging economy and failure to align statutes to the new Constitution.

George Charamba, the presidential spokesperson, said Mugabe was expected back in Zimbabwe in mid-January.



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    Murimi Wanhasi 10 years ago

    Whats new?

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    Murimi he is spending the money he never created. Your tax money that’s if you pay any taxes in the first place. Your support this idiot so you must be part of the Zanoid crowd that do not even pay electricity or telephone bills. Zimbabwe is dying and you still support this parasite. Absolutely amazing what delusion can do to some. Oh by the way Muhabe really cares of the indigent Zimbabweans by spending at least over 200000 US dollars to travel like he does.

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      Murimi Wanhasi 10 years ago

      He has his own money.He has a dairy remember.
      So is he not supposed to go on holiday?
      Was Tsvangison not busy flyin around with girlfriends?U think we dont know about his one day escapades to Cape Town?

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    more blood transfusions???

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    ndosaka uribharanzi chikomana most likely a brain washed border gezi

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    Yes its absolute nonsense if you ask me. This dude has been reported ill for so many times whenever he wants to go and hide his loot in offshore accounts.

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    koTvsangirai apinda papi.